Benefits of Celery Juice

Everything you need know about the health benefits of celery juice

A closer look at celery juice benefits and why you should drink the green stuff.

There are certain vegetables that are really polarizing. For instance, not just kids, but plenty of adults also find veggies like broccoli and brussels sprouts to be strongly associated with the “ick factor.”

The hatred that has been slathered on those poor veggies is second only to the mounds of butter, olive oil, garlic and salt that people dump on them.

But one veggies that mostly flies under the radar is celery.

That’s kind of understandable on some level; I mean, it’s celery for God’s sake.

It’s a rather unassuming vegetable, really, as innocuous as they come. 

Celery is that boring guy from accounting who you run into at the office Christmas party and manages to catch you in a moment of polite weakness, cornering you for an enthusiastic 30-minute spiel about his love for model trains. 

Juicing celery with celebrities

However, all that changed dramatically in 2018 when humble celery found itself plucked from obscurity and thrust into the Hollywood spotlight like a fresh-faced waitress being discovered by a movie producer in a Kansas diner.

Celebs like Pharrell and Gwyneth Paltrow touted a variety of health benefits of celery juice and gushed about how daily doses of the stuff worked all kinds of miracles and wonders.

And a star was born.

Naturally, the star-making machinery of Tinseltown just had to give small-town celery a big-city makeover and burnish its homespun image with a whole new look. 

Now it was celery juice that was trending. And as its fame spread far and wide, stories about celery juice benefits blew up on social media.

You can still find hundreds of thousands of posts tagged with #celeryjuice or #celeryjuicebenefits on Instagram. 

There was even a month of #celeryjuicechallenge at the end of 2018, and thousands of testimonials continue to roll in on other social media from true believers in the benefits of celery juice.

What are the health benefits of celery juice?

So what’s all the fuss about? What health gains can possibly be procured from drinking the funky, bright green slurry that results when you get into celery juicing?

First of all we ought to find out what’s in celery in its original form in order to gain a better knowledge of what we might get out of it in a concentrated form if we start juicing celery. 

What happens when you drink celery juice?

You’ll get your daily vitamins and then some, that’s what. 

Celery contains a huge array of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, potassium, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other electrolytes. 

And although celery might not have the same tendency to show up on your dinner plate as broccoli or brussels sprouts, it actually does pack a nutritional punch that rivals that of those cruciferous veggies.

And when you consume it in juice form, you get all that nutritional value in super-intensified and concentrated form.

Celery juice benefits also include providing your body with a wide variety of flavonoids and other phytonutrients. 

These compounds function as antioxidants and are important for warding off toxins in your system and reducing your chances of developing chronic health conditions, making a celery juice cleanse a very popular choice. 

Here’s what else you get out of celery juicing:

Benefits of celery juice:

Digestion and gut health

By now we’re all aware of just how important maintaining a balance in your gut biome is to keeping your entire body healthy. When you drink celery juice, benefits include a better balanced digestive tract, which translates to better overall health in a myriad of ways. 

This is because celery contains hydrochloric acid, one of the key components contributing to your stomach’s natural acidity, which helps you to digest food better and maintain the balance in your gut biome. 

Especially if you’re on a protein-heavy weight loss plan like a keto diet, slugging down a glass or two of celery juice per day can really help your body to power through and process your meals faster. 

More efficient digestion allows you to avoid that tired, lethargic feeling you sometimes get after a protein-rich meal.

Lowers LDL cholesterol

Another one of those great celery juice benefits is lower LDL cholesterol – the bad kind. Celery contains a compound called 3-n-butylphthalide or BuPh, which has been reported to help lower lipids in your bloodstream, including harmful LDL cholesterol.

Celery juice reduces chances of infection

Research along with tons of anecdotal evidence has shown that celery’s anti-microbial properties are nothing to sneeze at. Drinking celery juice can help you to stave off colds and boost your immunity in a natural way. 

Celery juice benefits also include helping to prevent and fight against UTIs, bladder infections, and kidney disorders. 

And with as much water as celery contains, especially in concentrated juice form, it stimulates urine production, helping you to pee regularly and help prevent kidney stones from building up.

It’s a natural anti-inflammatory

Celery juice contains tons of concentrated polyacetylene, a natural anti-inflammatory that has been shown to help ease the discomfort associated with chronic joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.

Celery juice may lower blood pressure

Other research has shown that celery juice may aid in reducing blood pressure. Compounds contained in celery behave as a smooth muscle relaxant, which permits the blood vessels to contract and expand more easily. 

Celery juice ain’t no basic bitch

Other benefits of celery juice include giving you a highly concentrated source of one of the most alkaline foods on the planet.

These foods, as opposed to those that are more on the base end of the pH spectrum are believed to promote longevity and help reduce the chances of getting chronic diseases.

Juice up your liver

Studies have shown that a diet rich in celery’s components can reduce the buildup of fat in the liver, a crucial need for anyone who likes to knock a few back every now and then – a fatty liver is often a precursor to more serious liver problems down the road. 

What’s more, a celery juice cleanse may help to release enzymes that actually attack unhealthy liver fat build-up and flush the toxins out of this vital filtering organ.

Celery juice is a celebrated digestive aid

One of the most talked-about health benefits of celery juice is that it helps a great deal with digestion. People new to the stuff often note right away that they experience a reduction in bloating, constipation, puffiness and water retention.

Your green liquid friend also works as a natural, gentle laxative and diuretic.

Celery juice is nutritious

In addition to the nutrients mentioned above, celery is packed with vitamin B6 and the flavone luteolin. These substances, combined with the vitamin K and vitamin C it also contains are of tremendous benefit to your skin. 

The luteolin in particular helps to protect the skin and heal the harmful effects of UV exposure. Another much-discussed health benefit of celery juice that you constantly see on the message boards is that it helps to mitigate skin conditions like psoriasis and acne.

How to make celery juice

So you’re ready to get started! Well, it’s pretty simple:

  • First off, if you plan to pursue celery juicing long-term you’ll probably want to invest in a juicer. However a regular blender can work as well if you’re careful.
  • Make sure you use thoroughly washed, fresh, organic celery.
  • Chop into small pieces (smaller if you’re using a regular blender.)
  • Toss em in, along with a cup or so of water (again, for blender folk.)
  • Pulse the blender for 15 seconds or until it’s liquid, pour out unstrained and enjoy!

You can add other veggies or fruit to taste – there are literally 80 gabillion celery juice recipes out there – but try it straight up, no chaser at first and see for yourself what happens when you drink celery juice every day!

Sorting fact from fiction on the benefits of celery juice

We’re big believers in celery juice benefits. But let’s be clear on what it is and what it isn’t.

1. Some enthusiasts claim celery juice can literally cure Epstein-Barr disease, among other chronic conditions. Common sense – and science – tell us this just isn’t true. 

Just to be clear, one of the widely acknowledged benefits of celery juice is helping to prevent inflammation that leads to some chronic conditions, but it doesn’t cure them.

2. Like everything to do with nutrition, the health benefits of celery juice accrue over time. You won’t drop 20 pounds in two weeks just by drinking a celery juice smoothie each morning, not in a healthy way anyhow.

3. The concentrated nutrients you gain from juicing celery can’t be beat. But juicing celery or anything else strips it of important fiber. Make sure you look elsewhere for the fiber you need for weight loss, blood sugar balance, and a feeling of fullness.

And happy juicing.

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This article contains general nutritional tips and advice. However, no diet or exercise program should be started without consulting your physician or other industry professional first. For more information read our full disclaimer here.

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