What is a neck fetish? A guide to the female neck fetish

What is a neck fetish? That’s the question we’ll be answering today. So, if you’re here to further explore the neck fetish, in all of its gazelle-like glory, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to loosen the collar, so to speak, and tell you everything there is to know about the female neck fetish.

Let’s begin…

If you’ve ever caught yourself staring at the subtle curve, dimples, or protractions of a woman’s neck, you might have a burgeoning neck fetish.

There’s is a lot more to the neck than just propping your head up throughout the day. It’s the roadway, trafficked by your blood supply, to the brain and is one of the least protected parts of your body. That vulnerability is a part of the fetish or the fuel behind the obsession.

It’s an erogenous zone, exquisitely vulnerable, and it has curves with plenty of sex appeal, and a personality of its own. It’s the source of almost all body language and it spills its secrets in a hundred different ways if you’re willing to listen.

If you have a neck fetish, you’re most certainly listening and listening very closely.

What is a neck fetish?

A neck fetish is a powerful obsession with the female neck and is more popularly centered on long, pale necks, although everyone is different and so are the things that attract us.

Kissing necks comes with its own level of psychological rewards, especially for the neck fetishist, as the reaction is difficult to conceal. The neck is an extremely sensitive part of the body, and reaction to touch, a caress, or a massage is bound to elicit a response.

A neck fetishist is usually fascinated with the veins and muscles beneath the skin. The human neck is powerful and even the slimmest of necks reveal the muscle beneath.

The popular preference for pale necks is more generally understood when you consider the fact that someone with a neck fetish enjoys the look of the veins beneath, something that’s more difficult to see through darker skin tones.

Also, having a neck fetish is one of the easiest things in the world. Women who find men attractive almost always flip their hair back and expose their necks. Having an obsessive neck fetish is like being the only honey bee left in the world and finding the world’s largest honey store.

Women’s nearly irresistible tendency to shift their hair out of the way and expose their necks to a neck fetishist is the equivalent a first-time meeting with an extremely attractive woman and she tears her clothes off right there at the dinner table.

According to Behavioral Investigator, Vanessa Van Edwards, “You see this when women flip their hair back and they show that side of their neck. That’s because they want men to sort of smell their hormones. That’s a very chemical thing.”

It’s a biological trait that’s tailor-made for those with a predilection for the flesh below the chin and above the breastbone.

Neck Fetish 2

The darker side of the neck fetish

Anything that has an occasionally flirty relationship with sexual arousal has to brush up against BDSM at some point. In fact, there’s probably not a known fetish whose roots don’t spread far and wide enough to touch the dark side.

As it happens there are a few ways that the neck fetish dives full tilt into the BDSM side of sex.

  • Neck biting
  • Choking
  • Collars
  • Rope bondage

There are several ways to look at this and there are certainly other fetishes involved, however, for the neck fetishist, it’s all about the neck and what can be done with it. It twists the focus on the erogenous zone from what of pleasure to one of “pain is pleasure.”

The unique sensitivity of the neck is what makes it a favorite point to nuzzle and caress, anything to turn on her waterworks down below. When the neck fetish turns into the neck biting fetish, the goal is still the same, except she gets off on the pain, while he gets off on the neck.

The neck biting fetish and vampirism

While the neck is one of the most sensitive areas on the human body, biting is the most intimate form of sadism in the BDSM handbook. When you combine the two, you have a recipe for intense and sensual sadomasochism.

Sexologist and International Lecturer, Brenda Love, writes in her book, “Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices,” sexual biting is one of the easiest and most accepted methods of sadism and masochism in the bedroom.

For someone with a neck fetish, it doesn’t matter what the role play is. Whether it’s vampirism or just a teeth-gnashing, neck-biting orgy, so long as the neck is involved, anything is game.

It almost goes without saying that any type of feral and animalistic sex play almost always starts and ends with the neck. It’s the most comfortable spot to go to and it does so much for the sexual arousal of both the bitten and the neck fetishist.

Choking and the neck fetish

The world of ravishing, maniacal sex can get pretty wild, and yet, choking is almost considered to be a mild form of everything that has to do with BDSM.

When sex turns to sadism, choking happens to be one of the most popular sex acts for those who admittedly have a neck fetish. As it does in more erotic and decidedly non-BDSM sex, choking revolves around the vulnerability and sensitivity of the neck.

And though choking is extremely popular amongst women as well, it can be dangerous. The idea behind asphyxiation is that it releases endorphins at the point of orgasm, but if you take it too far you can choke someone to death in under a minute.

Collars and rope bondage

For those with a neck fetish, this is the epitome of both neck fetish lingerie and domination. Those who have a neck fetish often place chokers, necklaces, and other wearables around the neck on a very high pedestal.

And, it also happens to be a major theme when it comes to dominant and submissive sexual tropes. It’s largely a case of having your cake and eating it too, with the high level of sex appeal that emanates from her leather collar to the act of dominating a submissive partner.

As you can see, the beauty of the neck fetish is that it belongs in so many different categories. It’s the chameleon of all fetishes because no matter what kink you’re involved with, there has to be a neck involved as well.

Female neck fetish

For most men, our own necks just don’t strike us as something that would be fiercely attractive; something that needs to be scratched when the stubble is getting too long maybe, but not attractive.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of women who find a man’s neck to be one of the sexiest parts of the body and they want to ravage it every bit as much as we do theirs. Jamiee Bell of Sofia Gray Blog fame places the neck in her number three spot and is descriptively vocal about her opinion on it.

The neck also made it into a top 25 spot with Texts From Last Night, where women were asked what their favorite part of the male anatomy was, they somehow ended up on adam’s apples.

For her, it’s usually a more gentle obsession than it is with men, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t go full dominatrix on your jugular if you let her.

For the most part, the neck fetish in women prefers to return the favor and will focus on your neck because that attention will give you many of the same feelings it gives her.

Neck Fetish 3

How to kiss someone’s neck

If your fetish is everything to do with the neck then you probably have a technique or two of your own. If you don’t, that means that the world is showing you no mercy.

You can compile all of the pages of neck-kissing instructions from women’s and men’s health magazines and end up with a volume the size of a house.

The most important part is to go easy at first. Some women are insanely ticklish there – the neck is absolutely packed with nerve endings, after all – and you may end up with a knee in your crotch if you’re not focused on the moment.

Keep your lips wet. No one wants to have their neck sandpapered from the clavicle to the lower jaw. At the same time, don’t drool all over yourself, no matter how enticing her neck looks.

When it comes to kissing a woman’s neck, you have to pay attention and be aware of her body’s reactions. All those intakes of breath may not be pleasure but an urgent attempt at giggling without hurting your feels.

For the most part, there’s a lot of pleasure to be had by focusing on her neck. It’s a sensitive place and so long as you find the right rhythm, you’ll be gold. If her neck is her most ticklish spot and you have a powerful neck fetish well, sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.

Blitz yourself better!

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