Big Dick Problems

Big dick problems: What to do when your dick is TOO big

Why having a large penis isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Is your dick too long? Is your dick too fat? Is 8 inches too big, or not big enough? Or, is your dick too big to suck? If you’re having big dick problems, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re going to define precisely how large a large penis is, and explain what you can do about it.

It’s just us here, guys, so we can talk, right? 

Let’s be honest: all of us are on some level obsessed with our tackle. We have been since we were little kids and we discovered all the funny things they could do.

And of course, after puberty hit, that obsession took on a much more profound tone when we discovered what they could REALLY do.

But if you’re like most guys, the main question you have always, always had about your willy is – say it with me boys: 

Is my dick big enough?

For millions of insecure men, the answer will always be ‘No.’ Bigger is always going to seem better to them. 

Just look at the billion-dollar global industry that has sprung up around products and services that allegedly give you a bigger dick. 

There are all kinds of dubious pills, creams, lotions, pumps, stretching devices, and fucking WEIGHTS that you attach to your dick to make it bigger (fuck off with that, by the way) – and that’s not to even mention surgery.

Penis extension SURGERY.

You can definitely fuck off with that.

But is a large penis really always a good thing? What if your dick is simply too big?

You hear a lot these days about having a massive dick, but is hauling around a slab of sausage big enough that you could club a baby seal to death with it really a good thing? 

What kind of complications does having an actual big dick bring? 

What problems do women have with guys whose dick is too big? 

And, if you do have a large penis, what are some ways to avoid those problems?

Big Dick Problems

First of all, is your dick is too big?

Of course the internet explosion of porn is in many ways a wonderful thing. The parade of naked flesh that is readily available right at our sweaty little fingertips will probably be the doom of civilization, but we won’t care. 

However, there are also some downsides. Like, besides the whole end of civilization thing.

For starters, our standards of what makes for a large penis or even an average one are WAY off, and you can thank porn for that. 

Most guys have been blasted in the face, so to speak, with so many images of monster porn cocks that we have completely lost perspective. When we look down at our own peen, we can’t help but feel, shall we say, inadequate.

Let’s put that to rest right now. 

The average penis size for adult men erect is 5.2 inches in length, and 4.6 inches in circumference.

That’s a far cry from what you see in porn. 

In fact, if you have a penis that is 8 inches or over, that puts you in the top 2 percent of penis size for guys worldwide. 

So, if you’re asking ‘is 8 inches too big’ the answer is yes! Congrats, you have a large penis. 

And even knowing this, even being aware intellectually of the fallacy of phalluses, even understanding that it’s delusional to think that anything under 8 inches is just a pathetically small pecker, many guys still long for a bigger dong. 

What they don’t realize is that magnum-sized hogs bring with them magnum-sized big dick problems – and often those problems manifest themselves in the bedroom, believe it or not.

More dick size = More problems?

Come on now, I hear you saying.

What possible issue could a woman have with being with a guy with a big penis? Is there really such a thing as a dick too big for her? Don’t they want that? Like, have you ever heard of anyone complaining that a dick is too long, or a dick is too fat?

You might be surprised to hear how many women who have actually experienced being with a dude whose manhood was too big for her, and that it just wasn’t that much fun at all. 

For some it was painful – and for some even dangerous. 

You can find numerous stories of ruptured ovarian cysts, tearing of the vaginal wall, or a bruised or displaced cervix. When your dick is too big, it can often mean big problems in the boudoir.

Here’s a partial list of some of the big dick problems reported:


Even when extra-large penis guys are using extra large condoms, they still often break or slip off during sex. What’s more, larger guys often report that they just don’t fit well and are uncomfortable (for real, not the lie your university roommate told girls in order to get them to let him go raw dog.)

Painful sex

Yes, some women may crave the novelty of banging a dude with a huge schlong, but they often say that it hurts like hell. There’s not only the possibility of vaginal tearing or soreness; even if you avoid that, there can be discomfort to the point where it kills the mood.

Nothing like having to stop over and over and say, ‘Are you all right?’ to ruin an evening of fun.

Sucks when you can’t get it in

Guys, can you imagine anything more frustrating than only being able to get like half of your penis inside her? Or less? Sure, that part still feels good, but come on! Who doesn’t want to go balls deep up in there?

For lots of XXL dudes this is just a fact of life when it comes to penetrative sex: they have never and may never achieve full penetration all the way to the hilt with many partners.

And, we’re not just talking about penetrative sex here. It doesn’t feel great when your dick is too big to suck either.

Big Dick Problems

Sucks for her too

In case you didn’t know it, women have these things called clitorises. And when you rub them, they feel good. So when you’re having sex with a girl on top, you might notice her grinding against you with your schlong all the way in just as damn far as it can go?

For a lot of women, that’s the only way they get off during penetrative sex without actually rubbing their clit manually.

If you’re a guy packing an anaconda-sized large penis, that ain’t gonna happen for her, and that can mean that, for her, sex with a big-dicked guy is actually less satisfying than with an average-sized dude.

What can you do with a jumbo-sized crank?

Well, sufferer of big dick problems, all is not lost, even if you are packing a stallion-sized salami.

There are some ways you can ease things in the bedroom for her and you both, based on testimonials from women who have been on the receiving end of men who wield mighty meat-sticks.

What to do if your dick is too big for her:

Go slow

Here’s a no-brainer. If you’re bigger than average, you’re likely going to have to take your time getting all up in them guts, boyo. Male impatience even among those with average-sized penises has ruined the mood in many a bedroom encounter, and that goes double for large penis guys.

Lube is your friend

This goes hand in hand with taking it slower when you’re packing, but you also have to make damn sure she’s good to go before you start trying to enter the holy of holies with a large penis. And look, she may very well be really into it and just not that lubricated sometimes. 

There’s no shame in using some good water-based lube to get things extra slippery down there if you’re on the larger side.

Try different positions

You can avoid a lot of big dick problems simply be letting her take more control of the festivities. Trying different positions, let her dictate pace and how deep you go – all of this will go a long way toward ensuring that she gets a good experience out of it.

Have fun in other ways

Of course, there are a ton of things you can do sexually, as we know. It’s easy to get caught up in penetration being the end-all be-all of sex, but think in terms of making it just one part of your sexy fun and it’ll take a lot of the pressure off.

Big dick attitude!

Guys, the emphasis placed on have a large penis has been around for a very long time – but the dirty little secret is that it’s all about confidence, not actual penis size. 

As we’ve already seen, only 2 percent of men have a penis larger than 8 inches; there’s a whole lot more than that amount of confident dudes out there swinging big dick attitude, wouldn’t you say?

Confidence stems from being comfortable in your body and who you are, and secure in the knowledge that you know what you’re about. 

Work out, get yourself in shape, focus on the positive, focus on what you do well. Flash that killer smile everywhere you go and make ‘em laugh and you too will be said to have big dick energy.


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