Painful urination after sex? Why it hurts to pee after ejaculating

If it hurts to pee after ejaculating, you don’t always need to panic. Pain after ejaculation is a common issue caused by a number of factors. However, having a general knowledge of what causes pain after ejaculation can be helpful when determining whether you need to seek medical help.

If it burns when peeing after intercourse, or you have unexplained pain after ejaculation from masturbation, you’re dealing with something called “dysuria”. This condition impacts both men and women and can occur at any age.

The key to keeping yourself healthy, is knowing how to tell the difference between a symptom of something in need of treatment, like an infection, and general discomfort.

Why does it burn when I pee after sex?

Let’s start by looking at pain burning pee after sex, or discomfort after intercourse. If you’re experiencing painful urination after sex, there are a few potential issues at play. The first and most common cause is an external issue – related to the skin around the opening of your urethra.

If your partner didn’t produce enough lubrication on her own, or you didn’t use enough lubrication to aid your sexual encounter, this can cause friction and discomfort around the skin at the entrance to your urethra.

The penis often becomes highly sensitive after sex or ejaculation in any situation, extra friction or tugging can be a common cause of painful urination.

You’ll know if the problem was your partner being a little too dry if the pain goes away soon after intercourse.

Other reasons for painful urination after sex include:


If you use certain lubricants and condoms, your skin might react negatively to the chemicals in these products, prompting an allergic reaction or irritation. If you’re concerned you might be allergic to something (even if it’s something embarrassing like a lube), speak to your doctor.

You may also need to seek emergency help if the reaction is severe.

Inflammation or skin conditions

The symptoms of certain skin conditions which affect the penis can also be triggered by sex. Eczema can make the skin around your penis feel uncomfortable, as can lichen planus, which causes shiny raised bumps on the skin.

A common cause of pain after ejaculation for men is balanitis, a kind of swelling around the penis.


A urinary tract infection is one of the most common reasons for painful urination after sex. If it burns when peeing after intercourse, this won’t always guarantee you have a water infection. However, it’s quite easy for bacteria to get into the urethra during sex, causing an infection.

UTIs can be very dangerous and need medical attention.

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Why it hurts to pee after ejaculating

If your question isn’t “why does it hurt when I pee after sex?” but, “why am I having pain after ejaculating?” the problem may be related to something else entirely.

Pain after ejaculation when you’re masturbating or having sex can be a symptom of an STI, particularly if the problem keeps happening regularly.

STIs can be very dangerous, which is why it’s so important to always wear protection when having sex with a new partner, or someone you can’t guarantee has been tested. Notably, it can take a while for symptoms of an STI to appear after having unprotected sex.

Pain after ejaculation can also be a sign of a genital infection and similar conditions. One possibility common among men is “Prostatitis” which is inflammation of the prostate gland responsible for producing fluid to mix with sperm to create semen.

When to speak to a doctor about pain after ejaculation

Speaking to a doctor about something like ejaculation or pain going to the bathroom isn’t something most guys will look forward to. Unfortunately, a lot of infections and other conditions responsible for pain after ejaculation can worsen over time.

This means if you want to make sure you feel your best again as quickly as possible, you need to speak to a doctor.

A single session of slightly painful peeing after sex usually isn’t a symptom of something serious. If it only happens once, then you might just have to work a little harder at arousing your partner or consider using a different kind of condom.

However, if you’re constantly having discomfort after sex, you’ll need to speak to a doctor to rule out other conditions.

Contact a doctor if:

  • Your symptoms worsen or don’t get better within 2 days.
  • You have symptoms of burning and itching.
  • You have UTI symptoms, such as cloudy pee.
  • You’ve had unprotected sex with symptoms of an STI.
  • You feel concerned about medication which might be having side effects.

Contact an emergency department or hospital immediately if you have pain when peeing and also have a very high or low temperature, feel confused, or show signs of sepsis.

If you haven’t peed for a long time, notice blood in your pee, or have pain in your stomach or lower back, you should also seek immediate medical attention.

What to do about painful urination after sex

If you have pain after ejaculation and there’s no cause for alarm, the best thing you can do is rest your private parts and make sure you don’t expose them to any more friction or painful environments for a while.

Self-care measures at home like washing your genitals correctly and avoiding any scented soaps for a while can help to encourage quicker recovery. It’s also a good idea to avoid any underwear which might be causing chafing.

The recovery time for painful peeing after sex will often depend on a number of factors, including the cause of your original discomfort. If you’re just having an irritation as a result of a product, or you’re struggling with friction burns, you’ll get over the issue quite quickly.

If you have an issue caused by an infection or a medical condition, the only way to ensure a quick recovery is to get treatment.

If the problem with painful urination after sex comes from issues with lubrication, having more foreplay before sex can be the answer.

Take some time to make sure your partner is wet enough before you get to the main event and consider using water-based lubricants to make the ride as smooth as possible.

If you’re concerned you might be allergic to the lubricant and other products you’re using during sex, it might be worth asking your doctor for some advice on alternatives you can safely use.

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Can you avoid painful urination after sex?

It’s difficult to avoid anything and everything potentially responsible for pain after sex. However, you can avoid some common causes of discomfort.

For instance, take some time to figure out which lubricants and condoms work best for you, and make sure you stay away from anything that causes discomfort – even if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to search for the right product.

Take extra time to ensure there’s plenty of lubrication available before you begin having intercourse, to reduce the amount of friction on your penis, and consider washing your genitals thoroughly after sex.

Washing after sex will help to reduce the risk of bacteria getting into the urethra and causing an infection. It’s not just women who benefit from peeing after sex either.

If you’re consistently struggling with pain before, during, and after sex, speak to a doctor about your condition. You might find there’s something going on you can fix much faster than you’d expect. The quicker you deal with the problem, the faster you can go back to enjoying intercourse.

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