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Get a whiff of this: 9 classic men’s fragrance options

Searching for a classic men’s fragrance? You’re in the right place! In this edition of Blitz’d you’ll discover an amazing selection of the best old-school men’s cologne and aftershave. Let’s begin…

Face it fellas – it’s hard to convince anyone that you’re worth their time when you smell like last night’s kebab. 

Although a good cologne will rarely make up for a full shower every morning, it can work wonders in the right scenario. A signature scent can help you to instantly take control of a room by capturing the sense of smell of the people around you. 

Since the smell is heavily linked to our memory, you could find that wearing the right men’s fragrance makes you more memorable on those all-important first dates. Alternatively, a good men’s cologne could be the key to snatching that promotion at work. 

The trouble is, most of us guys just don’t have the time to visit a local perfume shop and sample every fragrance they have to offer. 

Because of this, we need to find something classic that can stand the test of time – no matter what. 

Fortunately, here at Blitz’d, we know our way around classic style. 

Here’s your guide to some of the top men’s fragrances on the market.

Classic Mens Fragrance

1.  Armani Eau Pour Homme

Nothing says sophisticated and suave quite like the smell of Armani. 

Giorgio Armani Eau Pour Homme is a sensational scent that combines classic aromas with a modern touch. The name-sake men’s fragrance is pretty much the quintessential definition of masculine allure, designed to make any guy stand out. 

Beginning with a burst of citrusy fragrance that revitalises the senses and opens the mind, Armani’s cologne captures your attention, then seduces you with spicy layers of clove and nutmeg. The best thing about this smell is the fact that it somehow becomes warmer and more appealing as it develops over time. 

Woody tones at heart, like patchouli and cedar pair perfectly with the citrus and spice undertones, for an odour that really fires on all cylinders. Trust us – it’s delicious. 

Classic Mens Fragrance

2.  Polo Ralph Lauren for men

Otherwise known as Polo Green, this men’s cologne is sure to capture both your eye, and your attention. Provided in a signature patented green bottle, the Polo Green men’s cologne expertly links notes of leather and wood with enticing spicy aromas. 

Basically, this fragrance is all about putting everything you’ve ever imagined about what the word “man” might stand for into a bottle. It makes us think of days riding horseback through the forest or hunting and gathering. There’s something really distinct and raw about the overall scent. 

If the Green version of Polo is a bit much for you, then Ralph Lauren’s other scents are usually a good alternative. There’s pretty much something for everyone in the portfolio. 

Classic Mens Fragrance

3.  Christian Dior Eau Sauvage

The Eau Sauvage men’s fragrance from Christian Dior is one of the best men’s cologne options. The name translates to wild water which we think works perfectly in this particular case. 

Killing it with men and ladies alike since 1966, Eau Sauvage offers an immaculate blend of citrus and savoury fragrances that force you to pay attention. It’s not so strong that you feel overwhelmed by the scent, but you’ll spend your days being delighted by notes of rosemary, lemon, and basil. 

Subtle and refreshing, this lightweight men’s fragrance is sure to add a finishing touch to virtually any outfit. We recommend giving it a spritz before a first date.

Classic Mens Fragrance

4.  Givenchy Gentleman

Gentlemanly by name and Gentlemanly by nature

The Givenchy Gentlemen men’s fragrance is a tour de force of exceptional aromas, created through layers of warm, sweet notes like cinnamon and honey, layered on top of refreshing odours like tarragon and citrus. 

The scents in the middle of the profile are cedar and jasmine. As you can imagine, all of these different components slapped together create quite a complicated scent. However, somehow- it all works perfectly. From musky notes of leather and vanilla, to casual touches of patchouli, there seems to be something for everyone in this amazing cologne.

Classic Mens Fragrance

5.  Aramis by Aramis 

Aramis is the kind of men’s fragrance you want to opt for if you’re looking for something seriously old school. We’re talking the kind of scent that you would associate with guys in smoking robes who spend their days with cigars and fine whisky.

This is a cologne that doesn’t smell like anything made in the last half-century or so. There are no fresh and clean notes to this fragrance. Instead, you get something much denser and more complex, made out of spices, woods, and a lot of leathery notes. 

The harsh nature of this men’s cologne means that it’s not going to be the perfect choice for everyone. However, if you’re looking for a classic men’s fragrance that’s going to convey sophistication for years to come – this is it. 

Classic Mens Fragrance

6.  Pour Monsieur by Chanel

Pour Monsieur is a pretty old-fashioned scent. 

It was actually created by a guy called Henri Robert way back in 1955 and released across the globe under a handful of different names. By 1989, it was re-released under the Pour Monsieur title. 

However, Chanel swears that the formula has remained the same. 

The most attractive thing about this particular cologne is the sophisticated citrus opening notes. You get the refreshing scents that you would usually get from most men’s fragrances, although there’s something slightly bitter underneath, which makes the smell more memorable, in our opinion. 

If you’re looking for something that’s going to really define you whenever you walk into a room, Pour Monsieur goes beyond the gentle scents of modern colognes. 

Classic Mens Fragrance

7.  Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet

When it comes to choosing a classic men’s fragrance, the Blenheim Bouquet is about as traditional as they come. It even looks like one of those old-fashioned perfume bottles from centuries ago. 

Taking its name from the Blenheim Palace – home of some of the most respected bloodlines in England, this men’s cologne has seriously stood the test of time. 

For more than 100 years, this unique fragrance has used tones of lavender, notes, lemon, and lime to create something unlike anything else. Honestly, it’s hard to describe without turning your computer monitor into some kind of magical scratch-and-sniff. 

The base notes are pine, black pepper and musk – so you can tell there are some spice and classic aroma in there. However, the head notes are a lot sharper and fruitier than you might expect. 

Classic Mens Fragrance

8.  Green Irish Tweed (Creed)

Okay, so this fragrance is a little pricier than some of the other options we’ve looked at so far. However, it may well be worth the expense if you’re looking for something unforgettable. 

Green Irish Tweed is a classic men’s fragrance that was created by the sixth-generation perfume master, Olivier Creed. Designed for a film industry client, the product was eventually delivered to the public years later and is now one of the signature house of Creed scents. 

Inside this cologne, you’ll find an interesting blend of sandalwood, violet leaves, ambergris, and more. According to the people behind the scent, it’s a lot like walking through an Irish countryside – with a hint of pure masculinity thrown in. 

Classic Mens Fragrance

9.  Sables by Annick Goutal

Finally, if you’re looking for something a little softer and sweeter than the other best men’s cologne options, we’ve looked at so far – why not try Sables? This delightful fragrance has a maple syrupy aroma that’s just enough to get your mouth watering. 

The notes in Sables aren’t easy to master, but somehow, Annick Goutal has managed to create a masterpiece. The spicy warmth and darkness of this classic men’s fragrance doesn’t overpower or dominate the room. Instead, it simply delivers waves of delightful flavour as you move around a space. 

Legend has it that Harrison Ford is a fan – so if it’s good enough for Han Solo – it’ll be good enough for us too! 

Classic Men’s Fragrance: Found your signature scent?

What’s the best men’s cologne in your opinion?

Are you swept away by one of the classic men’s fragrance options that we’ve covered above, or do you have a classic preference that you’re not ready to give up on yet?

Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation with us on our social media pages. 

In the meantime, learn more about how to spice up your look and grab attention for all the right reasons with our other blog posts. 

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