Energy manipulation: How to manipulate energy for beginners

Learning how to manipulate energy and what it can do for you. If you start paying attention to how people use the word ‘energy,’ you’ll find the vast majority of the time it falls into one of two broad categories: either they’re speaking in a wholly scientific sense, or in a wholly spiritual sense.

That is to say, you’ll hear people talk about energy to mean the power produced through coal or oil for instance, or to mean having the internal drive to get up and go for a run or to the gym, or the stamina to stay awake, or the resources to devote to this or that project.

For people who come from a more linear, logical way of thinking, this definition of energy is much easier to cope with.

Then there’s the other commonly used definition of energy: the spiritual kind. This spiritual or emotional energy usually comes up when people talk about energy manipulation, but more on that in a moment.

When you start talking about the kind of energy that references the psychic and the spiritual – for instance the energy that a spirit or god might manifest on the physical plane, or your ‘chi,’ or psychic energy, or auras and things like that which are by definition unseen and not easily quantified – for many of us, skepticism is going to be our first reaction.

Energy manipulation: Everything is connected

But even if you don’t believe in auras or Zeus or ghosts or whatever, the thing is, once you start digging a little, especially into the field of energy manipulation, you start to realize that this wall we’ve built between these two types of energies is largely fabricated. 

These energies are much more closely related than they might appear at first glance.

Not only that, once you start to look more closely at the two and start seeing the ways in which they merge into one, you can begin to understand not only how you can guide or manipulate energy yourself, but also that learning how to do so might change your life.

Energy manipulation: What energy are we talking about here, exactly?

First of all let’s look at those connections, how the two commonly spoken of types of energy are actually closely linked to one another and reliant on one another – and how they are both actually quite real and can be catalogued and defined.

We’re taught from the very first science-related class we take – even if we never take another – that energy is something that can never be created nor destroyed.

That’s not some woo-woo, earth-goddess, hippie lady saying that. That kind of thinking comes from hard-headed science types, and has more or less been at the heart of the guiding set of principles we have called modern Science with a capital ‘S’ for hundreds of years.

So if science tells us that energy is something that can never be created nor destroyed, what happens when we devote tons of our mental energy to thinking about something, or believing in something, or hoping for something, or worrying about something, or planning for something?

Energy Manipulation 2

Energy large and small

Let’s remember that according to science, that mental energy – hoping, wishing, planning, imagining – exists in a very real and concrete sense. There are electrochemical reactions taking place in our brains when we think about something, neurons firing and all that. 

So just because you imagine something doesn’t mean that the energy it took to imagine it is also imaginary.

Secondly, since that energy exists, science tells us that it can’t come out of nowhere, nor can it disappear into nothingness. It exists and will continue to exist in the universe, even if it happens to change in form.

So if we can agree on these basic principles, let’s take a look at a real-world application of energy manipulation.

When we watch a pro golfer preparing to take a shot, or a tennis player getting ready to serve, or a baseball player getting ready to pitch, what we’re witnessing is someone harnessing energy to create a desired outcome. 

Of course, in this example, we’re also looking at a person who has devoted countless thousands of hours to training his or her body to move in a certain way, developed forms and muscles groups that are calibrated to produce the right results, and trained their mind to understand what they need to do at any given moment. 

This much is true.

But what you’re also seeing at these moments just before a shot or a serve or a pitch is a focusing of energy and a harnessing of that energy to visualize a specific result. 

What you’re witnessing is energy manipulation.

How to control energy

When you start to learn about energy manipulation, you are taught to think about how your systems work in concert sometimes, and how they sometimes work against one another. 

Think about the times when you’ve felt most ‘on your game,’ firing on all cylinders, accomplishing what you set out to do easily and smoothly: These are the times in our lives when we are most open and receptive, active, and sure of ourselves, right? 

That’s because whether we know it or not we are manipulating energy in a positive way. 

The keys in energy manipulation are in creating a solid partnership between our:

  • Reason: Our ability to think clearly and logically about what we’re doing
  • Emotion: Our feelings surrounding what we are trying to accomplish as well as having a healthy general emotional state
  • Will: Having the drive to do what needs to be done in order to accomplish our goals. 

Now think back to our example of the golfer: when they’re lining up that shot, all the training and innate ability in the world isn’t going to help if they’re emotionally upset about something, or if their logical mind is clouded by something unrelated to the task at hand, or even if they just don’t feel like being there that day.

Energy manipulation and learning how to harness energy is all about locating these centers within us, nurturing them, discovering what might be blocking us in each of them, figuring out how to overcome those blocks, and then checking in with them frequently.

Energy manipulation exercises: Recognizing energy blocks

Some of the best ways to visualize and understand energy manipulation is to understand when it doesn’t work. 

These are the primary energy blocks that prevent us from doing well what we set out to do:

  • Cognitive blocks: As we demonstrated, even thinking is a form of using energy. When our thinking is clouded, or limited, or unclear, our full energy cannot be brought to bear on what we’re trying to accomplish. Being open-minded and deliberately setting out to look at all the angles and not be wedded to a single mindset is key. Some examples of cognitively blocked thinking would be to say, ‘That’s just the way it is,’ or ‘I can’t do anything about it,’ or ‘I can’t possibly do that.’
  • Emotional blocks: Pretty self-explanatory, but it helps to think about our golfer again: if he’s trying to play while worrying about whether his wife loves him, or if he’s upset at something his opponent said in the locker room, or if he’s focused on impressing his estranged dad or something, he’s emotionally blocked because he’s not focusing on the task at hand.
Energy Manipulation 3

Energy manipulation for beginners: How to control energy

The first steps toward manipulating energy are to get in touch with your energy. We have so much going on in our lives these days that often we just gloss over our approach to what we are trying to do and just barrel ahead. 

It’s helpful as we learn how to direct energy to slow down, and take it step by step:


Really think about what your goal is, then take a step back and look at how you’re thinking about it. Write it down. What words are you using? Positive words, negative words, stress-inducing words, confident words? Knowing where you’re really coming from can help you to understand how you are impairing your own progress and thus change it and direct that energy in more positive ways.


Slow down from time to time, and just sit and focus on your breathing and nothing else for a few minutes. Then, open your mind to what you’re trying to accomplish, examine your goal and your approaches to it. You will do so more clearly and from a more relaxed, stable place.


Speed up from time to time! There’s nothing like working through a problem or planning something while running or working out or even just going for a brisk walk. Energy breeds energy, and a change of perspective outside can often change your inner perspective too.

The main takeaway should be simply to understand that we exert energy all the time. But by focusing and directing that energy towards what we want to accomplish in a deliberate, clean, and uncluttered way, we can accomplish so much more – call it woo-woo if you want, it really works.

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