How to make a girl wet: Tips to get her juices flowing!

Guys, let’s face it: we have been blessed (and cursed) with delightfully stupid, infernally simple genitalia.

Ladies on the other hand, not so much. That shit is complicated, no matter how experienced you are.

Don’t believe me? Ask a gynecologist.

But once you’ve mastered the basics – and fellas, please take the time to master the basics – we start to move into the expert level questions: how to make a girl wet?

Priming the pump: Making a girl wet

Being such primitive creatures as we men are, many of us suffer under one of two misconceptions.

  • Misconception #1: Girls get turned on the same way we do.
  • Misconception #2: It’s impossible to understand what turns a girl on, much less create a road map for how to make a girl wet.

We’ll get to misconception #2 at the end, but let’s start with #1.

Show me, daddy: How to make a girl wet – or not

There’s some truth in the old trope that women don’t respond to visual stimulus the same way we do (although recent work in the field of sex research casts doubt on this somewhat.)

So while there are girls who say their panties turn into a lakefront when they watch porn, it usually doesn’t work that way.

Most of the time, having your girl over and clicking your bookmarked link to “Amateur Anal Assault #9” isn’t going to be enough to rev her engine by itself.

You’ll have to work a little harder if you really want to get her to the edge and give her a mind-blowing experience that’ll keep her cumming back for more.

Here are a few steps that women say get the (literal) juices flowing!

How To Make A Girl Wet 2

How to make a girl wet in 7 easy steps

1. Making a girl wet: Connect

Guys don’t like to admit it, but our focus for maybe 96.9 per cent of our entire lives is on our cocks. (The other 4 per cent is sport, obviously.)

For us, Ye Olde Disco Stick is calling the shots when it comes time to get down and get funky.

But too many guys assume that a woman’s immediate and initial focus is similar, on immediately getting her fish taco slathered in special sauce.

That happens, sure. Hey, who doesn’t like a quick fish taco explosion on their lunch break?

But most of the time, women need and want a deeper connection first – deeper than what you’ve got on offer there, stud.

Even if it’s a first date that leads to hot and heavy bedroom antics, it’s still likely that she felt something going on between the two of you.

If you’re looking for how to get your girl wet, trust and real intimacy of a non-sexual kind go a long way to lay the groundwork.

2. Things that make girls wet: Flirting!

Unlike us guys who can get hard from seeing the way a sailboat cuts through the water, a nice eclipse, or a really hot loaf of bread (you know, like if it’s French or something…) many women need a bit more of a build-up.

Let her know you think she’s beautiful and you’re attracted to her.

We all have insecurities, and for many women (and men!) that can include not being entirely convinced all the time that we’re attractive or worthy of attention.

Let her know that you think she absolutely is.

Jokes with sexual innuendo are great, as is plenty of eye contact. Touching her frequently is also a plus – but please, dear god, not in a creepy pick-up artist way.

You’re trying to develop a two-way street of intimacy and trust, not psychologically break her down.

Lots of hugs, and lots of physical contact with your clothes still on creates an atmosphere in which you both get used to the touch of the other – and primes her for later.

3. What to say to make a girl wet? Make her feel special

If you want to make a woman feel attracted to you to the point where she notices a developing downpour in her drawers, you better make her feel like she’s the only other person in the room.

Taking her out to a nice dinner or cooking her a candlelit meal at home is awesome for this of course, any setting where it’s just the two of you and you can focus on her.

Sooo many women say that a guy who just listens and allows her to get comfortable being herself with him is a one-way ticket to sploosh-town.

This is a good stage to try whispering something in her ear. Also, the slow lean-in as if you’re going to kiss her, then pulling back at the last second – or letting her make the final move to the kiss – is a fun one for building some sexual tension.

Mainly it’s about being confident, playful, spontaneous, and unafraid to be a little silly.

4. How to make her wet: Kiss her, you idiot

There’s nothing like the linking of lips to get the blood flowing. Again, the slow lean-in is a proven winner, as is the simple confession, “I really want to kiss you now.”

But gents, timing is everything. We’ve put in all this effort getting intimate with her – be attentive to her signals, go slow, and read the room.

Go slow once you get the kiss started too. Nobody wants an alien face-hugger suddenly latched onto the lower part of their face. Ease into exploring her lips and tongue, and take breaks to breathe and look into her eyes.

That’s a good time to drop a few choice words as well: “I’ve been wanting to do that for so long,” or simply reminding her again how beautiful she is are generally splooshy phrases.

How To Make A Girl Wet 3

5. Making a girl wet by touching her anywhere but there

Yep, you guessed it: time to explore those erogenous zones that aren’t directly related to sex.

Oh, but they are so delightful for her if you do it right!

Start with the neck, kissing and caressing her lightly with your fingers, brush her ears as you go by.

Of course we’re going to get to her breasts, but sliding your fingers slowly and gently down her sides and maybe just hinting at the outside of her breasts with your thumbs is a great teasing move that can create literal shudders.

Everything as we move forward continues to be all about timing, and listening to her body. Every woman is different, so be attentive and read what she particularly likes.

Ease into fully cupping her breasts and finally tweaking her nipples, but always be ready to back off for a moment at her signal.

Probably time to explore those inner thighs now as well, again slowly and gently at first, building up the urgency and range.

6. Getting naked

Here’s where planning kind of falls apart and whatever the two of you are in the mood for takes over.

However, having said that, a great build-up to the big event guaranteed to leave her a wobbly, soaking jelly is the slow strip.

Not you, her.

Begin easing her clothes off of her and worship at the altar of her body as you go along. Enjoy her neck, her breasts and the space between them, her belly, her inner thighs – everything – all the better if she wants to return the favor!

7. How to make a girl wet? Why, use your tongue, young sir!

You know how sometimes a good blow job is almost better than actual sex? Lots and lots of women feel that way.

Your task here is to be oh-so patient, listen to her, and be especially attentive to her body. Gentle at first, teasing the inside of her thighs with a little nibble, maybe breathing onto her pussy but not touching it, not yet – these are all good ways to build tension, heat, and ease into it.

Some girls just want a gentle flicking of the clit with your tongue; some will grab you by the back of the head and mash your face into them. 

The one thing that’s universal here is patience. At this point, you’re only thinking of her, only focused on getting her as close to the edge as possible before you push her over.

And gents, I promise, if you develop your skills, and keep your tongue busy down there where in the manner in which she seems to like it, and hold off until she INSISTS that you move up her body and fuck her RIGHT NOW, you will enter a pussy wetter than you’ve ever encountered.

Back to misconception #2: It’s impossible to know what turns a girl on, much less how to make her wet.

Not true. Being attentive, listening to her words and her body, and putting all the focus on her are essential. As we’ve said repeatedly, every woman is different – if you want to know about making girls wet, LISTEN!

Have fun exploring!

Blitz yourself better!

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