The legendary G-Spot: How to give her mind-blowing orgasms!

The myth, the legend, the G-Spot: What it is, what it isn’t, and how to hit the G-Spot every time…

Men have struggled since we could walk upright – and probably even long before we ever came down out of the trees – with trying make women cum. The mysteries of the vagina have long puzzled many a struggling would-be stud-boy.

Of course, we all go through certain levels of expertise as we gain sexual experience. I hate to say it, but learning how to do sex right – for whatever gender and whatever sexual orientation – really is a lot like playing a video game. 

For genuine newbies to the sexual mysteries of the female of the species, getting her to fuck you in the first place is challenge number one – that’s once you get past the tutorial screen of learning how to talk to her, of course.

Next up, the clit. 

G Spot 2

Such a very tiny bundle of nerves, yet such an enormous mountain to conquer! If you’re going to get good at getting her off, you better learn your way around a clitoris. 

Many a woeful womanly gaze has been directed at the ceiling as she sighs and patiently waits on her eager but as-yet unskilled beau to give up already on his fruitless explorations of her nethers.

(But I mean, on the other hand, are there any sweeter words in the English language than, “Oh just get up here and fuck me, already!” when you’re going down on her?)

But for the more advanced and learned gentleman of leisure and pleasure, of course you want to continue leveling up. Nobody flourishes for very long resting on their laurels, even if those laurels mean you know how to give her a bean-flicking that makes her gasp.

No, the next jewel in your crown as a master of the dark arts of this particular kind of ‘women’s studies’ is to conquer the mythical G-Spot. But where to begin? The G-Spot is not like the clitoris; it’s not something that’s sort of hidden but which you can actually see with your eyes if you know where to look. 

So what exactly is the G-Spot and where is it? What are the best sex positions for G-Spot orgasms for her? And more importantly, we’ll talk about what every young Jedi wants to know in order to level up: what are the best sex positions to hit the G-Spot every time you get freaky with a lady. 

Let’s start with the basics.

What is the G-Spot?

There just isn’t an easy answer to this one, as the woman’s G-Spot and even the concept of the G-Spot orgasm has long been a subject of controversy. Of course, controversy and women’s anatomy have always been close neighbors. 

Men – and particularly male scientists who maybe don’t get out quite as often as they should – have long squabbled over what exactly the female sexual response even is. 

Forget about G-Spot stimulation; for a long time, many doctors and men of science didn’t believe that women had a sexual response at all. 

But it’s not like we’re so much more educated about how to hit the G-Spot during sex even today. Fact is, studies show that some 55 percent of men have never found their partner’s G-Spot – and 36 percent don’t even know what it is or even that it exists.

Hell, it wasn’t until well into the 20th century that science could agree on whether women felt any sexual pleasure at all! 

I’m guessing sexually inept scientists were drawing the only conclusion they’d ever witnessed with their own eyes: ‘Why, all of the women that I’ve ever had sex with in my life – both of them – have never seemed remotely interested in what I’m doing!! 

Conclusion: women don’t feel sex!!’ 

Sidebar: If you want to dive down a weird and tragic and hilarious rabbit hole sometime that relates to G-Spot stimulation and the G-Spot orgasm, check out the story of the inventor of the vibrator

Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville “treated” women for “hysteria” in his office with his 1880s invention, the electricomechanical vibrator – which he patented 10 years before the electric iron and vacuum cleaner were invented.

But in defense of these baffled 19th century doctors and scientists, let’s face it: when men cum, it’s kind of obvious. Whatever it is, it sure as hell ain’t mysterious. Just ask your mom, who is probably still occasionally encountering your crusty teenage socks stuffed way in the back of your childhood closet.

With women, on the other hand, (apart from squirters, and that’s a whole other controversy for another day) it just isn’t always so obvious when they have an orgasm. Or even if they’ve cum at all. 

Which leads us to the G-Spot and how you can employ the best G-Spot positions during sex. 

While much ink has been spilled over whether there is or isn’t technically something called a G-Spot, what we do know is that there is a bundle of very sensitive nerves that can be stimulated from inside the vagina that corresponds with the root of her clitoris. 

The first to identify it and call it the G-Spot was a female doctor (uh, duh, of course it was, right ladies?) named Dr. Beverly Whipple. 

She named it the Grafenberg Spot, and documented through several studies that using a sort ‘come here’ gesture with your fingers on the inside upper wall of the vagina could stimulate a woman especially well and help her to reach what she called a G-Spot orgasm. 

Turns out that as anatomical studies continue to drill down into the mysteries of the minge, we now know that the nerves attached to the oh-so-sensitive clitoris split off into two roots that can be up to four inches long. 

And while studies that have attempted to identify an actual, specific anatomical location of a ‘G-Spot’ in the same way that we can point to the appendix or a lung have thus far come up empty, it is now widely accepted that this area, which is now called the ‘clitoral network’ in clinical circles, is highly sensitive. 

There is also no doubt that for many women, when G-Spot stimulation is properly employed in this area, it can indeed help them get there more quickly, more intensely and achieve more mind-blowing G-Spot orgasms.

So how do I hit the G-Spot during sex already?

Okay, settle down there sailor. First of all, patience is always going to be your friend when you’re working with lady bits. Be prepared to take your time and go slow at first. 

Another tip to remember is that all women are different, not only on the outside but on the inside too. Just as your dick is shaped and sized its own peculiar way that doesn’t match up exactly with that one kid you compared with at summer camp, so too each women’s sexual apparatus is unique. 

Remember that each woman gets off in her own way, in her own time, and with her own style of stimulation. The path to how to hit the G-Spot and charting the best sex positions for G-Spot stimulation is not so much a road map as it is a general set of directions: go south young man, and take your time figuring out the rest.

Communication as in all things sexual is also a vital key here. It’s a good idea to let her know what you’re up to before going all poking around in there in new and surprising ways. 

Also check in frequently as you go along and learn what works on each of your partners because again, everyone is different. But to get you started, here are a few of the best methods and sex positions to give her G-Spot stimulation, and with any luck, G-Spot orgasms as well. 

G Spot 3

The best sex positions for G-Spot orgasms 

Come hither

Best to start with the method Dr. Beverly employed when she found the G-Spot in the first place. 

Insert two fingers, once she’s well-lubricated of course, and use stroking motions like you’re beckoning someone toward you. Just inside the front vaginal wall a few centimeters in you can sometimes feel a slightly firmer, rougher spot. 

This is the legendary bundle of sensitive nerves that lead to her clitoris. 

Once she’s starting to enjoy that, mix up the motions. Try using more of a circular motion. Bonus points will almost certainly be awarded to you for moving in on her clitoris with your tongue if you can manage that at the same time. 

Remember, practice makes perfect! She’ll thank you in the end.

Her on top

If you’ve had any amount of sexual partners, you probably know by now that most women get off much more easily when they’re on top. 

Now, this has to do with a number of factors, including her being in control of the proceedings from this position and therefore moving to her own rhythm as she gets closer to G-Spot orgasm. 

It also has to do with her ability to grind her clit on your public bone, and likely psychological factors that come from dominating you for a time. 

(Reverse cowgirl is of course great too, but unless you’ve got a downward dog-curving dong, you’re not as likely to give her direct G-Spot stimulation this way.) 

When she’s on top working your meat stick like a cement mixer, you can tell from her reactions that this is one of the bet sex positions for g-spot stimulation. Not only that – you can take her motions when she’s on top as a lesson for when you’re back in the driver’s seat. 

Far too many younger guys think that the way to a woman’s orgasm is jackhammering away and destroying her cervix like a porn star for hours. Forget the piston motion and think more about grinding and keeping your cock in constant contact with the inside upper wall of her vagina and you’ll make her smile with multiple G-Spot orgasms every time.

Doggy style

Getting doggy is another one of the most popular positions for G-Spot orgasms. 

Many women report feeling it in the G-Spot best when you go at her from behind, because it allows you to penetrate her as deeply as possible, and gives you a great angle for hitting the sweet spot that’ll get her those coveted G-Spot orgasms. 

Communicate here and help let her know you can shift your angle as needed to optimize G-Spot stimulation for her.

Soft serve

This is a stupid name for the position IMHO, however the hot-ass results you can get from it by giving her multiple G-Spot orgasms make it worthwhile. 

Get behind her with both of you lying on your side like you’re spooning – only this ain’t about snuggling. This is one of the best sex positions for the g-spot because from this angle you’re in prime position to directly strike the G-Spot with each thrust, and she can move back against you and shift around to optimize G-Spot stimulation for herself. 

Also don’t neglect the clit! From here your hands are free to give her a good rubbing to help move the proceedings along. 

Prone bone

A fucking awesome variation on doggy style is to have her lie flatter on her belly, maybe with a pillow or two under her hips. 

She’s going to keep her legs together while you straddle her and find just the right angle to hit her where it gives her the best G-Spot stimulation she could ever hope for. 

An added advantage is that with her legs together it increases the friction she gets on her clitoris – and the friction you get as well. It’s a great closer in terms of sex positions for G-Spot stimulation, and if you play it right, you can give her a G-Spot orgasm that will all but guarantee a return engagement.

So hopefully we’ve dispelled some of the shroud of mystery surrounding the legend of the G-Spot, shown you some of the best positions for G-Spot stimulation, and helped out in terms of showing you some techniques for how to hit the G-Spot during sex. 

With any luck, some good communication, and a whole lot of super fun practice, you’ll be hitting her G-Spot every time, using these methods!

Blitz yourself better!

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