Odontophilia: The dental fetish and teeth fetish explained

If you find yourself overly fascinated with watching teeth extractions on YouTube, or you pop a chub whenever a woman speaks – watching those clackers move up and down beneath her lips – it’s safe to say that you’re dealing with a dentist fetish or dental fetish respectively.

No, you’re not some bizarre and twisted creation but there is no agreed-upon, psychological stat sheet on how common a thing a dental fetish is. However, there’s a little bit of it in every man. After all, a woman’s smile has been ranked in the top ten list of nearly every survey conducted since the stone age.

But what’s the driving force behind the desire to see a person’s teeth pulled out, or deriving intense pleasure from having your own gnashers pulled — slowly, and with maniacal levels of precision?

Is an orthodontic fetish a psychological result of upbringing?

The quirky things that make us all tick are often very interesting things to follow, so let’s sink our teeth into the fascinating world of the dental fetish.

The different facets of odontophilia

A tooth fetish is more broadly defined than just the love of seeing teeth. Indeed, it can get pretty dark, with everything from filed-down, sharp teeth to dental BDSM.

That’s right, dental BDSM is a thing, which means that some people may have actually gotten off to the 2007 film, Teeth, a movie about a young woman who has a full set of chompers strategically located in her nether regions.

The thing is, there’s no “one shoe fits all” approach to a teeth fetish because there are so many different ways it can percolate, deep within one’s psyche.

Here are some examples of dental fetish:

  • Oral fixations
  • Orthodontic BDSM
  • Dental fetish
  • Braces fetish
  • Sharp teeth fetish (vampire fetish)
  • Orthodontic fetish
  • Tooth brushing fetish

Oral fixations barely fall under the shade of the tooth fetish umbrella, however, they say that watching a woman’s mouth as she talks unconsciously increases her sexual libido, so there’s something to it.

The orthodontic spectrum includes everything that has to do with a trip to the orthodontist, except this isn’t a family trip to get your kid a retainer. This is more along the lines of lust for the pain of orthodontic surgery and the phallus-lengthening shine from all of those chrome instruments.

Also, you really can’t discuss a teeth fetish without bringing up the vampire fetish (aka sharp teeth fetish). Those who focus primarily on the sharper side of the dental fetish get the added benefit of a little gothic cosplay with their gnashing teeth.

If nothing else, the vampire fetish – which is a fetish in its own category – allows those with a sharp teeth fetish to really find their dark, biting side.

According to Marquis de Sade, both Boniface and Chrysostome wish to indulge themselves with her, and after pulling out her thirsty two beautiful teeth, she is subjected to the Superior, who immolates her in his fashion”.

Marquis de Sade was a French philosopher in the late 18th and early 19th centuries who was known for combining philosophy with hard-edged pornography and he disturbingly sums up the BDSM, sharp-toothed side of odontophilia.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the particularly quirky teeth brushing fetish, which primarily revolves around getting pumped below the waistline when a woman brushes your teeth or, is brushing her own teeth.

Dental Fetish 2

Sexual dentistry and orthodontic torture

BDSM encompasses both the sadist and the masochist and – while it’s not exactly mainstream – is largely understood by modern society. But what if those same terms were applied to dentistry? Well, bi-annual teeth cleanings just got a whole lot more interesting.

The sadist with the accommodating tooth fetish gets off on the idea of inflicting pain via the teeth and it usually revolves around roleplaying as a demented dentist with a conspicuously tent-shaped zipper.

The masochist is the exact opposite, and believe it or not, some gain a great deal of arousal from having their mouth wedged open and a screaming drill driven into the crown of their tooth. Just ask PornHub; there’s a search parameter for that.

Some just enjoy the visual aesthetics of the act itself. The pain and the pressure that the procedures insinuate are enough to create an overwhelmingly cathartic experience for the viewer. There’s even a #dentalfetish hashtag on Instagram. Enjoy.

Of course, some of the fixations with the world of dentistry are a combination of things. On the one hand, you have someone with a dental fetish and, on the other hand, you have the old school, nurse and patient dynamic as well.

Braces play a big part

No, not the kind that comes with pigtails and unicorn shirts. It’s all about the orthodontics of it, the metal mouth, and according to Redditor LoveTheGrill, “For the record, I am not attracted to young girls. My fetish is completely objectified on braces and things about braces such as lisps, puffy lips, and wet drooly sloppiness, not age.”

It’s unfortunate for those who belong to the dental fetish groups that it is so often associated with age play, which is an entirely different discussion altogether. Guys like LoveTheGrill above started catching flack almost immediately. It wasn’t all bad, but it’s obvious that the suggestion is there.

In terms of odontophilia, braces are the epitome of orthodontic lust and often land squarely in the realm of dental BDSM. Braces make up for 64,000 plus search results on Xhamster.com and roughly 40,000 plus on Xvideos.com.

The argument could be made that it’s all about the youth, with desperate old men aggressively searching for Piper Perri, an adult woman who is 4’10”, 80lbs, and flaunts pigtails and braces in most of her scenes.

There’s probably a good deal of truth to that, but it also means that society has a pretty limited imagination sometimes, as the dental fetish dives deeply into the “brace-face” aspect without ever going… there.

Nothing screams dental fetish like a dental set

If a teeth fetish is your thing, you are very much in luck. The sheer volume of dentist tools and instruments available on the market is insane. You’ve got uniforms, and goggles to set the scene and, of course, the market is currently flooded with medical masks.

Basic cleaning kits, lip retractors, ratchets, and even ultrasonic scalers are abundant on Amazon and other online retailers. You can even break out some rubbing alcohol to add a layer of sensory overdrive.

If you want to take it to the next level, there are impression trays, bib and hooks, irrigation syringes, surgical binoculars, and just about anything else you can think of to satisfy your odontophilia urges.

If there’s one thing that can’t be said about a dental fetish, it’s that there aren’t enough potential toys around to properly role play. The sky is essentially the limit when all you need is a lab coat and a pair of rubber gloves.

Dental Fetish 3

Is there a way to unleash your inner teeth fetish safely?

Rest assured, there are plenty of ways to roleplay a dental visit with a side of spandex, ratchet mouth gags, and face goggles without going through your girlfriend’s jugular like a rabid hyena on Stacker 3.

But first, you have to break the news that you really like her teeth, and a whole lot more. Consent is the name of the game here and you don’t break out the chompers without having a conversation about it first. That includes reverse role play.

If you want her to go full Hungry Hungry Hippo on your face, neck, chest, and…other things, you need to be upfront.

The human mouth carries bacteria that would gag someone with an iron stomach if they happened to catch a glimpse in a microscope. So, it will probably take a few sessions before you both understand your limits. If you’re heavily into the dental fetish, it’ll be worth the wait.

If you want to bite with your teeth close together – more like a pinch but with your mandibles rather than fingers – that’s the easiest way to break the skin. This is especially true if you’re working a nipple or her clitoris.

If you break the skin in either of those areas, you’re likely to catch a knee in the face and a whole lot more while you’re busy staunching the blood flow.

Some couples prefer safe words, which is the kinkiest way to say stop without abruptness and mood-killing discord. Whatever works for you, so long as you and your partner are communicative and understanding as to how far this is going to go.

Put your best tooth forward

As it stands, odontophilia is hardly one of the more bizarre fetishes out there. In fact, it would probably surprise you how many are at least partly aroused by the sight of perfect, white teeth.

So long as you’re communicative and open about your fetish, you may find your perfect “dental assistant” quicker than you think.

Given society’s predilection towards good oral hygiene, it may be that someone, who gets a kick out of their own, innate dental fetish, will find that perfect someone who is more than willing to break out a pair of dental scrapers. 

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