Large penis problems: How big is a big penis? And how to handle it

Struggling with large penis problems? On the surface, an extra-large penis seems like a recipe for some serious fun in the bedroom. Unfortunately, if he’s a little too big, the sizing can create a slew of issues you might not have thought about before.

Big dick problems are more common than you might think, but they’re commonly overlooked until you’re head-to-head with the issue. In our minds, a big penis is an exciting challenge, and an opportunity to experience mind-blowing pleasure unlike anything we’ve encountered before.

In reality, it’s something that needs a lot of strategy and care to navigate.

So, how big is a big penis? What kind of big dick problems are you likely to face, and what do you do if the dick is too big for sex?

Here’s your guide to large penis problems.

Big penis problems: How big is a big penis?

Let’s start with a simple question: how big is a big penis?

While women might love the idea of a big penis, men are pretty thrilled by the concept too. If you’ve ever seen a women’s reactions to a large male member, you’ll know how much of a stroke to the ego it can be.

However, if a guy hasn’t had a lot of people telling him he’s well hung, he might not know just how big he really is.

This generally means it’s up to the woman to evaluate the situation and decide how big is “too big” for her. Ultimately, anything that you think is going to make you uncomfortable is going to need some preparation to deal with.

To help, let’s look at the science.

Most people are under the impression that the average member is around 6 inches in length when erect. However, the true average is up to an inch smaller. This means generally, if you’re over the size of 5-6 inches when erect, you’ve got a big penis.

In terms of girth, it’s a whole different story. A guy can have a pretty short dick, but if it’s thick, this presents its own unique issues. In general, most guys have a circumference of around 4-5 inches when erect.

Of course, dicks are like snowflakes – no two are alike. In one study, the average length of a penis was around 5.16 inches in length and 4.59 inches circumference when erect.

Big dick problems: Dick too big?

Here are the challenges

On the one hand, having sex with a guy with a larger penis is going to make you feel fuller, and create more sensations. There’s a reason why size is so sought after in the sex world.

However – size isn’t everything. A dick that’s too big or too thick is going to hurt, with an increased risk of bumping against your cervix, and stretching things you don’t want stretched.

It’s not just the woman who suffers either. Without proper preparation, a guy with a big dick is more likely to suffer from issues like chafing which cause problems after sex.

Let’s take a look at some of the major issues you’re going to face if the penis is too big.

Large Penis Problems

Large penis problems: Dick is too big for sex

Let’s start with major problem number one. There is such thing as a dick being simply “too big”. As a woman, getting with a good-looking guy to discover they’re much larger than you thought is simultaneously thrilling, and terrifying.

You know you only have so much space to accommodate a guy, so you’re probably going to find yourself wondering how everything is going to fit.

The idea that a larger penis automatically equals better sex is a total myth. While you can have great sex with a large penis, you’re going to need a huge amount of preparation first.

In some cases, when your dick is too big, you’ll even struggle to get laid at all. Some women are simply unwilling to take the time required to prepare for a big penis, or they’re put off by the idea entirely after one bad experience.

The most obvious solution if a dick is too big for sex, is to prepare properly. Start with proper communication. A man needs to know you’re going to need some time to get yourself “compatible” with his member.

Try a few different positions and remember to stock up on plenty of lube. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little extra help to get the fit right. Apply as much lube as necessary both to yourself, and to the full length of your partner.

It’s also worth trying some different positions to see what might feel more comfortable. A lot of women find it’s easier to manage a larger penis if they’re on top, because they can control the speed and depth of the penetration.

Large penis problems: Dick is too big for anal

Anal sex can be difficult for a woman at the best of times, because there’s no natural lubrication, and the muscles are naturally tighter back there. Add the challenge of a large penis to the mix, and you’re dealing with serious issues.

Although once again, lubrication can be a huge helper in this situation, the reality is you might have to invest a lot of time and effort into preparation. This could mean starting out using butt plugs and similar tools to stretch things out and get yourself used to the feeling of having something there.

With a large penis, you’ll also need to be as slow as possible with the process. Talk to your partner the entire time and make sure they’re aware of what feels good and what doesn’t. As tempting as it can be for your partner to get excited and “rush in”, this can lead to pain for both of you.

Once again, with a huge penis, or a very long dick, the angle and position is going to be important too. Experiment with what feels good for both of you and be patient. It might take a while before you can master this particular act.

As mentioned above, be extra vigilant with lubrication when you’re trying anal with a guy who has a bigger dick. Making sure the area is extra slippery and wet will definitely make life a lot easier.

Experimenting with different kinds of lubes, like special formulas which help to “relax” the muscles can be a good idea too.

Large penis problems: Dick too big to suck

No matter the shape or size of their dick, guys love oral sex. It’s not just the men who appreciate this act either – despite popular belief. A lot of women love the thrill they get of pleasuring a guy with their mouth.

It can be an exciting bit of foreplay for both of you, and a fantastic way to finish the night with a bang, depending on your preferences.

Unfortunately, when it comes to wondering what to do if he is too big, figuring out how to handle an extra-large penis orally is one of the biggest challenges.

Unlike straight sex and oral sex, no amount of preparation is going to make your mouth any bigger to accommodate a guy’s massive penis.

The same goes for lube, you can get all kinds of flavored lubes to make the process a bit more fun for both of you, but this isn’t going to help when someone’s hitting the back of your throat.

There are a few ways to handle a cock too big to suck. The first, and most obvious option is to tell your partner, “Hey your dick is too big for this”, and work on taking an approach that works for both of you.

You don’t necessarily have to commit to deep throating because you’ve done that for other guys. If a guy has a long penis, it can be helpful to place your hand around the base and use it to help with the overall experience.

This feels good for the guy, and it gives you a bit more control about how far he can go when in your mouth.

Experiment with licking and sucking to figure out what works best for both of you. If the dick is way too big, you might need to take breaks between brief sessions to make sure you’re not wearing out your jaw or initiating your gag reflex.

As always, communication is key here. Telling your partner “Your dick is huge” isn’t just a great way to give him a confidence boost. It’s also an important piece of information, so he knows you both need to take things slow. 

Large Penis Problems

Large penis problems: The condom issue

We’ve all seen the videos of people blowing condoms up to their maximum size to show how much they can fit inside. However, these aren’t as realistic as most people realize. The reality is that you can definitely feel uncomfortable in a condom that’s too small.

Condoms are designed to hold tightly to the length of the penis to make sure they’re not slipping off in the middle of the event. This means they’re going to be tight.

Unfortunately, since everyone wants to have the ego boost of buying an “extra-large” condom, manufacturers tend to make things on the tighter or smaller side. This can make it tougher to find something that actually fits.

Different condom manufacturers use different sizing, so the best thing you can do in most cases is experiment. Remember, having the wrong size doesn’t just make things super uncomfortable for your partner, it also means the chances of a condom breaking are much higher.

Shopping for different brands of XL condoms online can give you a much more flexible range than you would find in most stores. There’s even the option to buy condoms free from latex, for guys who end up having an allergy.

In some cases, women can also consider trying a female or internal condom. This is worn internally by the receiving partner, though it can take a little getting used to. However, the beauty of this option is it’s suitable for all penis sizes.

Other issues for men with huge penises

Showing a little empathy for your partner when they have a really big penis can go a lot further than you’d think. While you might assume guys with big penises all have an equally huge ego, and a fantastic life, they actually deal with a large number of issues on a regular basis.

First of all, the stereotypes around guys with big penises are a problem on their own. Most women here great stories about how they’re going to end up getting mind-blowing sex if they land a guy with a big dick.

This puts a lot of pressure on a man to perform, while being ultra-aware of the fact that they could end up hurting their partner if they’re not careful.

Plus, guys get zero sympathy from other men if they’re dealing with big dick issues. Ultimately, other guys will usually blow this issue off as a “first world problem”. If your guy’s dick is too big for sex, or other pleasurable activities, he’s probably going to end up feeling a little down.

Remember, despite what most people assume, guys with big dicks:

Often have less sex

People aren’t nervous about having sex with a guy with a regular-sized penis. However, some women simply can’t handle it when they come face-to-face with a larger member. If things don’t fit straight away, this could mean that your guy ends up missing out on an evening of fun.

Deal with a lot of discomfort

Even the size of your pants can be a problem if you’re a guy with a big dick. There are two kinds of penis in most cases: growers and showers. Men who fall into the “shower” category will have a hard time finding clothing that feels comfortable when they’re walking, running, or even sitting down.

Sometimes, they’ll need to go a size up in their clothing and invest in belts.

Face unusual problems

It’s not just sex-related concerns that guys with bigger penises have to face on a daily basis. Having a big dick means that riding a bike is a seriously uncomfortable process – so that’s one valuable hobby potentially out of the window.

Even public urinals can be an issue. First, other guys tend to sneak a peak out of the corner of their eye, which makes guys really uncomfortable. At the same time, you need to make sure you get the spacing right so your penis doesn’t touch anything (gross).

Large Penis Problems

What to do when your dick is too big: Tips for guys

If you’re getting together with a guy who has a very large penis, it’s worth talking through some of the tips above we’ve already covered. Trust us, extra communication and preparation is crucial for guys with big penises.

The more time you invest into handling this issue early, the fewer problems you’ll face down the line.

Outside of the problems we’ve already covered, guys can also face a handful of other problems when they’re dealing with an extra-large member.

The following tips could come in handy:

Experiment with positions

When you have a bigger dick, sexual positions you can reasonably use are somewhat limited – and for good reason. With a large penis, a lot of positions can cause pain and even injury, so you’ll need to experiment to see what feels good and communicate frequently during sex.

Explore different accessories

A big dick requires a lot of “accessories”, such as extra-large condoms, to make things a little more comfortable. It’s also worth exploring different kinds of lube, as some can be particularly useful for men with larger penises. Work with your partner to find what works for both of you.

Discuss everything in advance

Talking through everything rather than just rushing ahead when you’re in the heat of the moment is crucial. Moving too fast can lead to painful and upsetting experiences for both of you – and no-one wants that during sex.

Be aware of erection issues

Since condoms are often super tight around a larger penis, it constricts blood flow. There’s also a lot of extra blood that needs to fill up that extra-big phallus. This means your guy could end up losing an erection, which is a serious blow to their self-esteem.

What’s more, if you’re ultra-tight because of your guy’s size, he’s also more likely to ejaculate early, which is no fun for anyone.

Realize hard-ons can’t always be hidden

Sometimes your man’s not-so-little friend will decide to pop his head up and make his presence known in public. This is something both of you are going to figure out how to handle.

Remember, the rush of blood is something your guy can’t always handle, nor can he control how difficult it’s going to be to hide his excitement. He’s probably going to have to hide in the bathroom for a while.

Large penis problems: They’re a real thing

No matter what you might think, big penises aren’t the blessing they’re always made out to be. While they can be a lot of fun in the right circumstances, larger dicks are also the source of a lot of headaches, for both men and their partners.

Sure, they might give you some amazing sensations as a woman, and ensure you have something fun to brag about when you’re out with the girls. However, a big penis is never all fun and games – it’s something you might need to work at navigating correctly.

Put simply, guys with larger dicks need to be aware that with great power, comes great responsibility, and the women sleeping with them need to know that too.

Taking the time together to figure out what actually works for both of you will ensure you can sidestep any nasty surprises and uncomfortable sessions in the bedroom.

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