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3 of the best at home workouts for men

Some guys practically live at the gym these days.

It seems like they’re constantly bragging in the office about what they achieved with their personal trainer over the weekend, or the latest weights they managed to lift. 

However, we’re not all like that. 

Going to the gym can be awesome – but it’s also a great way to get distracted by attractive girls or lose your motivation whenever you see someone who might be a bit fitter than you. 

Whether you’re uncomfortable showing off your muscles right now, or you simply don’t have the money to sign up for a gym membership – don’t panic. 

You don’t have to go to the gym to get fit. 

You can practice a bunch of great workouts from the comfort of your own home instead. 

We’ve put together the ultimate beginners list for home workouts for men to get you started.


1.  The chair workout

If you’ve spent most of your life as a couch potato, and you’re in the early stages of your evolution into fitness god, then you might need to start slow. 

A chair-based workout can still help you to get more strength, flexibility, and endurance, without putting you under excessive pressure. 

To start your chair home workouts, make sure that you spend about five minutes warming up, shoulder lifts, and moving your arms in circles can help to get the blood pumping throughout your upper body – which is great for when you really want to get moving. 

Once you’re sufficiently warmed up:

  • Sit down and get yourself in place. Keep your spine extended as you lift your legs one at a time, as though you’re showing off your posture in the army. 
  • Rest for a minute, then follow up with 10 field-goal shoulder presses. This involves arranging your arms into an L shape on either side of your body, so you look like a field goal. Extend your arms over your head fully, palms facing forwards. 
  • Rest for a minute again then follow up with 10 kicking leg extensions. Imaging you’re kicking a football as hard as you can with each leg for at least 10 repetitions. 
  • Rest again, then complete 10 upright arm rows. This involves placing both of your arms in front of your chest, palms facing down. Retract your elbows until they line up with your chest, then extend into the starting position. 

As you get used to this kind of workout, you can begin to mix it up a bit. Adding weights to your ankles or lifting various weights like dumbbells as you exercise is a good way to progress. 

You can also start to add more exercises into your routine that push you to move from a sitting to standing position. This will help to engage your core, and your legs a lot more. 

2.  The rugby workout

Rugby’s a great game for a lot of different reasons – but it’s particularly great if you want to get into shape by building some muscle and burning away fat. 

If you’ve got a rugby ball – or even a football lying around your home, then why not use it for your at home workouts?

Start with a full-body warm up. You can jog in place, or simply stretch your body one muscle at a time to make sure that your blood is moving properly throughout every limb. 

The last thing you want is a cramp when you’re working out – trust us.

When you’re warmed up:

  • Start with 10 snap squats. Start off in a squatting position, with both of your hands on your ball. Keep your knees bent, and lift the ball to your chest, keeping your legs in squat position. You can then lift the ball above your head, then back down to the floor. This is a great way to stretch your entire body. 
  • Rest for a minute, then continue with 10 lateral lunges. Position your feet about a hip distance apart, with your knees flexible (not locked).

    Hold your football or rugby ball in front of your chest, then take a wide step to one side with your foot, lunging enough to touch the ball to the floor. Repeat 10 times with both legs. 
  • Rest again for a minute, then jump straight into ten push-ups. If you’re not quite fit enough to handle full push-ups yet, then you can try using a variation instead. There are a lot of options out there, and some may be easier than others for you. 
  • Finish up with a core workout. Starting in a seated position on the floor, place your feet around 14 inches ahead of your hips, and lean back until you can feel your abdominal muscles pulling.

    Place your football or rugby ball in your right hand, and lift your right foot off the floor, passing the ball under your knee to the other hand at the same time. 

For the best at home workout, make sure that you finish your routine with a good stretch. You need to make sure that your muscles are properly loosened so that they can recover quickly in time for your next routine. 

3.  The boxing routine

So far, we’ve looked at home workouts for the average couch potato and the best home workout for someone interested in football or rugby. However, there’s also something you can try if you like the idea of punching your stress straight out of your system. 

The boxing routine workout is a great way to get fit from the comfort of your own home, and it doesn’t require any specialist equipment or expensive machines. 

As with the other two home workouts for men that we covered above, it’s best to start your routine by warming up. 

This is an exercise that’s going to need a full-body workout, which means that stretching and jogging in place might be a good bet. Get your arms and mid-section involved in your warmup. 

Once you feel ready to go with the best at home workout, channel your inner Rocky and do about thirty seconds of jumping jacks, followed by 10 seconds of rest. You should complete this process at least three times until you’ve done a full four sets. 

Rest for a full minute, then:

  • Assume the position: Get into your boxing pose, with your dominant fist reared back, ready to punch, and your non-dominant hand in the front – protecting your face. Your feet need to be about hip-distance apart here. 
  • Complete a boxing drill: Do a 20-second punch combination. Jab at your imaginary foe with your lead fist, then follow with a cross-punch from behind. If it helps, you can imagine that you’re beating up that guy who cut you up on the road yesterday. 
  • Rest for a minute: Then repeat the combination for another 20 seconds, focusing on your other arms. You can complete up to four rounds of the punch combination in total, resting for a short period between sets to regain your breath. 

When you’re engaging in a workout that requires a lot of physical focus, like this one, it’s important to cool down properly. That means walking around your room for a few minutes and conducting some basic full-body stretches. Y

ou can find some helpful cool-down stretches here. 

As you begin to adjust to your punching/boxing workout, mix things up with a range of new combinations to make the experience a little more intense. You can also add things like jumping ropes to make the workout a little tougher. 

Mastering your home workouts

As much as some guys love going to the gym – the truth is that you don’t always need all that fancy equipment to get fit. All you really need is the right motivation, and a few useful routines that you can use to get yourself up and active. 

The three at home workouts for men are just a few of our favourites, designed to help you have fun while you get fit. However, you can create your own home workouts pretty easily too. 

Combining things like jumping jacks, pushups and sit-ups will help you to target various core muscle groups throughout your body, using nothing but your own weight. 

Just remember that if you really want to make the most of the best at home workout routines, you’re going to need to commit to changing things up from time to time. 

Your body will eventually get used to each routine, so be prepared to try something new when that happens.

You can always turn to Blitz’d for some extra inspiration. 

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