Adult Breastfeeding

Erotic lactation: The fine art of adult breastfeeding

or…These ain’t yo mama’s titties (jk).

If you’ve ever watched the HBO series ‘The Boys’ – [SPOILERS AHEAD] and you absolutely should, if you’d like a dark-humored take on fucked-up, celebrity superheroes as envisioned by Garth Ennis – you may recall a certain scene that involved an adult superhero drinking breast milk.

The slurping ‘supe’ in question is quite clearly a deranged psychopath hiding behind a nice smile and carefully-curated public persona.

His psychological damage drives him to have SERIOUS mommy issues, and in this highly disturbing scene, he laps at a bottle of breast milk that had been produced by his now-dead former boss/mother figure/lover while making noises like a horny, hungry kitten.

Despite the show’s quality and popularity, it’s unfortunate that its creators chose this particular framing to depict adult breastfeeding: a vanilla, judgmental sense of generalized ‘Ewww.’

But the fact of the matter is, when it comes to exploring one’s sexuality, erotic lactation is a widely popular pursuit. On Meetup alone, there are currently 79 groups dedicated to adult breastfeeding boasting over 17,000 members.

In just the U.S. there are hundreds of other sites, each with hundreds of groups dedicated to the practice.

So, somebody’s into it – why? What do they get out of it?

We’ll look more closely at the science of lactation, the experience of couples who enjoy erotic lactation, and the history of the practice.

Breastfeeding adults throughout history

It may seem at first glance to be the sort of a taboo that should automatically – and perhaps rightly – stir up uncomfortable feelings in people.

But adult breastfeeding – whether or not it’s technically erotic breastfeeding – has been documented for thousands of years.

The ancient Romans tell the story ‘Caritus Romanus,’ in which a woman named Pero covertly allows her own father to suckle at her breasts in order to save him from his prison sentence of death by starvation.

And in ‘Grapes of Wrath,’ John Steinbeck’s classic tale of the harsh realities of the American Dust Bowl during the Great Depression, the story ends with a young woman in a homeless encampment who has just lost her newborn child saving a starving man’s life by allowing him to suckle.

Adult Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Fetish: Why would a grown man want to breastfeed?

But back to the erotic version of breastfeeding.

Despite an initial sense of cringe many otherwise open-minded people might feel when they hear the term ‘breastfeeding fetish,’ this particular kink is no weirder than any other.

People who are into erotic breastfeeding cite numerous benefits and even joy that they gain from it:


Intimacy is the most common benefit breastfeeding adults reference when asked about the practice. Indeed, for some, sex isn’t even a part of it.

When you consider that for women who are nursing, their body releases the hormone oxytocin, also known as the pleasure hormone or the love hormone, feelings of profound warmth and intimacy toward an adult breastfeeding partner makes sense.

Yes, oxytocin is associated with arousal and orgasm, but it’s also responsible for creating or reinforcing feelings of bonding and pleasure of a platonic sort.


Adding erotic breastfeeding to your menu of sexual play can open a wide variety of doors in terms of roleplay.

Beyond the most obvious expression of a maternal role over a child role for the partners of women breastfeeding adults, there is also ample space for some BDSM, dominance and submissive roles, and much more for the imaginative.

Health benefits

Breastfeeding is famously known to be a primary way that a mother passes her immunity to her child.

In fact, much like the aforementioned literary examples of starving men suckling in order to get nutrients.

In China even today there are areas where the practice of women breastfeeding adults who are sickly or recovering from an illness is common.

Human breast milk is packed full of nutrients as well, so there’s very little downside to erotic lactation when it comes to actually consuming the milk.

Bigger boobies!

Hey guess where breast milk comes from? You guessed it – boobs. And women who are breastfeeding notoriously gain significant boobage while they’re at it.

Granted, this might not be the top most diplomatic angle to take when suggesting to your partner that you might like to try engaging in a lactation fetish, but nonetheless it’s a solid side benefit.

More girlgasms

There are women out there who can cum or at least get close to it just from nipple play. And people who enjoy an adult breastfeeding fetish note how sensitive and easily aroused a woman’s nipples get when she’s nursing.

Hey, if suckling on her breasts regularly gets her to the point where a stiff breeze rustling her breasts can put her over the edge, why not give it a try?

How do adults induce lactation while breastfeeding?

So, you’ve talked with your partner, and you’ve decided that while you’re down to try adult breastfeeding.

So, what to do to prime the pump, so to speak?

Breast pumps

Funny you should use that word: breast pumps cause the body to produce the hormone prolactin, which in turn prompts milk production.

According to – the research I do for you people, sheesh – a woman should begin pumping 3 times a day for about 5 minutes at a time, then slowly build up the frequency and duration until she’s eventually pumping every 2 -3 hours for 15 -20 minutes.

Diet and medication

There is a certain class of drugs that stimulate the production of prolactin, called by the amazing and otherworldly name ‘galactogogues.’ Meds like domperidone that promote lactation can be ordered online without a prescription, for instance.

Also, be aware that drugs containing pseudoephedrine (Sudafed, Zyrtec and the like) as well as some hormonal birth control meds can interfere with the production of breast milk.

But there are plenty of foods that act as natural galactogogues, including eggs, oats, brown rice, almonds, and salmon. Another important diet point is to stay hydrated.

Getting it flowing

Once the groundwork has been laid, it’s time you got laid as well! To get your lady’s breast milk flowing, try laying a warm, damp towel on her breasts to signal to her body that it’s time.

Also, stimulating her nipples by lightly stroking them – remember, that shit’s sensitive right now – can help to induce the flow and stimulate the milk-ejection reflex.

Adult Breastfeeding

Is it healthy for adults to drink breast milk?

As mentioned above, there is undeniable nutritional value in breast milk. While most healthy adults should already be getting all the nutrients contained in breast milk, and thus may not gain any extra benefits, it certainly can’t hurt to slurp down all those delicious vitamins and minerals.

But for the sake of fully understanding some of the wilder claims you’re bound to encounter as you delve into the world of adult breast suckling, be aware that in 2015, a Royal Society of Medicine study found that the health benefits for adults breastfeeding:

“…do not stand up clinically,” and that “…no scientific study evidences that direct adult consumption of human milk for medicinal properties offers anything more than a placebo effect.”  (Man, those guys are no fun…)

Having said that, and remembering that for the most part there’s no danger in consuming breast milk, there are a few dangers to watch out for as you pursue the pleasures of adult breastfeeding sex.

  • Sore and damaged nipples.
  • Breast stimulation can cause her to produce too much milk.
  • Disease can be spread through breast milk, as can yeast infections.
  • If she’s pregnant, be careful because nipple stimulation can trigger early labor.
  • Excessive nipple stimulation and suckling can cause a condition called mastitis, an inflammatory response that causes the breasts to be painful and swollen.
  • Irregular milk stimulation can cause the milk ducts to get clogged and infected, so if you’re going down this road, you’ve got to stick with it!

The bottom line is that for millions of people around the world, adult breastfeeding or erotic lactation is simply another aspect of their intimate, and not necessarily even overtly sexual lives.

Indeed, for women who are already lactating, having a partner who helps stimulate the flow of her breast milk can save her from having to take drugs unnecessarily while simultaneously building a much closer bond.

That closeness is not only physical, it’s also a function of the additional time a set of partners must spend together, since she’ll need to stimulate her milk expression several times per day.

And yeah, it’s a taboo. Undeniably, there are maternal undertones and a subversion of the mother/child relationship embedded within the pursuit of adult breastfeeding sex relationship.

But subversion of norms is what kink is all about. And as bold explorers of the land within our minds and bodies, taking a trip down a milky side path shouldn’t be any more strange or repulsive than any other sexual diversion we might want to pursue.

Milk ahoy, gentlemen, milk ahoy!

Speaking of, maybe enjoy with some Chips Ahoy cookies?

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