The ups and downs of dating hedonistic women

Hedonism is a complicated word. And dating hedonistic women can become very, very complicated. But, a hedonistic relationship is not all hard going, as Rebekah Carter explains…

Depending on how much philosophy you’ve read in the past, your definition of hedonism is likely to vary. For some of us, the first thing we’ll see in our heads when imagining the hedonistic lifestyle is hedonism bot from Futurama. 

Designed to represent all-things indulgence, this is a guy that’s constantly taking part in luxurious dinner parties, orgies, and other pretty outrageous things. 

Other people see hedonism as a positive thing. 

After all, if you don’t live your life in the search for pleasure – then you’re probably doing something wrong. We all want to keep pain to a minimum in our lives and collect as many pleasurable experiences as possible. 

However, sometimes it’s not deciding whether you’re going to live a hedonistic life that’s the problem. 

For many men chasing party girls who are all about fun, the question becomes, “What is a hedonistic relationship, and is it good for me?”

Fortunately, we’re here to answer that question. 

Defining hedonistic girls and the party lifestyle

To understand what kind of experience you’re going to have dating hedonistic women, you need a better insight of what hedonism can actually look like. 

In the modern world, a hedonistic woman is usually seen as a female version of Leo DiCaprio’s character in The Wolf of Wall Street

Hedonistic people use various resources, including extreme wealth, to indulge in all things pleasurable. 

Hedonism is a complicated concept. It has roots in philosophy that go back as far as Socrates and Plato. 

However, today, there are a lot of different views surrounding what hedonism actually is. 

That’s because there are a lot of arguments in the world about how human beings should conceptualize the idea of pleasure. 

In a woman, hedonism can be a very sexy thing. 

After all, there’s something exciting about a girl who’s willing to reject the sensible in favour of freedom and fun. You know that dating a woman with a hedonistic lifestyle means that you’re never going to be bored. 

However, hedonism can suffer from the “too much of a good thing” conundrum. 

If your girlfriend, wife, fiancé, or friend-with-benefits is so busy seeking their own pleasure, then there’s a good chance they’re going to ignore your needs at some point. 

There’s also a risk that the hedonism of your lady friend will end up rubbing off on you. That means that you could end up exposed to a party lifestyle that you just can’t keep up with. 

When not kept in check, hedonism can quickly become debauchery

The benefits of dating a hedonistic woman

Hedonism has a pretty bad rep in some circles.

That’s because of media icons like Wolf of Wall Street’s Leo Diocaprio, and other major stars. 

The pop culture world has built a view of hedonistic women and men of people who are obsessed with pleasure. These characters are often willing to stand on top of other people to get what they want. 

That’s not really what most of us are looking for in a relationship. 

However, whether it’s worth dating hedonistic women or not all depends on how you define hedonism. 

The ancient Greek conception of this word is a lot more positive than what we see in the media today. 

Hedonism is an enjoyable approach to life that focuses on avoiding pain and embracing pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

Maintaining a regular state of pleasure can help you to reduce feelings like stress. When we feel pleasure – even jut from spending time with hedonistic girls, our sympathetic nervous system calms down. 

Studies constantly tout the benefits of a (somewhat) hedonistic lifestyle. 

For instance, pleasurable emotions and experiences are often associated with more creative thinking, better resilience, and social connectedness. In other words, regular doses of pleasure help you to live longer and feel better too. 

If your hedonistic woman knows how to control her impulses (to an extent), she could help you to live a better quality of life. After all, this girl’s party lifestyle is sure to have an impact on the way that you spend your time. 

You might end up with more exciting new experiences, or an opportunity to make new friends. You’re also going to get opportunities to do things that you never would have done with a more straight-laced partner. 

What is a hedonistic relationship gone wrong?

Usually, dating hedonistic women only becomes a bad thing when the hedonism goes too far. 

It’s easy for a hedonistic lifestyle to get the better of some people. 

When you’re always on the search for pleasure, you can become selfish, and self-indulgent – which doesn’t make you much of a good lover. As such, you could find that dating hedonistic girls makes you miserable – if they’re always putting themselves first. 

Answering the question “should I date someone with a hedonistic lifestyle,” also requires a close assessment of who you are as a person

If you’re the kind of person who’s open to new experiences and opportunities, and possibly isn’t looking to settle down yet, then you’re probably well-suited to a hedonistic woman.

You won’t be worried about your girl spending more time on herself than on you if you’re not looking for something serious. Additionally, you don’t have to invest too deeply into the relationship. 

That means that if your girl wants to do something to continue her party lifestyle that you’re not into, you can just say no. 

On the other hand, if you’re a pretty possessive person, or someone who likes the quiet life, then you’re not going to work well with a hedonistic woman. 

Not everyone can thrive with a partner who spends all of their time drinking, going to clubs, and trying out new sexual positions. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s all about figuring out what makes you happy when you’re in a relationship. 

If you get into a relationship with a hedonistic woman, and you find that you’re constantly worrying about what she’s doing or what she’s going to ask you to do – then you’re in trouble. No relationship should be filling you with feelings of constant stress and panic. 

If it’s going to make you miserable, dating hedonistic girls just isn’t worth it. 

Dangers of the hedonistic lifestyle

When pleasure is a problem

Another potential downside of dating a hedonistic woman is that it could open you up to more opportunities for substance abuse and addiction. 

If you have an addictive personality, or you’re the kind of person who struggles to say no to peer pressure, then you could have some serious issues with a hedonistic woman. 

A lot of hedonistic people seek pleasure safely. They know how to avoid getting themselves and their loved ones into danger in the pursuit of happiness. 

However, there are some hedonistic girls out there – the ones that are more into debauchery than hedonism, that can be dangerous. 

These women tend to do whatever pleases them – even if that means that they’re indulging in illegal drugs, excessive alcohol abuse, and even unsafe sex with other people. 

While it’s often difficult to pinpoint the time when pleasurable behavior becomes problematic, it’s fair to say that any woman who puts your health and lifestyle at risk isn’t a good person to date. 

If the girl you’re dating is going to end up getting you addicted to drugs, or she’ll cause you to lose your job because you’re staying up every night drinking, she’s bad for you. 

Let’s get real about hedonism 

Hedonism and hedonistic women come in a lot of different flavours – like ice cream. 

A hedonistic woman could just be someone who prefers to spend her time pursuing pleasure rather than worrying about things like work and future repercussions. That isn’t always a bad thing if you’re open to the party lifestyle and looking for fun. 

Hedonistic girls can even just be women who try to maximise everyday pleasures whenever they can – like savouring a cup of coffee each morning or treating themselves to a weekly dessert. 

Hedonism only really becomes a problem when it falls outside of the realm of rationality. Having a woman in your life that relishes and enjoys pleasure is a fantastic thing. 

Unfortunately, if that woman starts to put her health, and your life at risk with her behaviour, that’s when things start to go wrong. 

When you’re considering dating a hedonistic woman, you need to ask yourself what kind of impact she’s going to have on your life. 

Is she going to make you happier by encouraging you to do new things – or is she going to push you so far out of your comfort zone, that you could end up in serious trouble. 

No woman is worth your health – no matter how fun she might be. 

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