What is a spit fetish? Everything you need to know about the spitting kink

Today, we’re going to answer the question ‘What is a spit fetish’ and tell you everything there is to know about the underappreciated spitting kink. We’ll also make the distinction between a spit fetish, saliva, drool and mouth fetish, so you know the unique subtleties between them.

It seems like everyone who has an alternative view on what makes sex invigorating, falls into a category that has, at the very least, an on-off relationship with BDSM. That includes the so-called spit fetish and spitting kink – a fetish that involves spitting or being spat upon.

But saying that something is BDSM doesn’t come close to describing it. So, what is a spit fetish, or spitting kink, as others like to call it? What exactly does it entail and why is it even a thing? To ensure we’re on the same page, the spit fetish is not to be confused with the saliva fetish (more on that later).

If you’re salivating at the idea of learning all there is to know about the kinky art of spit, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to unpack this unique, slobbery fun-fest and see what all the fuss is about.

So, let’s get started…

What is a spit fetish?

In the simplest of terms, someone with a spit fetish gains sexual arousal from the act of either spitting on someone (dominant) or having someone else spit on them (submissive). It’s supposed to be a BDSM thing but it’s really a fetish that has one foot in two worlds.

Of course, if you really think about it, you can apply BDSM to just about any sex act. But the truth is, there’s very little pain involved since we’re only talking about spit here, not the cat o’ nine tails.

There is a level of confusion involving the spit fetish and the saliva fetish, so it’s important to clear that up right away.

A saliva fetish is singular, in that the person involved gets sexual gratification from drinking someone else’s spit. The person who provides this healthy jar of dribbling satisfaction isn’t involved in the sexual part.

The spit kink involves two people in the act of hosing each other down in progressively interesting ways. Both are sexually active throughout the process and both take part in the spit sex. It’s a collaboration, rather than a singular act of self-gratification.

Spit Fetish 2

Why do people enjoy the spit kink?

It’s not always easy to narrow down likes and dislikes into a one-dimensional dynamic. The truth is, there are probably several reasons and, for those who like to engage in this unique variety of mouth kink, those reasons are subjective and personal.

Here’s a selection of traits associated with the spitting fetish:

  • As the dominant partner, it’s the act of humiliation and degradation of the submissive.
  • As the submissive partner, the degradation is expressed in sexual arousal.
  • The ruined makeup look.
  • It’s akin to the feeling of a cum facial.

Mostly, it’s the act of degradation or humiliation but it’s growing into the mainstream, thanks to a scene in the movie, Disobedience, where Rachel Weisz drops a dribbler directly into Rachel McAdam’s mouth. After that scene debuted in 2017, the spit kink spread its wings and flew.

Now, it’s become an explosive, new kink that the world is embracing. From Buzzfeed’s Syd Robinson, completely open to the idea of Jason Momoa spitting in her mouth, to Meek Mill’s sputum request on Twitter, spit sex is becoming conventional, rather than remaining in the closet.

Today, you will find elements of the spit kink and drool fetish everywhere, including T-shirts, YouTube, music videos, and social media. According to social psychologist and sex researcher, Justin Lehmiller, the spitting fetish is even more popular than search results on Xvideos.com would indicate.

Justin Lehmiller conducted a survey of 4,175 Americans in regards to their sexual proclivities. What he discovered was eventually published in his book, Tell Me What You Want.

But, to spare you the suspense, the result was quite revealing, with 45% of men and 35% of women admitting to fantasizing about it at least once.

Men seem to have a preference for seeing a woman’s makeup in complete disarray, smeared, wrecked, and as a visual representation of “sluttiness.”

For men with a more submissive nature, the very idea of “girl spit” is a huge turn-on, especially for its direct association with female empowerment, along with just the idea of being covered in female spit.

Is it normal to have a spit fetish?

As with any fetish, this question comes up often, mostly out of some innate fear that enjoying something that goes beyond society’s norms is somehow a violation or a sign of a deeply troubled psychosis.

The truth is, it’s no more abnormal than anal sex or getting a blowjob. In terms of procreation, anything outside of vaginal penetration with a penis is “abnormal.” It’s all a matter of the current social ecosystem.

Whether it’s a spit BDSM or just a run-of-the-mill drool kink, if you’re not having babies, it’s “weird.” However, “weird” and a complete psychological breakdown are not one and the same.

How does the spitting kink play out?

This is where things get interesting because spit sex doesn’t just involve two naked people hocking loogies at each other. You could take any sex fetish and make your own version of the Kama Sutra out of it.


If you’ve ever watched a porn clip – if you’re shaking your head you’re either being dishonest with yourself or Google just took you way off of the reservation – then you’ve probably seen spit used as a form of lubrication.

Girls like spit too, either as a method of submission/domination or as a method of lubrication. Remember that 35% number mentioned above? Well, it means that she’s probably open to more than you’d think.

If you’re both into spit sex, then you have the best of both worlds as you can gladly spit all over each other as a means of lubrication and sexual gratification. While saliva isn’t the best lubrication in the world – it certainly doesn’t hold a candle to KY – it’s perfect for the spit fetish.

Spit Fetish 3

Swapping spit

You may cringe at the idea of spitting in each other’s mouth, however, if you stop and think about it, you’re doing just that every time you engage in a bit of tongue wrangling. Spit swapping is just another way of doing it, with a little space in between each other’s mouths.

In a threesome scenario, two women who are really into the spit kink will engage in cum-swapping, which is almost another level of kink entirely, but still involves a great deal of spit.

Just think of it in terms of “sharing is caring,” and those who are fully engaged within the world of the spit fetish, tend to care an awful lot about each other.

Gagging blowjobs

When it comes to porn, this is almost the norm nowadays, and judging by the level of popularity, it’s probably practiced in bedrooms with a lot more frequency than you would assume.

It also falls well into the spit BDSM category as the man – in dominant fashion – literally gags the woman, as she’s giving him head, to the point where she is slobbering and drooling all over him, the floor, herself, and everywhere in between.

It’s an extremely messy blowjob; a slobbering, drooling bonanza, and an absolute favorite for those who happily engage in the spit kink.

Domination and submission

The act of spitting on someone is to show them how lowly, disgusting, and depreciated they are. For men who want to be dominated by women, this is the ultimate display of complete surrender to a female dominatrix.

On the flip side, some women also get off on the submissive nature of being insulted and degraded with a shower of spittle.

For women who like to be dominated, it’s a dual act of submission by allowing him to both take her sexually and remove all aspects of her dignity and pride in an act of sexual animosity and control.

A BDSM-lite version of the spitting fetish is applicable as well. Couples can use spit as a means of submission or domination without ever taking it so far that there is a complete and utter disregard for each other’s dignity.

Is the spitting fetish safe?

For the most part, the spitting fetish is safe. If you’re kissing, you’re swapping spit, after all. The greatest danger revolves around spitting in each other’s faces. While that may seem like the ultimate in domination and/or submission, it might be a problem if you get spittle in one or the other’s eye.

The unfortunate thing about human saliva is that it is overrun with bacteria, and not the nice kind either – although some of that is there as well. Getting spit in your eye kickstarts an immune response, which creates red eyes, dry eyes, itchy eyes, and potentially far worse.

It’s the reason that optometrists advise people to never lick their contact lenses to help add a little bit of moisture. In a single instance of spitting in your partner’s face, you could inject over 600 types of micro-organisms into their eye in less than a second.

Of course, there’s also the subject of consent. No, you should never hurl a projectile loogie into your partner’s face, body, or anywhere else for that matter without their complete understanding and acceptance beforehand. So, don’t be that guy.

Outside of that, the great thing about any fetish, especially if it’s a mutual one, is that you’re free to explore as far as you want. Although the spit fetish may sound unusual, you’d be surprised at how far the love of spit, to one degree or another, really goes.

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