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The 9 best nose hair trimmer options to enhance your look

The best nose hair trimmer isn’t an optional extra in your grooming routine.

As easy it is to forget about nose trimmers when you’re shopping for beard combs and electric razors, the truth is that wayward hair from your nostrils is never a good look.

Think back to the last time you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realized that you look as though you have a spider caught in your nose. It’s not appealing to anyone.

The best nose trimmers are there to eliminate that problem for you, so you can ensure you always look your best.

These days, there are tons of nose hair removal options to choose from, so there’s really no excuse to keep those hairs untamed.

If scouring through all the options on Amazon sounds like a headache – don’t worry. We’re going to show you some of the top-rated nose hair trimmers around right here.

Our best nose hair trimmer choices are:

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1.   Braun ear and nose hair trimmer (best basic)

The Braun ear and nose hair trimmer might not be brimming with fancy features and extra components, but it does exactly what it promises – trims nose hair.

One of the best nose hair trimmers around, this product comes from the official brand for the NFL team. Precise and size, the circular blade system delivers an accurate and pain-free solution for removing nose and ear hair.

There’s no unnecessary tugging to worry about, and you get the benefit an ergonomic shape that’s easy to hold, and small enough to fit into your pocket or bag when you’re on the move.

This nose hair trimmer for men features:

  • Convenient ergonomic shape with grip
  • Small battery-powered design for transport
  • Washable for easy cleaning
  • Precise and safe performance
  • Suitable for nose and ear trimming
  • Reliable NFL endorsed performance
  • Up to 120 minutes of portable shaving

With just one AA battery, you can achieve up to 2 hours of shaving and trimming performance with this Braun nose hair trimmer. The solution even rinses clean under running water, so it’s easy to maintain too.

Just keep in mind that it can be a little difficult to get to the very root of the hair with these clippers. The trimmers do get a little warm too.


  • Ergonomic and portable design
  • 120 minutes of portable performance
  • Easy rinse-clean maintenance
  • Precise and safe, with no tugging
  • Endorsed by the NFL


  • Difficult to get a very clean shave
  • Can get a little warm over time
Braun ear and nose hair trimmer
The official electric shaver of the NFL. Precise and safe, the high performance circular blade system guarantees accurate removal of ear and nose hair without tugging or pulling.

2.   Tweezy nose hair trimmer (best manual)

If you’re sick of constantly having to trim your nose hair, then you can go for the best nose hair removal system instead. The Tweezy nose and ear hair removal kit is designed to grab the hairs at the base in your nose and ears and pull them from the root.

Unlike typical waxing and plucking processes, Tweezy promises a painless result, although it can be a little uncomfortable for beginners.

Originally called the Pluck, the Tweezy nose hair trimmers can remove unwanted nose and ear hair for longer, although it takes a little getting used to. The quality American craftmanship features stainless steel, and a lifetime guarantee.

Features include:

  • Storage case for maintenance
  • Easy manual performance
  • Convenient grip
  • Manual performance with no charging
  • Long-term hair removal
  • Suitable for hair in ears and nose

Super simple to use, all you need to do is place the tweezers in your nose and press the blue mechanism together. The system will automatically pluck multiple nose hairs at once, to reduce the time you spend in front of the mirror.

Just be prepared for a little stinging.


  • Innovative manual performance
  • No batteries or plug outlet needed
  • Removal lasts longer than trimming
  • Small enough for portability
  • Easy to use


  • Can be a little painful for beginners
  • Takes some getting used to
Tweezy nose hair trimmer
Complete hair removal. The Tweezy Removes nose hair and ear hair from the root. Unlike trimming, this diminishes hair growth over time. Unlike typical waxing and plucking, Tweezy is virtually painless.
Best nose trimmers

3.   MANCSCAPED Weed Whacker (best precision)

Probably one of the most popular top rated nose hair trimmers on the market today, the weed whacker from MANSCAPED is a revolution in hair removal.

These nose clippers feature an intelligent design that help you to remove more hair from your nose and ears quickly, so you can maintain a neat and professional-looking style.

The Weed Whacker comes with a 9,000 RPM motor, and a 360-degree rotary dual-blade system that also benefits from skin-safe technology. Move the stainless steel tip easily to protect against pulls and nicks, while the powerful battery holds charge for as long as 90 minutes.

The Weed Whacker also comes with an intelligent angle to match the contours of your ear and nose.

Features include:

  • Extra precise and sharp blades
  • 9,000 RPM motor
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Skin safe technology to protect against knicks
  • 600mAh li-on battery
  • 90 minutes of charge
  • Easy to clean waterproof design

Waterproof, so you can easily clean your weed whacker or use it in the shower, this incredible nose hair trimmer for men is one of the leading solutions on the market. You can even replace the blade to make it last longer.

However, this device might leave a little more stubble than some options.


  • Sleek waterproof design
  • 9,000 RPM motor with dual blade
  • Skin safe technology protects against cuts
  • Lasts for up to 90 minutes on full charge
  • Angled to suit your nose or ears


  • Can leave extra stubble in the ears
Your nose and ear hair deserves the best care. The Weed Whacker is all you need to groom your sensitive nasal and ear cavity. The 360° rotary dual-blade system with SkinSafe Technology will give you confidence against pulls, nicks or cuts.
Best nose trimmers

4.   ToiletTree water resistant (best water resistant)

Equipped with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind, the ToiletTree water resistant nose hair trimmer for men is a high-end battery-operated solution or grooming.

The lightweight and powerful rotary cutting system makes it easy to get rid of all the excess hair around your nose and ears.

You can even grab some stray eyebrow or beard hairs too.

The biggest benefit of this nose hair cutter is that it comes with a pioneering water resistant design, which allows you to trim your hairs in the shower. Because the product is safe in water, you can also clean the blades easily too, without the need for any extra brushes.

All that, and all it takes is one AA battery to operate your trimmer.

Features include:

  • Completely waterproof for use in the shower
  • Smooth and precise nose and ear hair trimming
  • LED light to help you see where you’re cutting
  • Portable and cordless
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Cap included for blade protection

The ToiletTree men’s nose hair trimmers also come with an LED light, which can make it a little easier to see any extra hairs you might have missed.

These nose clippers are great for all kinds of functionality, but the sound is quite annoying for some. Some of our reviewers felt that this product also took a little longer to use than most.


  • LED light for precision
  • Cordless and portable design
  • Cap included to protect your blades
  • Waterproof for use in the shower
  • Ergonomic finish


  • Very loud sound when trimming
  • Takes a little longer to get results
ToiletTree water resistant
This high-end cordless nose trimmer comes equipped with an LED light for those hard to see hairs. Water resistant so you can use it in the shower as well as offering you a lifetime guarantee.

5.   Wahl detail trimmer (best mini trimmer)

Want something that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your bathroom counter? The Wahl detail trimmer could be just the thing for you.

Designed to help with nose trimming, eyebrows, neckline, and ear hair trimming, this handy pen is a sleek solution to hair problems.

The Wahl detail trimmer features stainless steel blades for absolute precision.

The 2 multi-purpose attachment heads are available for hair detailing and sideburn shaping, while the additional nose and ear hair trimmer gets rid of those pesky hairs in unwanted places.

The pen is extremely easy to use, and only requires a single AAA battery too. Once you’re done, just rinse the blades off to keep them in great condition.

Features include:

  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Perfect for all kinds of detailing and shaping
  • Suitable for travel
  • Tiny size, great for those with minimal storage space
  • 1 AAA lithium battery included
  • Premium aluminium casing
  • Rinseable blades
  • Eyebrow guide included

There’s an eyebrow guide to help with busy eyebrows, and the adonized aluminium casing ensures that your lightweight trimmer will stay strong for longer.

Unfortunately, this mini nose hair trimmer can snag the skin occasionally if you’re not careful, and the unit is much noisier then some of the other top rated options.


  • One of the best nose hair trimmers for portability
  • Great multi-head performance
  • Suitable for trimming eyebrows and beards too
  • Only requires 1 AAA battery
  • Premium aluminium design


  • Very noisy performance
  • May snag the skin at times
Wahl detail trimmer
Wahl is the #1 brand in personal trimmers. The micro detailer features superior blades, a lithium battery for superior performance, power, & run time to achieve the perfect look on the go or at home
Best nose trimmers

6.   Philips Norelco nose trimmer (best multi-function)

The Philips Norelco top rated nose trimmer aims to bundle everything you need for grooming into a single package.

The trimmer comes with a range of blades to help with trimming your eyebrows, sideburns, and other facial hair too, so you can ensure that you look as neat as possible for those big occasions.

The combs and nose hair trimmer are also both water resistant.

Equipped with a lithium ion battery for long-term use, the Philips Norelco 5000 trimmer is powerful but safe. A unique design ensures that you can defend your skin against nicks and snags as you shave and trim, for pain-free grooming.

What’s more, the dual-sided steel blades are built to stand the test of time too.

Features include:

  • Lithium ion AA battery
  • 2 year warranty
  • Nose trimmer and eyebrow combs
  • Protective guard system
  • Dual-sided steel blades
  • 2 eyebrow guides
  • Linear, rotary, and detail trimmers
  • Storage pouch

With a storage pouch to help you keep track of all your extra accessories, the Philips Norelco nose trimmer kit is a fantastic selection of tools for no-fuss grooming.

The biggest issue is that it can pull the hairs in your nose and ears occasionally if you’re not careful.

You may also find that the storage bag isn’t the best.


  • Lithium ion battery included
  • Lots of cutting utensils for great grooming
  • 2 eyebrow guides for bushy brows
  • Dual-sided steel blades
  • 2 year warranty included


  • Storage bag doesn’t close fully
  • The nose hair trimmer can pull at times
Philips Norelco nose trimmer
The Protective Guard System protects sensitive skin by providing a barrier between skin and blades boasting a Dual-sided steel blades efficiently cut unwanted hair without pulling it also comes 2-year warranty.
Best nose trimmers

7.   Wahl 9870 vacuum trimmer (best vacuum trimmer)

One of the most annoying part of using nose clippers, is cleaning up after yourself. Even the best nose trimmers tend to leave stray hairs all over your kitchen sink, which means more work for you before you can leave your home for the day.

The Wahl 9870 vacuum trimmer aims to solve that problem.

This trimmer kit comes with a facial hair clipper and a nose and ear trimmer, so you can handle all of your grooming at once.

The fully-adjustable vacuum intake system captures up to 99% of the hairs you create when trimming, so you have less clean up to work about. The lithium ion battery delivers a fantastic 90-minute run-time for a 90-minute charge, and the detachable blades are easy to clean too.

If you’re looking for a complete nose hair and beard trimming kit, this is it.

Features include:

  • Vacuum to collect up to 99% of lost hair
  • Lithium ion 90-minute battery
  • Easy and hygienic cleaning
  • Six-position beard regulator
  • 12 high-performance guide combs
  • Worldwide power supply
  • Ergonomic and lightweight build
  • Charging status LED indicator

Great for people who want the best rated nose hair trimmer without the extra mess, the Wahl clipper solves a range of problems – but it can’t collect every hair – so be wary.

Additionally, the guides can be quite difficult to use for shaving your facial hair.


  • Vacuum suction reduces clean-up time
  • Nose hair clipper and beard clipper in one
  • Worldwide power supply for travel
  • Convenient 90-minute battery power
  • Easy to recharge and use


  • Shaving guides are a little tricky to figure out
  • Doesn’t collect every hair
Wahl 9870 vacuum trimmer
The powerful, adjustable vacuum intake allows for suction to clean up beard hair clippings as you go; Vacuum captures 99% of hair in our built-in chamber for easy, hygienic clean up.
Best nose trimmers

8.   Hatteker hair clipper kit (best all-in-one kit)

Why struggle with dozens of different devices in your bathroom when you could have everything you need for grooming in one product? The Hatteker hair clipper and nose hair trimmer kit is one of the most comprehensive sets on the market today.

The five in one set comes with a fantastic precision-focused design which allows you to trim everything from your nose hair, to your sideburns.

There are moving and standing blades that work together to improve the accuracy of your shave without increasing heat.

Additionally, you can achieve up to 60 minutes of shave time from each charge, with an LED screen to show you how much battery you have left.

Features include:

  • 5 in one grooming kit
  • Excellent moving and standing blades
  • 60 minutes of shaving time
  • LED screen for tracking battery power
  • Fully waterproof and washable
  • Charging dock included
  • Multiple guided combs for shaving
  • Styling comb, storage pouch, and cleaning brush

This nose hair trimmer, hair clipper, and precision shaper gives you everything you could want for great grooming in a single package.

There are precision comb guides to suit your style, and a body grooming mode too. You can even use this device in the shower.

Unfortunately, the beard trimming accessories can tug the hair quite a bit. The charge also takes quite a long time.


  • Full comprehensive grooming kit
  • Fully-waterproof and easy to wash
  • Charging dock, storage pouch and more included
  • Convenient LED screen to check charge time
  • Excellent blade performance


  • Takes a long time to charge (90 minutes)
  • Beard trimmer tugs at the hair
Hatteker hair clipper kit
3 different attachments are perfect for all facial hair styles, High-carbon self-sharpening blades are precision ground to stay sharp longer.

9.   FlePlow Professional (best energy-saving)

This versatile nose hair trimmer for men features high-quality stainless steel throughout for full durability. Suitable for removing unwanted hair from all over your face, this one-button trimmer is easy to use and compact too.

With dual-edge spinning blades, you get a precision trim in no time, and there’s no unnecessary pulling or tugging either.

The IPX7 waterproof design means that you can use your nose hair clipper in the shower without an issue, and easily clean the blades too.

What’s more, this whisper quiet cutter comes with a powerful motor that reduces energy usage by up to 5%, allowing one AA battery to run for anywhere up to 6 months.

Features include:

  • Dual blade nose hair trimmer
  • Trim ear and eyebrow hair too
  • Steel blades for durability
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • Easy portability with battery operation
  • Smooth and precise cutting
  • Protection cap for long-term maintenance

Offering sensational value at a low price, this compact and easy-to-use hair remover has it all. The head is removable, and the water resistance makes it easy to clean.

However, you might find that this nose hair trimmer doesn’t cut close enough for you. You may miss a few hairs from time to time.


  • Convenient waterproof design
  • Steel blades offer extra durability
  • Energy efficient
  • Suitable for ear and eyebrow hair
  • Easy to clean


  • Might miss hairs occasional
  • May not cut close enough for some

No products found.

How to buy the best nose hair removal system

Whether you’re looking for the best nose hair trimmer for men, or you want something that can pluck the hairs away in seconds, there are options for everyone in today’s diverse market.

With so many different choices, you really don’t have an excuse to go around with untamed nose hairs.

Of course, extra options can also lead to additional confusion.

If you’re struggling to choose the best rated nose hair trimmer just by looking at our reviews, keep the following factors in mind:

  • How does it run? Do you want your nose trimmer to be battery operated, or plug into a wall outlet? Should you be able to recharge it for life on the go? Alternatively, do you need a manual nose hair trimmer with now power at all?
  • What can it do? Many nose hair trimmers come with extra features these days, including lights to help you see where you’re cutting, and additional trimming heads. You can even find all-in-one kits that tackle all of your facial grooming needs at once.
  • Maintenance: How easy is it to keep your nose hair trimmer clean and working perfectly? Can you recharge the device easy enough, and is it waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about rinsing it under the tap?
  • Ease of use: Getting rid of excess ear and nose hair shouldn’t be a headache. Make sure that the nose hair trimmer you choose is easy to use. All you should really need to do is press a single button to get started.

Nose hair clippers are available in virtually every shape and size these days. If you don’t have a set in your bathroom grooming kit yet, we hope these nose trimmer reviews will change that.

Good luck finding the nose trimmers to complete your look and check out our other guides for more reviews on top-selling products.

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