Everything you need to know about female belly button fetish

Let’s be honest: sex is weird. Don’t get me wrong: sex is also great. Like, the greatest thing ever, obviously. And this is a sex-positive, non-judgmental space, so please take all of this in that vein.

But come on: humans are a wacky bunch of weirdo, horned-up, crackpot creatures when it comes to what we’re sexually attracted to.

The incredible variety of people, people types, monster types, objects, acts, body parts, body sizes, animals, words, machines, and even disabilities that turn people’s cranks is downright stunning when you try to take it all in. 

Imagining a comprehensive list of everything that people are sexually attracted to might literally drive you mad. (See Rule 34, if you’re brave. NSFW as hell.)

Gazing deeper into navel fetish

But let’s non-judgmentally look at a small slice of that massive pie of crazy: belly button fetish. 

Of course, from a hetero male or female same-sex-attracted perspective, there’s something absolutely delicious and enticing about a fine female belly.

Some like them flat, some like a little pooch, and some like even more than that.

But while most of us probably find that the inherent hotness of the female midriff has to do with it being a small portion of the entire female form – and enticingly smack-dab between some other parts that are also quite delicious in their own right – there’s a whole other level of belly lust out there.

And at its center of course is a belly button, or navel.

Adult Breastfeeding 2

Belly button fetish: What is it?

Let’s start by defining our terms. Wikipedia describes sexual fetishism as: “…a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or nongenital body part,” and goes on to explain that attraction to a specific body part is also defined sometimes as “partialism.”

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When we bring it down to the level of the navel fetish, it turns out that the scientific name for that is alvinophilia.

Thankfully, alvinophilia has nothing to do with cartoon chipmunks. Which can no doubt be found on the aforementioned Rule 34 but please for god’s sake don’t search for that.

Alvinophilia, belly button sex, and food

Alvinophilia for some adherents means an attraction strictly for the aesthetics of the belly button: an overwhelming desire to lick it, touch it, finger it, or just gaze upon all its sweaty, sexy, hollowed-out or protruding glory.

For other people into belly button sex, the link between the belly and food is the important part. They combine the hole itself with various food products and lick them away, be it honey, chocolate syrup, or Tabasco sauce.

Chilean author Isabel Allende describes a character loving to eat a raw egg with chopped onion, salt, lemon and hot sauce from a lover’s belly.

In fact, when you start to delve into female belly button fetish, you quickly find there’s a whole array of related interests – food-related and otherwise.

Alvinolagnia and midriff fetish

For instance, alvinophilia can also be folded into the broader topic of alvinolagnia, or an attraction to the belly area in general.

Some enthusiasts of the female belly button prefer the term “navel infatuation” to describe their avocation.

Others still are into what the belly represents in a larger sense: being full, well-fed, comforted, and safe.

We’ll get into some specifics of the various female belly button fetish areas of interest in a moment, but first let’s look at some of the history of belly button worship and what some psychologists and other thinkers believe it may represent.

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Female navel fetish: What is the belly button?

The belly button is technically called the umbilicus, the place where the umbilical cord was attached to us as a fetus. That’s the tube where our mothers’ bodies provided our nourishment before we were born, and which gets snipped after we’re born.

Some 90 percent of us have “innies” while just 10 percent are sporting “outies.” A common misconception is that each belly button forms in its particular way because of the knot the doctor ties in what remains of the umbilical cord after birth, but this isn’t quite right.

In reality, the doctor clamps off the umbilical stump and over the course of about four weeks the part that remains outside the body just falls off. That leaves the navel, whether it be innie or outie, for better or worse.

Belly button fetish and symbolism

Of course, being the location where our mothers literally nourished us and provided us the means to live, the belly button fetish carries some heavy and obvious symbolism.

In addition to being the literal source of our lives, the location where we were biologically nurtured and fed before birth, the navel is also located at the center of the body, lending it another type of symbolic importance.

There are also of course strong notes of Oedipal sentiments here, as well as a desire to be mothered or comforted.

The navel fetish is nothing new. It even extends back into history as not only something that’s considered erotic and sexual, but also something mystical, often regarded as a connection to capital-L Life.

You’ll often find that ancient depictions of fertility goddesses and representations of Mother Earth feature female figures with prominent bellies as well as pendulous breasts.

Belly Button Fetish 3

Sexy belly buttons

But regardless of whether a belly button is an extrovert or an introvert, throughout history they’ve been regarded as erotic, representing a tiny little erogenous zone all their own.

At certain points in history and in certain places, the humble female belly button has been regarded as obscene or at least taboo, and exposure of the female midriff – and at times the male midriff as well – has been banned or outlawed.

In modern western culture, lovers of a fine exposed navel can thank singer/actor Cher for being one of the first to Free the Belly. She famously and controversially appeared on her 1970s television show and in concert in gowns and outfits that offered fans a clear view of her exposed midriff.

Fast-forward to the 2000s and beyond and suddenly everyone was all about the belly. Artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, and Mandy Moore were exposing their midriffs all over the place to the delight of navel fetish enthusiasts.

Keira Knightley has said that what landed her role in 2003’s “Love Actually” was director Richard Curtis’ obsession with her belly button. Wardrobe for the film even constructed a wedding dress for her character that exposed her belly button.

And let’s face it: people with a navel fetish aren’t wrong. As some evolutionary psychologists point out, men are instinctively attracted to bodily orifices.

Suggesting that for men the belly button is like “a small vagina” as Dr. Elmar Basse says may be taking it a bit too far, but only a bit.

For some belly button fetish enthusiasts, that’s only the beginning.

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Where there’s a hole, a hard cock, and willing participants, something’s bound to happen. And there are plenty of navel fetish enthusiasts out there who delight in getting with big ladies with deep bellies and literally fucking them.

But for most belly button fetish lovers, belly button sex doesn’t usually include literal penetration of the navel. Much like the aforementioned vast array of sexual turn-ons we humans have, so too are there a wide variety of ways that people celebrate belly button fetish.

Belly button fetish sites

Here are a few communities where enthusiasts gather to share photos, chat, meet, and more. As always, be safe and exercise caution when meeting strangers, even if it’s confined to an online space.

Midriff – Reddit’s r/midriff is probably what most guys think of when they entertain a taste for sexy belly buttons. These are generally vanilla pics of standard hot, young, flat-bellied women with a bare midriff, nothing more, nothing less, ever delightful.

Deviant Art navel lovers –  This is a fairly robust, freewheeling community of artists and their fans who are fixated on the belly and the belly button, and art creations celebrating it.

BellyInc – BellyInc on the other hand is a site that requires users to register a handle and login. They take a bit more of a heavy-handed approach to controlling their site and making sure their interest presents as vanilla and non-threatening as possible and want to avoid being seen as just a “fap forum.”

Female Belly Expansion – Here come the more food-related forums, with the female belly expansion subreddit. These ladies and their fans post pics of female bellies that are, shall we say, robust, and growing.

There’s a lively back and forth in the comments, offering encouragement, support and applause for their efforts.

Feeders – And the piece de resistance of the food-related belly button fetish world: feeders. Reddit’s r/stuffers sub is home to feeders and feedees, ladies who are trying to get bigger, and the men and women who get off on feeding them and helping them on their journey.

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