Signs a younger man likes an older woman

The signs a younger man likes an older woman can be difficult to define. This may be particularly true if regular exposure to the media has convinced you guys almost always go for younger girls.

While pop culture and movies might prefer to show the older man, younger woman combo doesn’t mean there aren’t men out there who prefer to look for older, more experienced women.

Throughout my friendships with guys over the years, I’ve seen countless examples of guys in their twenties and thirties being drawn in by the mystery and challenge of an older lady.

Of course, the last thing you want to do is approach a man because you think he likes you, only to discover you were picking up on the wrong signals.

This article should help you to spot the signs a younger guy is hitting on you.

Signs a younger man likes an older woman

Why are younger guys attracted to me?

If you’ve ever asked your friend “is this younger guy flirting with me?” you’ll know how tough it can be to figure out if someone really likes you or not these days. It’s not just the ladies that can be mysterious guys – men are often difficult to understand sometimes too.

The first thing you need to know, as an older lady, is why men like older women. If you know why guys tend to find older women attractive, you’re probably going to be in a better position to make yourself as appealing as possible.

So, why do men find older women attractive?

There are various reasons, but some of the most common include:


I might not be classed an “older woman”, quite yet, but I know my confidence has grown the further I’ve travelled through my twenties. I barely had any self-esteem as a teenager, now I’m much less worried about what the world thinks – it’s a liberating experience.

The older you get, the more confident you become, both in life and in bed.


Not to focus too much on the sexual aspects of dating an older woman, but you can generally assume an older girl will have more experience in bed. Sex drive also tends to ramp up for women in various periods throughout her life.

Less drama

Older women are less likely to let themselves feel overwhelmed by the drama happening around them. A mature woman doesn’t mess around with work squabbles, and petty disputes.

More often than not, an older lady will settle things like an adult, and this always going to be more appealing to most guys.


Age doesn’t always make you wiser, but the more experiences you have throughout your life, the more you’ll have to share with others. Older women usually gain insights from the world as they mature, which means they have more to teach.

An older woman could teach a guy some amazing lessons – like how to be more confident and self-assured.

Financial stability

Though I’m not suggesting you should ever let your younger counterpart rely on you for financial stability, older women tend to have their cash situation figured out, so they probably won’t have as many worries to deal with when it comes to budgeting.

Signs a younger man likes an older woman

How to tell if a younger guy likes you

Figuring out when a younger guy likes you has a bit of a knack to it. Generally, younger guys will show their interest in a range of different ways.

Some men are more obviously flirty, with plenty of compliments to offer, and the occasional saucy joke. Other, less confident guys tend to be subtler in how they show their interest.

Here are some signs a younger man is attracted to an older woman:


Touch is one of the most common ways to show someone you like them. The touch doesn’t have to be “sexual” in nature – until you both get to the right point in the relationship. Even the slightest brush of a hand against your knee or shoulder can demonstrate a desire for intimacy.

If you have a crush on a younger guy and you want to see whether he feels the same way, look out for signs he wants to connect with you physically. Even if he reaches out to touch you then thinks twice, this is a good sign he’s grappling with his feelings.

Eye contact

Eye contact sometimes means someone is simply being polite and actively listening to what you have to say. However, someone watching you frequently is also a good sign they’re interested.

If you have a crush on a younger man, look at where his eyes wander when you’re talking. Does he check out other people in the room, or stay focused on you?

When you’re watching for all-important eye contact, it’s also worth noting if the guys eyes dilate. This is a reflex men and women alike usually experience when talking to someone they’re attracted to.

Talk, and conversations

There are two ways a younger guy can use talking to show he likes you. First, if a younger guy is flirting with you, he’s likely to contact you way more often than you’d expect. This guy isn’t going to wait around to see if you’re going to call him back.

Most guys will send you regular messages, just to see how you’re doing, or check in.

Another of the top signs a younger man likes an older woman, is he can’t stop talking about her to his friends and family. If you don’t know any of your guy’s social circle, it’s going to be tough for you to determine how often he’s talking about you on your own.

If you do know other friends and family, see what he tells them about you.


For a guy, dating an older woman can come with a lot of perks – but there are some challenges to, like trying to get a whole family to fall in love with you. If you already have kids, or other close members of family in your life, look for a guy who’s willing to get to know these people.

When a younger guy likes you, he’ll make an effort with your kids, your friends, and anyone else who plays an important role in your life. Younger guys flirting with older women will also do their best to show interest in their hobbies, work life, and general day-to-day activities.


Most guys know older women are less likely to fall for their games. Because of this, they’ll generally work a lot harder to make sure they’re paying attention. If a younger guy listens to you, finds out about your hobbies, and pays attention to what you care about – this is a good sign he’s into you.

Even better, keep an eye out for moments when he asks your opinion.

If a younger guy shows he genuinely respects and appreciates your insight, this could be a sign that he values you as a friend – but it can also be something more.

Do younger men like older woman?

I’ve heard a lot of my older lady friends saying, “I can’t understand why that younger guy is flirting with me”, in the past. Some women can’t even tell when a guy is flirting, because they’re so convinced a younger man wouldn’t be interested in them.

Of course, the evidence suggests men definitely do feel drawn to older women at times. I can’t speak for every guy, but I can certainly see plenty of reasons why they might find older women more attractive.

Greater confidence, wisdom, understanding, and experience are all pretty attractive traits.

You may find a lot of older women are also naturally more assertive – which is great for a guy who likes his woman to take charge. At the same time, if you’re the kind of guy looking to settle down and find something real in your relationship, an older woman can help you do just that.

Most of these women aren’t looking for games – so they’re a great opportunity to find something real.

I even know a few guys who consider bedding an older woman to be the perfect challenge – because they know these ladies are going to know what they like between the sheets.

Whatever the reason, don’t be surprised when you think a younger guy is flirting with you. Learn how to spot the signs. You never know where an amazing romance might blossom. 

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