Men's Grooming Products

Men’s grooming products: 6 great ways to start your day

Ready to look your best, any day of the week? Then have we got the guide for you…

The days of rolling out of bed in last night’s t-shirt, spraying on some deodorant and slouching into work with bed-head are over. If you want to be taken seriously in today’s image-focused world, then you need to make sure that you look fantastic. 

After all, experimenting with a few male grooming products is a quick and easy way to clean up your look and make sure that you’re grabbing attention for all of the right reasons. 

A great set of nail clippers, a good razor, and a few other handy tools can work wonders. They ensure that foxy someone gives you the “eye,” it’s because they want to get to know you, not because they’re comparing you to that homeless person they saw on the subway. 

Stock your shelves with the best men’s grooming products

Fortunately for us gents, when it comes to male grooming, we’ve never had it so good. There are products on the market for everything from shiny white teeth to the perfectly groomed moustache. On top of that, most of the products that you’ll find on the digital shelves today are actually proven to be worth the money. 

We’ve got more science-backed tech than you can shake your old deodorant stick at. 

Unfortunately, if you’re new to the world of men’s grooming products, it can be tough to figure out where you should be getting started. That’s why Blitz’d is here to help. 

We’ll have you looking like the next Ryan Reynolds in no time.

Men's Grooming Products

1. Oral-B Genius 9000 electric toothbrush

Show us those pearly whites! 

Studies show that smiling is the best way to make a first impression. Plus, when you ask most eligible individuals what they notice about a potential sexual partner first – guess what they say? That’s right – we’re all looking for a beautiful smile. 

With that in mind, it makes sense that you would start your search for the best grooming products for men with a rundown of some of the top-performing toothbrushes on the market. While a standard manual toothbrush will get the job done, we often prefer an electric brush. 

They’re a lot easier to use, take less time to clean your teeth – and they’re cooler too. 

The Oral-B Genius is basically the iron man of electric toothbrushes. It removes up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush, and gives you complete brushing coverage, with a selection of 6 different brushing modes. 

Features also include:

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Two weeks of battery life from one charge
  • A choice of handle colours (why not?)
  • Gum pressure sensor so you don’t brush too hard
  • Range of brushing heads to choose from
  • Charging station
Men's Grooming Products

2. HATTEKER beard trimmer

Many of us men have a hard time controlling the amount of body hair we actually create. Men produce a lot more hair than our feminine counterparts. While this isn’t a bad thing for people who like the lumberjack look, it’s not ideal if you prefer something a little less burly. 

Trying to keep on top of all that fuzz can be a time-consuming and complicated endeavour. Fortunately, you can tame your luscious locks on virtually every part of your body with the HATTEKER beard trimmer. 

One of the best beard grooming devices on the market, the HATTEKER won’t leave you looking like a fresh-faced toddler. However, it will allow you to create the perfect look on your beard, body, and elsewhere, without making a mess. You can even trim your nose and ear hair. 

Features include:

  • 5-in-1 multi-functional grooming
  • Precision shaving with moving and standing blades
  • Completely water-resistant design
  • USB fast charging
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Multiple cuts to choose from
Men's Grooming Products

3. Panasonic ES-RF31 wet & dry

While the HATTEKER will give you a well-groomed look for your bead, it’s designed more for hipsters and beard lovers than for people who want the fresh-faced look. If you prefer to keep your chin free from stubble, then you’re going to need something that cuts a little closer. 

Fortunately, the Panasonic ES-RF31 is here to deliver exactly what you need. This state-of-the-art four-blade shaver comes equipped with an ultra-thin foil cutting system that provides a much smoother shaving experience. 

You also get a handy pivoting head which makes it easier to get into various nooks and crannies throughout your face. 

Since this product is completely waterproof, you can use it when you’re in the shower. What’s more, we love the fact that it’s super easy to clean. The only real downside of this razor is that it doesn’t look particularly attractive. However, we can get over that. 

Features include:

  • Completely waterproof design
  • Flexible pivoting head
  • 14000 RPM motor speed
  • High-quality four-blade ultra-thin foil system
  • LED read-out for your settings
  • 65 minute shave on a one hour charge
Men's Grooming Products

4. Keiby Citorn manicure set

If you’re still the kind of guy that cringes at the idea of a manicure, it’s time to get a hold of yourself. 

Let’s face it, fellas, we spend a lot of time doing hands-on activities. Even if you spend all day sitting at a desk, there’s a good chance that you get home some nights and find that somehow your nails are blacker than Darth Vader’s mask. 

Trimming your nails with a good set of nail clippers is a good first start when it comes to looking for the best male grooming products – but why let the work stop there. With a full manicure set, like this one from Keiby Citorn, you can totally transform the way that your hands look. 

We think this kit is an absolute must-have for those with hands-on lifestyles. All the tools are made with premium stainless steel and finished in black for a super attractive look. 

Plus, they come in a PU leather set with a yellow interior that reminds us of a standard tool kit. 

Convenient, portable, and ideal for making your hands look like things your lover actually wants to be touched by – this is a must-have for your bathroom shelf. 

Features include:

  • PU leather case
  • Portable design
  • Quality stainless steel structure
  • Complete range of tools for trimming and cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • 2 year quality guarantee
Men's Grooming Products

5. Panasonic electric nose hair trimmer

Let’s get this over with quick – yes, you have nose hair, and yes, it’s probably noticeable. 

One of the side effects of being a big hairy guy is that you can’t always control where all that excess hair grows. That means that you end up with fuzz sprouting out of every part of your face, from your bushy eyebrows to your ears and nostrils. 

If you can’t get control of all that hair, then it’s really going to have a negative impact on the rest of your look. That’s why it’s time to swallow your pride and add a nose trimmer to your list of the best grooming products for men. 

With this Panasonic ER-GN30 wet and dry nose hair trimmer, you’ll have an ergonomic way to trim everything from your monobrow to the extra hair that’s clogging up your ears. It only takes a few seconds to use, and it’s easy to clean too. 

Features include:

  • Dual edge blade technology for precision trimming
  • Great for eyebrows and nose hairs
  • Ergonomically angled body
  • Protective cap and cleaning brush included
  • Washable and easy-to-clean design. 
Men's Grooming Products

6. Cambridge Cutthroat razor

You’ve probably noticed that many of the items that we’ve covered on this list (besides the nail clippers) are pretty techy. However, you don’t need a battery or plug outlet to look incredible. Some of the best men’s grooming products are also the most traditional. 

If you’ve ever had a shave with a cutthroat razor before, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like it. No other razor gets quite as close. Plus, you feel like a real gent when you’re using one. Just please, make sure you know how to use it first. 

This Cambridge Cutthroat razor is a fantastic tool for people who want to get back to basics with their grooming process. One of the best grooming products we’ve seen, it will help you get the perfect shave, or clean up the areas around your beard. It also comes with a handy portable travel pouch too. 

Features include:

  • Professional result razor
  • Beautiful wooden handle
  • Leather portable pouch included
  • Quick and easy blade replacement

Look your best with the top male grooming products

Whether you’re looking for a confidence boost, you want to present a more professional image at work, or you simply want to catch the eye of that special someone, men’s grooming products can help. 

The right grooming strategy, and the right men’s grooming products, can ensure that you always have what it takes to look your best – no matter how rough the night before might have been. 

Check out our other reviews and guides here at Blitz’d for more tips on the top products for your bathroom shelves and subscribe to our newsletter for instant updates. 

Stay tuned for more health and fitness advice from Blitz’d!

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