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Stretch it out: The benefits of yoga for men

When you’re searching for the perfect ripped abs and killer guns, a yoga workout probably isn’t the first thing you’re going to try. 

Let’s face it, most of us associate yoga with women in skimpy outfits, or gurus teaching relaxation seminars. 

That means that it’s hard to see the benefits of yoga for men who are all about gaining strength and power. 

However, just because yoga doesn’t seem to be the most masculine practice, doesn’t mean that it’s not worth your time. 

Yoga for men could be the key to getting you out of that pesky comfort zone that might have been stopping you from achieving your fitness goals up until now. 

If you’re wondering “Should men do yoga?” we’ve got a bunch of reasons to say that the answer is, unequivocally: Hell yes. 

Yoga for men benefit 1: A better sex life

Yep, we knew this one would get your attention. 

If you have a problem with, ahem, getting a bit too excited in the bedroom, yoga can actually help with that. 

According to researchers from India, 100% of men with premature ejaculation issues that did yoga for three months reported an improvement in their ejaculation timing

Not impressed? How about the fact that while 100% of the men doing yoga saw improvements, only 83% of those taking PE medication did?

If that wasn’t enough, the sexual yoga benefits for men have been proven in other studies too. 

For instance, the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that guys practicing yoga for 12 weeks reported improve sexual function overall, better measures of desire, and improved performance in bed. 

Yoga for men benefit 2: Impress your boss

Yoga and men’s health go hand in hand. 

Not only do the benefits of yoga for men include everything you need to delight the ladies (or guys) in your bedroom, but the advantages extend to the workplace too. 

According to one study from the CDC into 85,000 workers in the US – mindfulness activities like yoga can reduce the chances of things like burnout. 

The more you stretch away the stress the more you improve your mental resilience. 

Additionally, combine yoga with your weekly workout, and you can also achieve higher feelings of resilience and perseverance, as well as reduced levels of fatigue

Yoga for men benefit 3: Terminate stress and improve sleep

We know that yoga can help to reduce your risk of burning out in the office, but it can help with other aspects of stress and anxiety too. 

One study published in the Immunology Journal found that guys doing yoga had reduced instances of inflammation in their bodies. 

They also benefited from a lower heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and an ability to respond better to stressful situations. 

Since the benefits of yoga for men are excellent for getting your mood back on track, they can also help you to sleep better too. 

Whether you’re struggling with anxiety or insomnia, studies have found that yoga for men could be the cure.

One report from 2013 found that older participants doing yoga reported significantly fewer sleeping disturbances, along with less time required to fall asleep. 

Yoga even helps to strengthen your breathing with all of that guided ohm-ing, and ah-ing. 

Yoga for men benefit 4: Power up your posture

If you’re still a (pretty) young guy, you might be wondering why your joints feel like they’re filled with cement. 

The reason usually has something with spending too many hours either sitting on the sofa or in front of your desk. 

Your regular exercise routine could have something to do with your stiffness too. 

We all need a bit of flexibility in our workout strategies to help us overcome limitations in strength. 

The trouble is a lot of guys spend all the time focusing on bulking rather than limbering up. 

However, adding the benefits of yoga into your schedule could make it easier to avoid aches and pains every day. 

Yoga helps you to pay more attention to your posture, while also giving you the extra dose of flexibility you need too. 

Yoga for men benefit 5: Improve your other workouts

Speaking of better posture. The yoga benefits for men can be a lot broader than you’d think. 

Because yoga for men helps with eliminating your stiffness and form problems, it can also improve your performance in virtually any physical activity. 

Yoga has the potential to increase your stamina, muscle strength, and flexibility. 

Since you’ll have muscles that are capable of working for longer without tiring out, you could finally achieve your weight-lifting goals, without putting yourself in the hospital. 

Oh, and on top of that, yoga can actually help your muscles to grow stronger a lot faster too

That’s because stretching out your body helps with circulation, which is crucial in improving your recovery times. 

Combine that with a boosted respiratory system, and you’ll find that your performance and endurance levels both go through the roof. 

Yoga for men benefit 6: Supports better digestion

Yoga for men isn’t just great for building bulky muscles. 

A little regular stretching in your routine can also help you to maintain a flat stomach and chase off pesky gut problems. 

That’s because ironing out the kinks in your body helps to get rid of things like constipation, gas, and bloating. You know – all those things that make you feel terrible after a night out with the lads. 

Engaging in a regular yoga routine is basically like giving your abdominal area a much-needed massage

At the same time, the stretching that you do will help to strengthen your abdominal muscles, while improving blood circulation in the stomach. 

All of those things reduce digestion and stomach problems – making it much easier to go to the bathroom. Hey – everybody poops. 

Yoga for men benefit 7: Enhances productivity

You know those days where you tell yourself that you’re going to get lots done, and then you actually spend 12 hours on the sofa? Those are the kind of days that toga can help you to avoid. 

One of the biggest benefits of yoga for men is that it improves productivity. 

We often feel more exhausted and lethargic when we have poor blood and oxygen flow throughout our various crucial internal systems. 

Yoga helps to eliminate those issues by getting your blood pumping in the right direction, so you can actually get things done. 

At the same time, yoga for men is all about discovering the crucial mind-body connection. 

The more you work on your skills with yoga, the more you’ll increase your concentration and focus levels – often through meditation and proper breathing

Eventually, you’ll start to learn some techniques that you can use to keep your eye on the prize when you’re usually getting distracted by endless sources of procrastination. 

Yoga for men benefit 8: Strengthens the immune system

Last but not least, if you’re still wondering “Is yoga for men?” or “Can men do yoga?” then ask yourself this: “Do you want to spend less time in the doctor’s office?”

Ultimately, Yoga for men is excellent for a multitude of reasons. 

It helps you to build your muscles faster, accomplish your personal and professional goals, and overcome periods of stress. 

However, it can also give you the tools you need to fight back against issues that might slow you down in the future too – like illness

The white blood cells in your body that fight against disease and infection are transferred around your various organs by your lymphatic system. Yoga helps to open up that system, ensuring that blood and other nutrients can move more freely around the body. 

The more you work on your yoga routine, the healthier you’re going to be. 

Should men do yoga?

Ultimately, if you want to be healthier, sexier, and better in bed – then yoga is a good shout. 

It might not seem like the most rugged and manly exercise that there is, but yoga for men gives you all of the resources you need to build an incredible body – and a healthier mind too. 

If you want to learn more about yoga for men, or you’re looking for tips on how to improve your workout routine in other ways, check out the other guidance right here at Blitz’d today. 

In the meantime, why not share a link to your favourite Yoga pose below – or tell us about how adding yoga to your routine has affected you? 

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