How to trim nose hair: The best way to trim nose hair

Are you looking for tips on how to trim nose hair? You’re not alone. Nobody looks great with tufts of hair sticking out over their upper lip.

Unfortunately, nose hair is a common problem for us guys.

Men’s nose hair tends to grow a lot longer than women’s, and it can also be much tougher to control. This is something to do with the extra testosterone in the male body. Even worse, as you get older, your nose hair seems to get longer and bushier. It’s a nightmare.

So, what can you do?

Today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about banishing long nose hair.

We’ll discuss how to trim your nose hair, how to get rid of it effectively, and which techniques you should probably avoid.

How to remove nose hair

Option 1: How to trim nose hairs with scissors

If you’re looking for the best way to trim nose hair, and you want to avoid buying any new equipment, a set of specialized scissors could do the job.

Ideally, you’ll want a slim pair of small scissors – not nail or cuticle scissors, as these have sharper ends which may lead to injury.

You can find nose hair scissors online and usually they’re pretty cheap. Once you’ve acquired the right pair of scissors, you can practice trimming your nose hair.

Get yourself in front of a mirror, in a location where you’ll have plenty of natural light. We recommend blowing your nose before you start trimming to get rid of anything that might get in the way.

Hold your scissors and tip your head back just enough to give you a good view.

If you’re new to trimming your nose hair, we’d advise not cutting all the way down to the skin – just in case. Don’t try to remove every hair – just get as much as you can.

Option 2: How to cut nose hair with a trimmer

If trimming nose hair with a pair of scissors seems to complex, you can also look into manual trimmers. These precision tools are effective and easy to use. Plus, there aren’t any batteries to worry about. We’d definitely look into having one of these products on hand when travelling.

The Royal Golden Birdie nose hair trimmer is a waterproof, battery-free trimming option. There’s no tugging or pulling, you just insert the gold part into your nostril, and squeeze. The unique structure of this manual trimmer reduces pain and pulling, while giving you a great finished look.

Of course, while manual trimmers are handy, they won’t give you the same speedy outcomes you can expect from an electrical trimmer. Battery-powered nose hair trimmers are much faster at getting the job done.

Products like the ConairMan battery powered trimmer can handle both your nose and ear hair at the same time, with a pain-free curved blade.

Alternatively, try the ear and nose hair trimmer and clipper from FlePow, which comes with a 360-degree rotating design, perfect for removing hairs without any pulling or painful pitching. This trimmer is also waterproof, so you can use it in the shower.

How to remove nose hair

Option 3: Waxing and plucking nose hair

If you’re tired of nose hair trimming, you could always look for a more long-term removal strategy. Waxing and plucking nose hair really isn’t recommended for most people. The more you tug hairs out of your nose, the more likely it is you’ll end up with infections, or ingrown hairs.

Waxing also has the potential to harm the skin in your nose, which can be seriously uncomfortable. If you’re planning on using this method to get rid of nose hair completely, look for a specific set of nose hair tweezers to avoid scratching the inside of your nose.

You can also get specialist waxes, which will only remove nose hair in certain areas.

If you use wax to remove nose hair at home, make sure you read the instructions carefully. If the area is tender or sore after the waxing, you can put a damp or cool towel on it.

If you’re a little nervous about plucking nose hair (which you probably should be), you can also find salons to do this for you. There are plenty of salons out there designed to assist with all kinds of nose hair management and male grooming processes.

Reducing men’s nose-hair long term

For people in search of a more long-term option for reducing unwanted hair, there’s always laser hair removal. Laser treatment can be a little controversial for nasal hair because it can sometimes cause damage to the membranes inside the nasal cavity.

Laser treatments for nose hair will target the most visible hair around the inside of the nostril, making the hair less noticeable.

If you’re planning on getting laser hair removal, it’s important to find a board-certified dermatologist, or someone who has lots of experience in this area. You should also consider looking into a professional who can give you a consultation before you dive in.

For other forms of hair removal, it’s best to stay away from things like hair removal cream when you’re working on the nasal cavity. Hair removal creams are very strong, and there’s a risk you’ll inhale toxic fumes that burn the membranes in your nose.

Before you begin trimming nose hair

Before you jump into exploring nose hair removal options, it’s important to consider the safety aspects. In general, using the best nose hair trimmers shouldn’t be a problem for most guys. Trimmers are designed to be a safe and effective way of removing hair without the headache.

However, other methods can be more dangerous.

For instance, cutting your nose hair with scissors, and waxing can lead to an increased chance of pain, ingrown hairs, and damage to the membranes in your nose.

The biggest headache for a lot of men will be the risk of ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs re-enter the skin and grows backwards, rather than outwards. Removing body hair will increase your risk of ingrown hairs, no matter which method you use.

Ingrown hairs can often be uncomfortable and painful, causing itching and redness around your nose. You’ll want to avoid scratching these hairs, as it’s going to look a little like you’re picking your nose.

If you have an ingrown hair, you can use a sterile needle to remove the hair from the skin, but it’s often easier to use a warm washcloth to lift the hair instead.

Should you develop an infection, and if your symptoms get worse, you’ll need to see a doctor, as the infection could become severe. 

Should you trim long nose hair?

Trimming long nose hair is something a lot of men look into. After all, extra long and bushy hair in your nose rarely looks great.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of downsides to going over the top with your trimming strategy. Nose hair serves an important function for the human body, after all.

Your nose hair is there to stop particles from entering your body. It reduces allergies and infections and assists with adding and retaining moisture in the air you breathe too. These benefits are particularly important if you tend to suffer from asthma.

Grooming your nose hair regularly with a nose trimmer shouldn’t cause any problems, however. If you stick to a reliable nose trimmer which doesn’t pluck or pull the hairs, you’ll be pretty safe. Just try to keep on top of your grooming schedule.  

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