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Do men’s health supplements work? Let’s find out…

Take a walk through virtually any drug store or supermarket, and you’re bound to see dozens of vitamins and supplements to choose from. If you look online, your options are even greater, with countless companies that promise they can help you to accomplish anything with the right range of minerals. 

You can find pills online that will allegedly help you to lift more at the gym, as well as men’s sexual health supplements that claim to make you a machine in the sack. The question is – do these wonder pills actually work? Or are you really just paying for some weirdly coloured urine? 

Well, a lot of consumers seem to believe in the power of men’s health supplements. Around half of all Americans take at least one supplement a day. The industry is worth around $133 billion. 

So, what does the science have to say?

Do supplements work? The basics

Search for the term “Do supplements work” online, and you’ll get a bunch of articles telling you the same thing: 


Taking the wrong collection of vitamins and minerals each day could put you at risk of some serious dangers. One Canadian study looked at people using vitamins and minerals to help with the treatment of cardiovascular disease. The study found that taking vitamin B3 (niacin) made heart health worse. 

So, why are there so many positive stories from people who have used certain supplements to change their lives? The simple answer is that taking just any old supplement isn’t going to do anything for you. However, if you can figure out which vitamins, minerals, and other crucial substances your body is missing and top them up – you can get positive results. 

The main issue that people have with men’s health supplements isn’t that they don’t work at all. It’s that most men don’t know what they need. They pop a multi-vitamin and expect to feel like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson the next day. 

It just doesn’t work that way. 

The men’s health workout supplements to avoid

So, how do you make sure you’re spending your money on men’s health supplements that are going to work? Well, rather than taking whatever your fave #Instagram influencer tells you is working for them, you need to focus on filling the nutritional gaps in your diet. 

There are some supplements for men’s health that won’t really do much for you. 

For instance:

Vitamin B3

For years, we were told that Vitamin B3 can treat everything from Alzheimer’s to heart disease. Celebs and athletes were popping these pills like tic-tacs. Then suddenly, we discovered that excessive levels of B3 can actually harm your heart. 

Vitamin C

The hype for vitamin C started some time in the 1970s. For the most part, it’s been proven to be nothing more than a trend – like green juices or waist trainers. Plus, high doses of more than 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C can raise your risk of kidney stones

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, like many vitamins in the world of men’s health supplements, was popularized for its apparent ability to protect against cancer. However, studies have since linked Vitamin E with higher risks of death. If you want to top up on vitamin E, eat some spinach and skip the pills. 

Folic Acid

You don’t need folic acid if you’re a guy. Unless you’re pregnant, in which case… congratulations?


Got milk? Then you don’t need calcium supplements. Sure, this mineral is great for keeping your nervous system and bones strong, but you don’t need to supplement with it. You’ll get plenty of calcium through milk, yogurt, kale, broccoli, and almonds. 

6 supplements for men’s health that may be worth taking 

So, are there any men’s health workout supplements that are worth taking?


All you need to do is figure out what you actually need. 

For instance:

1.  Vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D is a potent men’s sexual health supplement when used correctly. Why? Because it helps to boost testosterone levels in men. Studies have frequently suggested that low sexual libido and poor testosterone levels could be caused by problems with a vitamin D deficiency. Additionally, around 75% of people in America don’t get enough vitamin D. 

While there’s still research to be done into this supplement, the evidence suggests that it can help with everything from energy, to sexual performance and fatigue. Vitamin D also supports bone health and heart health. If you’re not sure if you need vitamin D, ask your doctor. 

2.  Whey protein 

Whey protein isolate is one of the best-known supplements for men’s health on the market today. If you want to upgrade your performance and increase your chances of building muscle while you lose fat, then you’re going to love whey protein. 

You can get whey protein in a range of different flavours online. There are even blends that come with extra ingredients to help with your fitness and workout routine too. If you’re looking for men’s health workout supplements, this could be the best place to start. 

3.  Magnesium 

Magnesium is a common mineral that you’ll find in a lot of all-in-one men’s health supplements. However, if you’re not sure exactly what you need for improved health, it might be best to skip the multi-vitamin, and stick with magnesium by itself. 

Magnesium is great for supporting various bodily functions. What’s more, like Vitamin D, most people don’t get nearly enough magnesium into their systems. 57% of the US population fails to get the right dose of magnesium. Research also indicates that magnesium supplementation can help to boost your blood levels of testosterone, improving muscular health and growth. 

4.  Omega 3 oils

Omega 3 has seen quite a lot of buzz over the years. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s just another one of those over-hyped supplements. However, for men, this substance could be crucial for a lot of reasons. The right Omega 3 oils can improve cardiovascular and joint health. They also keep your brain working properly, so you’re more than just a beef brain. 

Taking omega 3 can also be important in balancing your omega 3 and omega 6 balance. Men often consume a lot of omega 6 fatty acids through refined vegetable oils. Fortunately, you can find plenty of great fish oil supplements on the web, including this one from Dr. Tobias, which comes without the fishy aftertaste. 

5.  Probiotics

There’s some conflict in the health and fitness market over probiotics. Some people are convinced that they’re just another form of snake oil. However, a lot of health professionals also believe that probiotics are great for everything from oral health to liver disease. Ultimately, the only way to find out if these supplements for men’s health work for you, is to try them. 

You’re unlikely to see any negative health effects from taking probiotics. There are even products available like the Garden of Life probiotics that are specifically formulated to support heart health and prostate health for men. 

6.  Saw Palmetto extract

Finally, Saw Palmetto extract is one of the lesser-known men’s health supplements on the market today – but it could be crucial for those who want to protect their prostate health in the long-term. The Saw Palmetto shrub is native to the US, Africa, and Europe. The berries have a history of being used in traditional medicine for sexual health and urinary tract issues. 

Though we’re still in the early stages of unlocking research about the Saw Palmetto supplement, many experts believe that it will help with hormone balance in men, reducing the risk of an enlarged prostate. 

How do supplements work for men’s health?

Ultimately, supplements for men’s health aren’t intended to be a one-size-fits-all cure to whatever ails you. Those multi-vitamins that claim to turn every man into the next Connor McGregor are usually just tricking you into spending your money. 

That’s why it’s so important that you know how to supplement properly before you begin spending your cash. Not just any old supplements are going to do it for you. You’ll need to find the perfect recipe for your body by understanding what kind of vitamins and minerals you’re missing out on. 

Your doctor or a nutritionist will often be able to offer some advice based on a blood test or other evaluations that can show your deficiencies. 

Stay tuned at Blitz’d for more advice on how to enhance your body and improve your health. 

This article contains general nutritional tips and advice. However, no diet or exercise program should be started without consulting your physician or other industry professional first. For more information read our full disclaimer here.

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