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The 8 best free fitness apps to download and get you in shape

Want to get in shape this year? You’re not alone. Here’s your guide to the best free fitness apps…

The Dad Bod trend isn’t as popular as it was, and if we’re honest, when it comes to stomachs, six-packs are better than beer belly kegs. 

As the ultimate miracle drug, exercise and fitness doesn’t just make you more attractive (although let’s face it – it does). The right health routine also improves your mood so you’re more fun to be around, extends your life expectancy, and gives you an awesome self-esteem boost. 

There’s a reason why countless men are practically addicted to the gym – and it’s not just the girls in skimpy yoga pants. 

Unfortunately, getting ripped isn’t exactly a walk in the park. 

If you want to make a real difference to your physique this year, you’re going to need something that keeps you focused, motivated, and on track. 

That’s why we’re listing our Blitz’d best free fitness apps. 

Want a banging body this year? There’s an app for that. 

1. Johnson & Johnson official app

If you’re going to be spending all your free time on an exercise routine, then it’s safe to say you want something that works. 

Fortunately, the Fitocracy app can help with that. This handy free-app is all about adding gamification and fun to real-world exercise. You even get rewards for your hard work in the form of handy points. While the rewards might be virtual in nature, your improved level of fitness will be very real. 

The best part? You don’t need a lot of extra time in your schedule to get started. This app is perfect for beginners who are still struggling to find extra minutes in their routine after work. 

Best for: Beginners in need of a full-body workout. You’ll get an epic fitness-building interval program, combined with helpful tips and guidance. 

Available on: Android and iOS.

2. Fitocracy

When you’re first getting started, getting fit can feel like a real chore. 

You need to find the time to add exercise to your schedule, and you’ve got things like muscle strain and exhaustion to worry about too. It’s gonna take something special to keep you feeling inspired. 

Fortunately, the Fitocracy app can help with that. This handy free-app is all about adding gamification and fun to real-world exercise. You even get rewards for your hard work in the form of handy points. While the rewards might be virtual in nature, your improved level of fitness will be very real. 

There is a 100% free version of the app available, but you can also access a more advanced option with private messaging and detailed insights on your exercise routines for a price. 

Best for: People who want more fun and competition in their workout routines. One of the best free fitness apps for iPhone users too. 

Available on: iOS.

Free Fitness Apps

3. Nike+ Training Club

Nike is one of the most popular fitness companies in the world. 

The whole vibe of this brand comes from its commitment to turning everyday people into superstars. It only makes sense that you’d get a pretty effective free fitness app from the Nike company. 

The Nike+ Training Club comes with more than 100 workouts that have been custom made by real-life Nike trainers (we’re talking the athletes, not the shoes). Additionally, it’s great for people who want a free health and fitness app that comes with tracking, support, and guidance. You can also find a Nike app for running elsewhere too. 

Best for: People in need of full-body strength training and individual workouts. It’s great for tracking your overall fitness too. 

4. Strava

If you’ve ever looked into the best free fitness apps before, then you’ve probably heard of Strava. This mobile app is specifically designed for aerobics. In other words, it’s not going to turn you into the next Hercules, but it will help you out with cycling and running routines.

With Strava, you can track your workout routines and cycling paths on a map and access some handy info about things like speed and elevation. If you’re feeling particularly competitive then you can also compare yourself to other people who have taken similar routes before. It’s a great way to earn yourself some bragging rights.

This is a good free fitness app for beginners, and it can also be upgraded to a premium version if you’re looking for customised workouts. 

Best for: Cyclists who need help working on their routines, or people who want a free health and fitness app that focuses on aerobics. 

Available on: Android and iOS.

5. Fitbod

Fitbod is another of the best free fitness apps that we’ve found on the market. This sensational tool supports everything from weight-lifting to bodybuilding, and strength training. If you want an app that’s gonna help you sculpt your beer belly into something epic, Fitbod has you covered. 

The great thing about Fitbod, is that it gets personal with your training sessions. It’s not going to pinpoint all your little insecurities, but it will give you the option to come clean about the areas that you most need to target. That means that you end up with a workout plan that’s tailored to your goals – and no-one else’s. 

As the best free fitness apps go, Fitbod is brimming with great features, including descriptions and videos of the exercises you’re going to be trying out. 

Best for: Bodyweight training and strength training. This fitness app will help you to design the ultimate personalized training strategy. 

Available on: iOS 

Free Fitness Apps

6. Fitbit 

You don’t necessarily need a Fitbit wearable tracker to use the Fitbit app for your iPhone. Although, personally, we think that it’s much easier to ramp up your workout routines if you do have access to a wearable. 

Still, Fitbit stands out as one of the best free fitness apps on the market, offering sensational support for tracking your running, walking, hiking, and other routines. You can record your workouts manually, monitor hydration, log your meals, and more. 

One big bonus? You don’t have to worry about pesky in-app purchases. However, it’s worth noting that the whole app is basically a huge ad for owning your own smart wearable device. 

Best for: People who have a Fitbit tracker and want to keep an eye on their progress towards fitness goals. You can even log metrics like heart rate and sleep quality!

Available on: Android and iOS.

7. MyFitnessPal

Pro tip: The best health and fitness apps don’t have to focus exclusively on exercise. 

We’d recommend having at least one app on your phone that tracks what you eat too. That will ensure that you can keep an eye on your calorie count and hold yourself accountable for your chicken nugget binging sessions. 

If you know that you need to control your diet more carefully, but you hate the idea of tracking every calorie with a piece of paper and a pen, then MyFitnessPal could be the perfect solution. This free fitness app will make it easy to log meals and snacks, with over six million foods already logged in the system. 

You can import your own recipe information, log specific items form cafes and restaurants, and find healthier ways to eat too. Oh – the app works as an exercise monitor also, integrating with a bunch of external tools. 

Best for: People who need to track their diet as well as their exercise routines. 

Available on: Android and iOS.

8. Fit Radio

It’s time to turn your workout routine into a party. 

Even if you subscribe to handy tools like Spotify or Apple Music, it’s not always easy to find the music that keeps you buzzed when you’re working out. 

Fortunately, Fit Radio can help. It delivers carefully curated high-intensity music that’s designed to suit the kind of workout you want to do. There are dozens of new workouts added every week with guides to help you out. What’s more, you can choose to sort through music by BPM, activity, or DJ.

If you’re working on your aerobics, there’s even an available running tab that you can use to match your pace to the music. 

Best for: People who like to whistle while they work. If you’re looking for the best free fitness apps for fun and performance – this is a great choice. 

Available on: Android and iOS.

Choosing the best free fitness apps

You don’t need an app to get fit and healthy – but it helps.

Having a tool on your smartphone that can inspire you with new workout routines, deliver helpful advice, or even just track your progress towards your goals makes a huge difference.

You can even find free health and fitness apps that will improve your mood, keep you motivated, and support your dieting needs too. 

The options we covered above are just some of the preferred apps that we use here at Blitz’d, but there are plenty of other choices out there. 

What are some of the good free fitness apps that you’ve tried before? Let us know in the comments below! 

Stay tuned for more health and fitness advice from Blitz’d! 

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