Should men shave their legs?

Should men shave their legs? The answer to this question depends on you. Men can shave their legs if they choose to (just like women), and there are plenty of other hair removal options too, if you’re not so handy with a razor.

However, a lot of guys assume shaving their hair is weird, or risky in some way.

The reality? Shaving your leg hair isn’t as big of a deal as it seems.

Just like shaving your armpits, or manscaping, shaving your leg hair can be just one of the things you do to keep your body looking well groomed.

Let’s take a closer look at the question, should guys shave their legs?

Should men shave their legs?

The basics

So, can guys shave their legs? Of course, they can.

There are tons of razors (electric and manual) to help you get the job done – even if you’re pretty hairy. The question for most men isn’t “Can I” but “Should I shave my legs?”

Some guys have specific reasons for shaving their bodies, like swimmers and other athletes. For other guys, the decision to trim leg hair is all about maintenance. If you look like you’re half-bear in shorts, you might consider trimming your leg hair.

Interestingly, when Men’s Health surveyed men on whether or not they would shave their legs, only a little over  half of all respondents said “no”. 33.1% of men admitted to trimming leg hair, and another 15% said they shave their legs completely.

So, is it ok for a man to shave his legs?

Almost half of all guys say “Absolutely.” Plus, let’s face it, if you decide you want to trim your leg hair you shouldn’t let the opinions of others get in the way.

If it helps, men who shave their legs could get more attention from the ladies. 22% of women say they like men shaving their legs. Another 30% (ish) said they love guys who shave their legs just enough to reduce the bushiness.

Ultimately, the answer to “Should guys trim leg hair” is: it depends on the guy.

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Is it weird for guys to shave their legs?

This is the biggest question which often emerges after, “Should guys shave their legs?”, often accompanied by “Is it ok for a man to shave his legs?”.

Us fellas have a hard time doing anything we think other people might respond negatively to when it comes to our image. We all have a certain “identity” we want to share with the world, and leg shaving might not align with this.

Although some guys still think shaving their legs is weird, the men who shave their legs disagree with this concept. If you’re worried about how “weird” it might seem, you could always opt for trimming leg hair instead of shaving it completely, like trimming your beard or ear hair.

The good news is all kinds of man-scaping are becoming less taboo.

Why would a man shave his legs?

There are various reasons for men shaving their legs.

For instance:

You like the look

If you think your legs look better without hair, then shaving is a great way to get yourself beach ready.

In the summer, having a pair of well-trimmed legs will also help to keep you cooler, and reduce the amount of sand you have to deal with when leaving the beach. Sand has a habit of clinging to leg hair.

You’re pretty hairy

If you’re a little more follicle-y blessed than some, trimming leg hairs is a good way to avoid looking like Chewbacca. There’s nothing wrong with taking things down a notch or shaving completely if you prefer.

You’re an athlete

Guys who shave their legs often say the feel of the water or air against their legs when they’re competing puts them in the right mindset for a sport. Shaving is also a pretty common practice for many athletes.

You’re a body builder

If you’re working on your muscles and you want people to actually see them, then you might want to shave your legs. People in body building competitions regularly shave everything.

You can use shaving to prove you haven’t skipped leg day.

You’re getting a tattoo

What’s the point of getting a tattoo on your legs if people can’t see it? You’re going to need to shave for the tattoo anyway. Plus, shaving or trimming regularly will ensure people can appreciate your ink.

How often should a guy shave his legs?

So, how often should guys shave their legs (if they decide they want to).

Again, this will depend a little on things like, how fast your leg hair grows back, and whether you mind having a little stubble.

If you’re just trimming leg hair, then you can give your legs a once-over every week or so. If you’re looking to keep the skin smooth, you’re probably going to need to shave at least once every three days.

You’ll get a good idea of how often you’re going to need to commit to trimming leg hair after you’ve shaved for the first time. If your hair grows back too quickly, you might prefer to wax instead.

Is shaving your legs bad?

The taboo around men’s grooming is gradually disappearing. These days you can dye your beard, trim your eyebrows, and more without attracting negative attention. However, there are still some down sides to shaving your legs.

First, you’ll need to answer the question “Is it better to shave or wax your legs?” Waxing your legs is definitely more painful, and harder to get used to if you’re a beginner. However, it does mean you can avoid shaving for longer.

Shaving is easier, but it takes more time, and comes with an increased risk of things like shaving cuts and ingrown hairs.

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What are the side effects of shaving your legs?

The side effects of shaving your legs can differ depending on you.

First and foremost, you’ll notice shaving your legs takes quite a bit of work – particularly if you’re super hairy. You might need several razors, or some special equipment to get rid of everything in one go. Some guys can spend hours on this process.

Things get faster and simpler with practice, but you’re going to have to deal with the headache and somewhat tricky experience of shaving to begin with.

Other issues include:


Paying for special razors, waxing strips, and even leg hair removal cream is going to cost you some extra cash.

A good men’s leg hair trimmer can be an affordable purchase, but you still need to think about things like battery power, and even moisturizers and oils to protect your skin after shaving.


Shaving can be painful when you accidentally nick yourself from time to time. However, it’s usually pretty manageable compared to waxing.

Unfortunately, any kind of hair removal is going to increase your risk of ingrown hairs and rashes. Prepare for an itchy experience when your hair is growing back.


Ultimately, you’re going to spend a lot of your spare time making sure your leg hair remains properly trimmed. If you need to do other things like exfoliating and oiling your skin, this can really add to your grooming schedule.

Men’s leg hair removal

Men’s hair removal isn’t as weird today as it used to be.

The answer to “Should men shave their legs” is essentially: it’s up to you. If you commit to shaving your legs, there are tons of tools out there to help you get the right results. You can start with a hair removal cream, like this one from Nair if you’re looking for longer-lasting results.

Alternatively, this product from Nads can offer a pretty strong hair removal experience.

You can also try a standard razor or men’s leg hair trimmer, just be prepared to spend quite a bit of time touching up your shaving job every few days.

For the truly daring, there’s also the option of wax strips, or getting someone else to wax your legs for you.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you do your research and follow the instructions carefully to avoid cuts and other problems.

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