Men’s ear hair removal: How to remove ear hair

Us guys have hair everywhere. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. A well-groomed beard and a hairy chest can send some awesome lumberjack vibes.

The problem is, you don’t get to choose where the biggest patches of hair seem to sprout up. For some reason, the hair on our heads often suffers with being limp, or lifeless, but we get some of the strongest follicles inside our noses, ears, and in various other random places.

The last thing you want when you’re prepping for a big date, is to see hair pouring out of your ears.

So, what do you do about it?

Pluck, shave, slice, wax?

This is your guide on how to remove ear hair.

Ear hair: Where does it come from (and why)?

Having ear canal hair isn’t as weird as it sounds.

Many guys have some hair in their ears, and girls can even have this issue too (though it’s less obvious). So, where does ear hair come from?

Most experts believe hair of all kinds is supposed to be a natural insulator. However, the hair in your ears is supposed to be there to keep debris out of your ear canal. We have ear hair to protect us – just like we have nose hair.

Unfortunately, testosterone (the hormone our bodies are chock full of), causes ear hair to grow.

Removing ear hair also seems to become more of an urgent matter as you get older. Guys in their 20s generally don’t have as much ear hair to worry about as men in their fifties.

If you take supplements to heighten your testosterone, or other kinds of medication, you might find your ear hair starts to grow a lot faster too.

There are even skin conditions and medical issues which can increase ear canal hair as a kind of side effect. Experts believe in some cases, eating the wrong kinds of foods can also cause you to grow more hair.

It’s a really weird situation, and one most men will have trouble getting to the bottom of.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need to know the root cause of your bushy ears to solve the problem. There are a handful of ways to remove hair from your ears, and some are more comfortable than others.

How to remove hair from ears: The options

Since millions of guys suffer with an ear hair problem, it’s probably not a big surprise there’s a lot of products out there to help. Sometimes, your beard trimmer or shaving tool will come with attachments specifically for your ear or nose hair.

Other times, you might need to invest in something more specific, like an ear hair removal kit.

The tools you use for men’s ear hair removal will often depend on:

  • How much you want to spend
  • How often you’re going to groom your ears
  • How much pain you can handle
How to remove ear hair

Ear hair removal: Plucking and cutting

Let’s start with the two options a lot of men seem to try straight away. If you have a small pair of scissors you usually use for trimming your fingernails, you might try cutting the hair around your ear.

The problem with this? There’s no way you’re going to have a good view of what you’re doing.

Your ears are on the sides of your head, so no matter how you twist to look in the mirror, it’s going to be difficult to get a great view. Plus, you’re using a pair of pretty sharp scissors in a super sensitive part of your body.

It’s just a recipe for disaster. One slip, and you could end up making a trip to the emergency room.

Plucking has a similar problem. It’s difficult to get a good grip on any hair when you can’t see exactly what you’re doing. Plus, rooting around in your ear with tweezers is not a fun experience for removing ear hair.

Even if you do grab all the “problem hairs”, it’s going to hurt like crazy. If slowly pulling a bunch of hairs out of your skin doesn’t seem like a good time, try something else.

Ear hair removal cream for men

Another, less painful option for men’s ear hair removal, is hair removal cream. There are various ear hair removal options out there, and they’re often a lot more comfortable to work with. Depilatory creams (ear hair removal cream for men) will basically target the hair at its root.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to get all those hard-to-reach hairs with your cream. You’ll also need to leave the cream on for just the right amount of time to avoid burning your skin. There’s even a solid chance your hair removal strategy just won’t work.

If you do try using hair removal cream, you’ll need to rinse your ears thoroughly afterwards. Make sure you don’t push anything too far into your ear canal, or you could damage it.

You should also check the hair removal cream is ok for your skin with a patch test before you use it on your ears.

Ear hair waxing for men


When it comes to men’s ear hair removal, wax is probably one of the most efficient options, because it lasts for quite a while. It’s not a way to permanently remove ear hair, but it should give you some relief for a while.

The only problem? It’s waxing your ears.

First of all, don’t ever try to use hot wax on your ears yourself – no matter how many YouTube videos you watch to prepare. Pouring hot wax into your ears is extremely dangerous.

If you decide removing ear hair with wax is the best option, you’re going to need to suck it up and book an appointment with a professional.

The good news? Most beauty salons are very familiar with waxing the ear hair on a guy, so you shouldn’t feel too “weird” when you turn up for your session.

One slight problem is some ears don’t always respond well to wax. You’ll need to get a test before you go ahead with the full shebang. It’s also a possibility you could end up with some in-grown hairs when your hair starts to grow back.

How to remove ear hair

Permanent ear hair removal for men

So, can you ever permanently remove ear hair?

Well, sort of.

If you really can’t stand having to invest in men’s ear hair removal strategies all the time, then you can consider laser ear hair removal for men. The process involves using a laser to target the base of the hairs and destroy them so they can’t return.

There are various places offering this service these days, but it’s not a very affordable choice. You’re going to have to commit to several sessions to ensure the process actually works. You might also want to think carefully about permanently removing anything on your body.

Best ear hair trimmer for men

If you’re struggling to find the right tool for removing ear hair in the options above, we’d recommend keeping it simple. Ear waxing, plucking, and cutting can all be dangerous and uncomfortable. Ear hair shaving is a much simpler option.

You can find plenty of ear hair trimmer options on the web today.

The top men’s ear hair trimmer products we’ve found are:

  • The Flepow ear and nose hair trimmer: This painless ear and nose hair trimmer is great for removing hair from your ears, nose, and eyebrow area. It’s also totally waterproof.
  • Manscaped weed whacker: Probably the best ear hair trimmer for men in terms of popularity, this product is totally rechargeable, with a hypoallergenic stainless-steel blade. It works on both your nose and ear hair.
  • Panasonic wet/dry trimmer: This fantastic ear hair trimmer from Panasonic comes with a hypoallergenic dual edge blade. It’s easy to use, affordable, and recharges, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on batteries.

Good luck getting rid of unwanted ear hair!

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