Your indispensable guide to the wedgie fetish and wedgie kink

The wedgie fetish is a seemingly peculiar one, however, let’s be honest; is anything that lies in the realm of sexual infatuations, lusts, and the peculiarities of our sexual predispositions really that peculiar in the modern age?

While the wedgie fetish is closely associated with all things BDSM, that doesn’t mean it is defined by BDSM, nor is it just a loose association with schoolyard pranks. So, what is the wedgie fetish exactly and is it really a thing? 

Well, that’ what we’re here for, to explain all things wedgie fetish and wedgie kink since it’s not exactly a sizeable subject throughout the pages of the web.

If you’re ready to delve into the world of the wedgie fetish, so are we…

What exactly is a wedgie fetish?

The wedgie fetish is exactly what it sounds like, a lust for having your genitals crushed under a thin twill of cotton, spandex, or perhaps, polyester. It’s the pain and humiliation of having the whole of your underwear reduced to a thin line of material that is crushed into your asscrack.

It’s a fetish that has its roots in America (because of course it does) and it managed to increase its popularity in Canada as well as Croatia. It’s quite the popular search term on one of the most insightful and informative websites, Pornhub.

Almost all of these searches result in something along the lines of bondage, domination, and submission. For many who go through life, secretly harboring a love for all things wedgie, it boils down to, “pain is pleasure” and/or submitting to a “powerful” female dominatrix.

However, there’s more to it than just the BDSM nuances to which it is often–and wrongly–attached, in terms of a blanket definition.

The adjectives that are frequently applied to wedgies are both colorful and revealing:

  • Hanging wedgie
  • Girl wedgie
  • Wedgie orgasm
  • Atomic wedgie
  • Wedgie catfight
  • Wedgie wrestling

You can see where this is going and whether the man in question is a giver or a taker of wedgies, it doesn’t always have to do with wedgie domination, as some people are just wedgie lovers in general.

Wedgie Fetish 2

Types of wedgies

This list could go on and on as there are more types of wedgie kinks than would be manageable in a single article. The male wedgie and the female wedgie both apply here, although this particular kink–as is so often the case with fetishes–is dominated by male interest.

Messy wedgie

This particular wedgie is double the fun because it incorporates a second fetish, known as food play. So, if you’re hungry, you get the best of both worlds as piles of food are stuffed into your underwear right before those tighty whities are jerked up around your ears.

It doesn’t end there, however, for what good is food play if the two, enterprising wedgie fanatics don’t eat it?

69 Wedgie

Since the wedgie fetish is not a prevalent form of sexual indulgence, it would be exceedingly rare to find two, willing participants. Women getting wedgies is very much a thing, however, and both partners can freely indulge in 69 wedgies.

This interesting variation involves two wedgies, a male wedgie, and a female wedgie, after which, both participants climb into the 69 positions and do their thing with their underwear waistbands pulled up over their heads.

How that works exactly, with tightly compressed fabric blocking oral access, is anyone’s guess.

Vampire wedgie

While the gothic and preternatural hunter versus the victim roleplay isn’t involved here, teeth are still the name of the game. The idea is to, of course, bite your victim’s underwear and while maintaining a healthy grip, pull them up into a wedgie.

With the word “vampire” used as an adjective, you’d think that there would be more to it than that, but it’s really just another way to deliver a wedgie.

Bangkok wedgie

When it’s done to a woman, it’s typically known as the cunt punt, and for a man, it means he’s about to have his testicles rearranged. The wedgie comes first, then the aggressor walks around to the front and punts the other person in the groin. Fun stuff.

That’s just a bird’s-eye view of a kink that is endlessly expressive. If nothing else can be said about humanity, as a whole, our creativity truly has no limitations.

Is the wedgie kink always painful?

Not always, just as it isn’t always–and shouldn’t always–be associated with BDSM. If you spend any amount of time delving into the wide and interesting world of sexual fetishes, you will find that there are a lot of informative voices on the experiences of men getting wedgies and women getting wedgies.

Take SmileBehindTheMask, for instance. A self-professed Panty Warrior, who writes stories describing her wedgie kink in all of its lurid and fascinating details, quite often mentioning the friction, lotions, and dry humping aspects of the wedgie, rather than any expressive notions of painful desires.

She’s not a lone voice either. Quite often, those who enjoy the painful aspects of the wedgie fetish are also practitioners in the painful arts of bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)…

“Fetishistic disorder is characterized as a condition in which there is a persistent and repetitive use of or dependence on non-living objects (such as undergarments or high-heeled shoes) or a highly specific focus on a body part (most often non-genital, such as feet) to reach sexual arousal”.

Nowhere in there does it mention that pain is a necessity. Keep in mind, the word disorder, as it is used here, is not an indication that something is wrong with people who have a wedgie fetish, only that it is classified as a disorder since it falls outside of societal and psychological norms.

Wedgie Fetish 3

Where do wedgie lovers go to exercise their kink?

You could compile all of the wedgie terminology and descriptive metaphors–wedgie kink, wedgie fetish, wedgie BDSM, wedgie domination, male wedgie, female wedgie, conga wedgies, blast wedgies (particularly interesting), and so forth–and still never find a group or forum with likeminded views on the sexual nature of extreme underwear compression.

There are, however, forums out there that cater to the interesting quirks and fetishes that permeate society, regardless of how silly we are at trying to hide it. One of the most obvious websites where those with creative sexual appetites can gather is caters to all manner of kinks and it’s a place you can go to ah, open up with other, like-minded individuals and groups. The primary focus is BDSM but it is not a forum strictly for BDSM.

Another good one to try out while you’re flossing your ass cheeks is This one has less of a BDSM influence and more of an “anything goes” feeling. Just don’t click on the ads because there’s no telling where that would lead.

If you are worried that you are strange or out-of-the-ordinary, visit While the site will forbid you from directly discussing sexual fetishes in a lurid and detailed way, it’s wide open for the more psychological aspects of a fetish.

Is having a wedgie fetish gross?

It’s not the mental aspect of receiving or giving a wedgie that we’re focused on here. It’s more along the lines of, what happens when you floss the area which also happens to be the door through which we defecate.

Of course, there are truly some gross fetishes out there, at least for those whose own inclinations lead them to a lack of understanding of the fetish. However, as far as “gross” goes, a wedgie fetish is pretty low on the list.

Any kind of sexual fetish can be gross if you don’t properly bathe yourself. After all, most fetishes involve one or more orifices at any given time, some with two or three at the same time.

The only negative aspect of the wedgie fetish, in terms of female wedgies, is the potential for friction burns. So, if you’re thoroughly engaged in flossing your lady’s kit and caboodle, keep in mind that the vagina can be an extremely sensitive area.

The last place a woman wants to get a friction burn is across the clitoris because you thought you could work her panties like an old school water pump.

Anytime you engage in a fetish where the anus, vagina, or any other parts of the body that excrete fluids, cleanliness is the name of the game. Always shower or take a long bath to get cleaned up before you begin.

Odds are, you’ll have to shower once everything is all said and done as well. But that just means that you checked all of your wedgie boxes and had a really had a good time.

Blitz yourself better!

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