How to give a woman multiple orgasms

This essential guide from the team at Blitz’d explains how to give a woman multiple orgasms. So, if you’re ready to give your girlfriend the ride of her life, continue reading…

For young men just getting their feet wet – among other things – in the realm of being a sexual adventurer, there’s a certain hierarchy of skills.

Step one: You gotta learn how to get laid.

Step two: You gotta learn how to get her off so she’ll come back for more.

For lots of guys, even step two can prove to be too much of a challenge and they just give up there.

But if you’re not blessed with ridiculous good looks and a ton of money, if you don’t bother learning how to make a girl cum, you’re going to get ghosted an awful lot when it comes to second dates.

But we’re beyond that, here among the Blitz’d family of sexonauts, right?

So let’s move on to Step three:

If learning how to make a girl cum makes you the apex predator of men, then learning how to give a woman multiple orgasms makes you a God deigning to walk among lesser mortals.

Here are ten hot tips for making her hot – and keeping her there until she begs you to stop.

1. Check in with her first

Giving your girlfriend multiple orgasms is something that’s going to be much easier when you’ve got a solid base of communication with a lady. If you’ve got big plans to super-impress her with a sploosh-worthy series of real orgasms, make sure you’ve discussed it first.

Why? Shit man, people got things to do. Your lady friend might be looking for a quick one, not a marathon, sweat-soaked afternoon and evening and night and early morning of ongoing bedroom gymnastics.

Ask her first if she’s up for the multiple female orgasms you’re about to give her – which is frankly a good rule of thumb for just about anything y’all don’t normally do, so…

But that doesn’t mean you have to have some big, serious, mood-killing Talk with a capital T right before you endeavor to give your girlfriend multiple orgasms.

What that can mean is just having chatted previously about how much you enjoy making her cum, and how much it turns you on to help her get to that place. You can open negotiations by asking if she ever has multiple orgasms, or ask what especially makes her cum and keep cumming.

This can even be a fun, flirty chat on the subject in a different context – post-sex perhaps.

There are a couple of reasons for taking the time to talk about giving a girl multiple orgasms ahead of time.

Number one is you want to make sure she’s down with even trying. Sure, some women go and go and go from orgasm to orgasm, describing it as rolling waves cresting and falling (the lucky little…anyway.)

And we all know that for some girls having multiple orgasms requires nothing more than a strong breeze.

But some girls have a much more difficult time reaching orgasm, whether it be with someone else, or even by themselves.

Especially when it comes to having a dude in the room manipulating her stuff in one manner or another, some ladies have cultural, societal, or physical inhibitions that prevent them from fully cutting loose on the Big O front.

And obviously your plans for giving her multiple female orgasms should have her pleasure first and foremost, not your own ego.

If she’s uncomfortable with even achieving one orgasm, or if it usually takes a while to coax one out of her, or if she’s insecure about any aspect of it, trying to pressure her into having multiple orgasms in a row is just plain a bad idea without laying some groundwork first.

How to give a girl multiple orgasms 2

2. Read the room

There’s nothing worse than going to a comedy show where the comedian has no idea how unfunny they are.

Likewise, lying back and trying to get into it when somebody is clumsily fiddling with your junk is embarrassing at best, a waking nightmare at worst.

Have you ever gotten a bad blow job?

Yeah, me neither.

But I’ve had one or two where it was, shall we say, less than ideal? Let’s just say the enthusiasm of high school girlfriends combined with braces is not a good thing…

But another great reason for having good communication with the lady before you try to give your girlfriend multiple orgasms is to make sure you understand her moods, her signals, and her particular quirks for getting off.

If you want to know how to give a girl multiple orgasms, you had better know how to read what she’s getting into, and what she’s not.

3. Talk with her

Communication with a lady friend doesn’t end once you’ve gotten her in the sack.

If you read anonymous surveys of what women really think about sex with men, you’ll almost always see comments from ladies who find it really weird and uncomfortable when guys fall completely silent once the sex begins.

Don’t be afraid to chat with her. I mean, don’t run your mouth like an idiot, but don’t be afraid to check in with her and see what she likes and what she doesn’t – in the moment.

Hell, don’t be afraid to comment on what is apparently working for her. And it’s perfectly acceptable to make some noise about how turned on you get watching her getting off.

Women are much more relationship-oriented when it comes to sex – and not in the sense of being a couple, but in the sense of connecting with the other person.

Showing your cards and communicating honestly and openly with her is likely to turn her crank even more on the girl having multiple orgasms front.

You may feel a little silly at first, nuzzling her ear and saying something like, “Ooh you like that, huh?” when she makes a certain type of noise or moves her body a certain way in response to something you’ve done.

The two of you may even share a giggle over something that comes out more awkward or goofy than you meant it to.

And that’s fine as well! Fuck’s sake, this is supposed to be fun, and being funny is fine, even if you end up laughing at yourself a little bit.

But honestly, if you can learn how to incorporate some chat, whether it be dirty, filthy chat, or just checking in with her as I describe above, I promise you’ll both have a better time.

4. Listen to her body

I alluded to this above, but it’s important to make it a separate point: you’ve got to not only listen to the words that come out of her mouth, but listen to what she tells you with her body as well.

They say that up to 75 percent of human communication is actually nonverbal, and nowhere is this more true than in the bedroom.

Take the advice of the esteemed Key & Peele: learn the alphabet with your tongue, and if she grabs your hair like she’s going to pull your damn head off, Stick With That Letter!

If she pushes your hand or your head away, or seems otherwise chagrined or uncomfortable with the way your flailing away at her, stop what you’re doing and try something else.

And buddy, if she moves your hand down to her butthole, don’t let down your Blitz’d bros!

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5. This ain’t about your dick

The sometimes-realized waking wet dream of every adventurous sexonaut is finding a woman who cums from what you do with your dick inside of her.

However, you’ve simply got to accept the fact that this is very rare. Only something like 21 percent of women regularly come from penis in vagina sex with no other assistance.

What’s more, a not-insignificant number of women simply don’t cum from any kind of sex with another person.

It’s not anything against you, and it’s not a critique of you or your techniques, it’s just a simple fact we’ve got to accept with a lack of ego-bruising.

So, if you really want to make a woman come multiple times, you had better get your mind off your dick and get on her body instead.

This time, fellas, you’ve got to learn to suspend your eagerness to get your little soldier marching through those hot, moist jungle swamps and explain to him that he might have to settle for parade ground training instead.

(A solid, gentlemanly move that is guaranteed to get you a callback with a lady is to have sex with her and get your rocks off first, and then move on to tormenting her with multiple orgasms afterward.)

Now, having said this, I confess that one of my favorite moves – and if I may say so, a favorite move of more than one lady friend of mine – is going down on a girl and taking her riiiiight to the brink of cumming, then climbing up and sliding it in.

If you can pull this off, and take her over the edge into orgasm with your cock inside her – for the first time she experiences that sensation – I promise you, she won’t forget you.

The bottom line as with everything sex-oriented, communicate, listen, and be patient and you’re sure to find your way to banging more than one woman having multiple orgasms.

You know why? Because they will tell their friends if you make this happen, I guarantee it.

Happy hunting!

Blitz yourself better!

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