How to cum more and shoot bigger loads

Have you ever asked if it’s possible to produce porn-ready loads? Then you’ve cum to the right place (pun intended)! Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about how to cum more naturally and produce huge loads time after time. 

If you’re ready, let’s get started…

These days, it seems like everybody wants more of everything. And when it comes to sex, who can blame us? 

Sex is literally the best thing in the world – if you’re going to obsess over getting more of something, it’s certainly understandable that it would be sex. 

Much in the way that guys watching porn stare wistfully at the on-screen freaks of nature who are hauling around 10 or 11-inch hogs with them everywhere they go (and no, that size of dick is absolutely not in the normal range). Lots of guys are wondering how to cum more, and produce those seemingly endless thick ropes of jizz like porn stars do. 

So, is there some way we average guys can produce more cum? 

We’ve all heard stories about this or that supplement or dietary change that might change the way we cum – is there any truth to it? What do I need to do to increase my loads and unleash a massive cumshot every time? We’re about to find out, but first…

What defines a huge load?

Let’s start with the basics. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average volume of ejaculate that a man produces when he orgasms is between 3 and 5 milliliters, or about a teaspoon. 

And the worse news, if you are interested in boosting the amount of cum you produce, is that much like everything sex-related, as you get older that volume decreases. 

So if you’re wondering how to cum more, it’s likely to be more of a challenge the older you get.

Now, if you’re saying to yourself, “Man, when I was a teenager, I feel like I was filling a whole lot of teaspoons several times a day. Like, we’re talking ladles, not teaspoons…” Well, you’re probably right. 

First of all, when adolescent hormones overwhelm our bodies, shit goes fucking haywire, as we all know. Not only that, semen volume is dependent on a lot of factors, and overall health is a big one.

Health and bigger loads

When you were in the bloom of adolescence and tearing a hole in your jeans with your perma-erections, you were probably at one of the physically healthiest points in your life, before work stress, alcohol, bad diet and plain old life started to wear on you.

But nevertheless, those World Health Organization figures are important to keep in mind as we move forward discussing the possibility of how to produce more cum. 

Just as the dudes we see on screen in porno are at the far end of the bell curve when it comes to penis size, they’re also way above average when it comes to fitness, stamina, flexibility, and a host of other physical attributes. 

So it kind of makes sense that they are likely to be above average when it comes to producing a massive cumshot on command.

We would do well to start thinking of porn stars more like athletes than sex gods, because the physical demands put on them are not something the average person could manage. 

When you’re asking how to cum more – like a porn star – keep in mind that only a very tiny slice of the population can do what they do. 

No sane person would look at Novak Djokovic playing tennis and think, “Hey, I ought to be able to play like that,” so why would you think you could do the equivalent in terms of sexual athletics?

How To Cum More 2

How do porn stars cum so much?

Not to burst your bubble about producing massive cumshots like they do in porn, but I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret about dirty movies: those huge, face-blasting massive cumshots you see in porn? 

Not all of them are real!

Believe it or not, there is a mini-industry that runs in tandem with the porn business that sells commercially available fake cum-producing apparatus. 

The porn industry abounds with stories about starlets bitching about how gross the lotion is that these machines shoot on them – I guess that makes them appreciate the real deal in comparison with having a thick shot of Nivea blasted into their mouth and eyes. 

On the other hand, apparently some of the fake cum they use also has other uses – like as creamer in coffee (insert gagging sounds here.)

Can you increase semen output naturally?

So, is it possible to produce more REAL cum?

The truth is there are lots of myths and legends out there when it comes to creating a huge load. 

Everybody has heard some urban legend about some supplement or particular food that is supposed to help you produce more cum. 

Sad to say, there is no magic bullet that is proven scientifically to make your cum cannon fire massive loads on automatic. 

However! Take heart, because there are some steps you can take that can – anecdotally at least – help you increase semen production. 

And while there isn’t a whole lot of scientific study backing the claims some people make about some of the substances listed below, the anecdotal evidence as provided by porn actors themselves is good enough for me. 

Here’s how to make more cum – the real thing, not a condom full of lotion and water – according to science as well as porn stars.

How To Cum More 3

How to cum more naturally

Get in shape

Guys, if you were hoping for some magic pill that would instantaneously give you massive cumshots, we’ve got some bad news because it just doesn’t exist. 

But the truth is, the better shape you’re in, the better all your bodily functions are going to operate. That includes launching those thick, ropy strands across your girls titties.

Here are some uncomfortable facts about what you can do to change how your general health affects your abilities in the bedroom:

Drop some weight

About 33 percent of obese men have a low sperm count. In fact, 7 percent of obese men have no sperm count at all. And while we all know that sperm and semen aren’t the same thing – sperm actually only make up about 5 percent of semen.

Nonetheless your overall health – and body weight is a huge part of that – affects how much cum your body produces.

Exercise, but moderately

Obviously to lose some weight you’re going to want to eat healthier and get in the gym. But don’t go too far with it, as severe, high-intensity training can cause a lowered sperm count too.

Eat antioxidants 

While we’re on the health kick, eating plenty of greens, veggies and fruits, especially blueberries and tomatoes in order to get more antioxidants on board.

These foods contain lycopene which may help to ward off prostate cancer, improve sperm count and increase semen output. Coffee also contains high levels of antioxidants.


You know when you going in for your third round with a girl and you feel like you’re just shooting dust at this point? That’s a figure of speech but it’s kind of close to the truth in a way.

Hydration is really important to producing massive cumshots when you consider the fact that semen is mostly water.

Some experienced porn actors swear by coconut water, but as long as you drink enough regular old water – 3.7 liters is what’s recommended for an average man – you should be good to go.

Lay off the booze and the smokes

Alcohol definitely has an effect on your semen production. Not only that, booze is dehydrating as well.

Smoking is also a big no-no if you want to produce massive cumshots like you see in porn as it is proven to have a negative effect on semen quality.

No whacking it for a few days

The real, surefire key to bigger loads is giving your body time to recover. Porn actors claim the sweet spot is about 3 to 4 days of abstinence to really build up a massive cumshot.

Hey, if that’s how pornstars cum so much, I suppose it’s worth a shot. 

Another Reddit commenter who claims to have worked in porn says he works himself up to being halfway to cumming, then stops and goes about his day. This way, he says, he starts building up his massive cumshot hours before, or even the day before a film shoot. 

Supplements to increase semen output


Now we get to the heat of the meat, and talk about the various supplements that men claim are the key to how to cum more. Keep in mind, all of these are based on anecdotal evidence and there are only sporadic scientific studies proving that they help you to produce more cum. 

That said, when the anecdotal evidence is coming from people who make their living by shooting massive loads on command, we should maybe be willing to hear them out.

Here are some of the supplements they swear by:


Lecithin is made up of fatty acids, and some men claim it helps them to shoot bigger loads. Again, while there are no scientific studies proving this, lecithin is an over the counter supplement and safe to take daily at recommended doses for most men.


Another one of the legendary supplements that some porn stars recommend if you want to learn how to cum more like they do on camera.

These guys cite studies that say that taking zinc and folic acid increase sperm count by 74 percent, but they don’t link to any actual studies, so take that with a grain of salt.

(Hey, how you can you not trust a site called Larger Loads, right?) At any rate, they aren’t the only ones who claim zinc helps you to make more cum.


This is an amino acid that some say helps them to produce more massive cumshots. You can take it as a supplement, plus it is found naturally in nuts, sesame seeds, and chocolate. 


The National Institutes of Health conducted a study on men who took ashwagandha, a species of nightshade that is also known as Indian ginseng, and found that it may help men produce more sperm and possible more semen as well.

Keep in mind this was one study, and a very small sample size of only 46 men.

So, while the stories about how to cum more are largely anecdotal, when it’s porn stars saying these things, it may be worth a try.

There are generally no dangerous side effects to taking any of these supplements – although if you are on other medications, do consult with your doctor before starting on any of these – as long as you take the recommended dosages. 

Takeaway: How to cum more naturally

The main takeaways however should be that maintaining your general health, laying off the booze and cigarettes, staying hydrated, and not cumming for a few days are going to be a big factor in the size of the load you’re able to give her. 

Hey, and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right?

Blitz yourself better!

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