How To Re-Grow Hair

How to re-grow hair and reverse male pattern baldness

Can baldness be reversed?

Bad news fellas, we’re all at risk of losing our hair. So, if you’re wondering how to regrow your hair, and reverse male pattern baldness, this post was created just fo you. Let’s dive in…

No matter how luscious your dad and grandad’s locks might be, the fact that you’re a red-blooded male generally means that you’re going to be way more susceptible to hair loss than the fairer sex.

There are a bunch of things that can make hair loss more likely, from a family history of follicular failure to changes in your hormone balance, and stress. Some kinds of hair loss are also permanent. 

When your follicle shrivels up and dies, then it can’t regrow anything. That’s androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), and it’s downright depressing. 

However, just because some kinds of hair loss are irreversible, doesn’t mean that they all are. In certain cases of alopecia, you can get your hair back, and slow down further shedding. 

If you’re not ready for the Vin Diesel look, and you can’t pull off a comb-over, keep reading. We might just be able to show you how to reverse hair loss, for real.

Can baldness be reversed? The science

Alright, first things first, we’re not going to sell you any snake oil, here at Blitz’d.

If there was an easy way to eliminate baldness and regain a full head of hair, don’t you think that people like Donald Trump would have used it by now?

Clearly, a quick glance at what Elon Musk looks like today and what he looked like before he earned his money shows us that you can regain some hair if you have enough cash. 

We’re still looking for the perfect follicular cure, however. 

The good news? Scientists are getting closer. 

One study from the University of California found that hair only grows when there are enough regulatory T cells in the body or Tregs. 

The researchers in the study concluded that a suitable treatment for male pattern baldness would involve introducing more Tregs into the body’s system. 

Studies are already underway into how we can use Tregs to put more hair on the scalps of men around the world – but we’re likely to be a way off. 

In the meantime, you’ll need to look into other, less earth-shattering ways to reverse hair loss. 

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How to reverse hair loss in the early stages

First things first, learning how to re-grow hair means also knowing how to spot the early signs of balding. If you notice that your hair is growing slower, or that you leave a fair share of your locks in the tub after a quick bath, then you’re already in trouble. 

Like any health issue, the quicker you act, the better your chances of a cure will be. Before you learn how to reverse hair loss, you need to know how to take care of the hair that you already have. 

From the moment that men hit puberty, your chances of male pattern baldness skyrocket. As if you didn’t have enough to worry about with random erections and endless pimples. 

When every strand of your hair is still present and correct, focus on keeping things that way. In other words, don’t blow-dry your hair until every last ounce of moisture has disappeared before you go out for a night on the town. 


  • Don’t wash your hair in hot water. Lukewarm water will work just fine, and it’s better for your follicles too. 
  • When you’re drying your hair, be gentle. Don’t scrub your head like a scuff on your BMW. Dab your hair dry carefully and forget the blow-dry if you can. 
  • Avoid exposing your hair to too many chemicals in the form of harsh dyes and sprays. Replace those with conditioners that will soothe and repair your hair instead. 

While you’re working on protecting your hair, don’t forget to take your sleep seriously too. Getting at least seven hours of sleep every night is crucial if you want to reverse male pattern baldness. 

Growth hormone levels naturally increase at night, and those are the hormones that help with hair growth. 

Sleep also helps you to counteract stress. Since stress is almost as bad for your hair as a set of electric clippers, it pays to find ways to relax. Stress doesn’t just zap your energy, but it can literally make your hair fall out in clumps

If you’re already noticing some thinning, it might be time to add some meditation or yoga to your routine. 

How to reverse hair loss when mild thinning begins

If it’s too late for you to rely on natural shampoos and conditioners to reverse hair loss, then you might need to try something more specialist. 

Right now, there are two clinically-proven drug treatments that can give you the tools you need to learn how to re-grow hair and avoid further hair loss. 

These options are Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Regain).

Read our guide to Propecia here

Propecia works by inhibiting the development of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This hormone miniaturizes your follicles and causes hair to fall out. 

Taking a small pill every day (provided that Propecia works for you) can help your hair loss to stall. 

You should see some regrowth too – but it isn’t guaranteed. 

Alternatively, Minoxidil is a kind of antihypertensive, which comes in a selection of different strengths. You might also see the substance under the brand name, Regaine. You apply this medication straight to your scalp to reverse hair loss. 

Somewhat worryingly, however, scientists aren’t sure why it works. 

Some people think that the benefits of Minoxidil have something to do with potassium pathways – but we’re not entirely sure. What we do know, is that clinical trials have shown that this stuff is legit. 

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How to re-grow hair when things get dire

Once a part of your head is bald, you’ve got a problem. 

It’s totally impossible to learn how to reverse hair loss in an area that’s completely bald. Although there is some hope if there’s even a tiny bit of fuzz remaining. 

There are extra-strength minoxidil solutions that may be prescribed by your doctor to target seriously thinning areas. 

We’re also beginning to discover new forms of technology that might be helpful too. 

Clinical studies into things like the HairMax Laser comb indicate that it could improve hair density in some men. The makers of the comb say that the tool is helpful because it helps to increase blood supply to the scalp. 

Although tools like this can work, they don’t come cheap. Plus, it’s pretty difficult to differentiate the tech that’s actually going to help with your baldness problem, and the alternatives – which are pretty much just snake oil. 

For instance, there are dozens of articles out there that tell you how various forms of natural substances like ginger and cayenne pepper can help you to suddenly regrow the same hairdo you had when you were 18. 

But, we can’t see any evidence that this is actually true. 

In a world full of people happy to scam you for your cash, we’d recommend speaking to a doctor or a professional (hair specialists do exist) for advice. 

Talking to dermatologists and other professionals will help you to find out whether you can reverse male pattern baldness, or you need to start investing in more hats to protect your poor naked head. 

Dealing with hair loss: The surgical route

There is one last alternative for those who want to learn how to re-grow hair at any cost. 

Frankly, it makes most of the lads here at Blitz’d feel a bit squeamish. 

There is a chance that you can consider a hair transplant, provided that you have enough hair for the graft. Hair grafting involves taking hair from elsewhere on your head and grafting them onto your scalp. 

If you’re already missing a huge chunk of hair, then you’re not going to be able to cover your entire head with whatever fuzz you have left, so be realistic. 

The good news is that if you are a candidate for surgery, then the process isn’t particularly painful. You can get it done and head back into work the next day. Easy peasy. 

Since transplanted hairs aren’t subject to the follicle-thinning effects of things like male pattern baldness – they’re safe. 

However, you’ll still need to continue looking after your transplanted and OG hair as much as possible. Some doctors will even recommend continuing to use things like Propecia. 

How to re-grow hair: The bald truth about hair loss

So, can you learn how to re-grow hair?

Well, that depends. 

If you have just a bit of thinning caused by stress, then you might be able to reverse male pattern baldness with some basic steps and a bit of Propecia. However, it’s important to be realistic about what you can accomplish. 

Once a buzz-cut is your only option, it’s going to be way too late for a transplant. Your only real option will be to embrace your new look. 

The good news? Scientists are still working hard to find a solution that will allow men to banish the problem of baldness for good. 

Human beings can already clone hair for instance. The only problem we need to overcome is transplant rejection. If we can figure out why cloned hairs don’t stick to the scalp as well as they should, then we could have a true cure to baldness on the horizon.

In the meantime – hats are always a good look. 

Blitz yourself better!

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