Lads Weekend In Europe

The best places for a lads weekend in Europe

Getting out on a proper boys weekend away is a necessity every now and then.

A good old fashioned lad’s weekend away keeps us young at heart – even if it ages the liver massively.

We’re talking about the kind of weekend where anything goes, alcohol flows, and the bro-code dictates that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – or Europe, in this case.

And with flights and accommodations having gotten so much cheaper in recent years, there’s no good reason why you can’t arrange some bro-time in a number of world-class destinations in Europe – all of which have some of the hottest women in the world.

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1. Lads weekend in Europe: Prague

This 1,000-year-old city is on the bucket list of many a university-bound girl taking a gap year to travel, or seeking post-graduation adventure. 

And with its old world charm mixed with the youthful spirit of the hordes of young hotties that descend on Prague, it’s a place where if you can’t pull, then you are bad at this.

Prague is the birthplace of Pilsner beer, and much of the local culture is centred around our favourite beverage. So after you return home and your lady asks you what you did on your lads weekend in Prague, you can tell her honestly, ‘I celebrated the local culture.’

Maybe leave out the fact that locals call beer ‘liquid bread’ or that it’s common to drink beer with your breakfast. What happens in Prague… At any rate, be sure to pay homage at the Czech Beer Museum.

Having put away several pints of local culture, it’s time to hit the nightlife of Prague on your lads weekend away. 

Start out at Lucerna Music Club near Wenceslas Square in the heart of the city’s Old Town. This venerable music and dance venue always fills up fast. Be sure to check out their 80s night to meet girls from all over the world who are up for a fun time singing along to Madonna!

For the next stop on your boys weekend, you’ll definitely want to see Chapeau Rouge. From the outside it may look pretty unimpressive, but this club is full of sub-sub-levels. 

You can get lost among the twists and turns, and the further down you go, the wilder it gets in the various bars and dance floors. A perfect place to find a dark corner to chat with a girl you met at Lucerna or just a sweaty night of dancing.

Finally, no tail-chasing trip to Prague is complete without a visit to Karlovy Lazne, billed as the biggest club in Central Europe. 

With five stories and even an elevator taking you to god knows how many bars and dance floors, you’ll quickly see why Prague is the answer to where should I spend a lads weekend away.

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2. Lads weekend in Europe: Amsterdam

Amsterdam for the tourist generally has a reputation for two things: weed and prostitution. And we’re not gonna lie – both of those are widely available.

But what you don’t hear as often about Amsterdam is that it’s also a great place to meet girls from all over the world. The city is a huge purveyor of all kinds of dance music known the world over, and there are clubs to suit every taste just teeming with hot and sweaty young things dancing till dawn.

Still, when in Rome, right? 

Start your lads weekend in Amsterdam by strolling in De Wallen, the red-light district in the city centre dating back to 1300s. As you’ll quickly see, the women on display in the windows are gorgeous, and they offer all kinds of fun services.

But where’s the challenge in just paying for it? You’re working your chat-up skills here, not your ability to use your credit card. 

So next up, maybe check out some of Amsterdam best weed cafes – if you and your friends are into it – like Grey Area

It’s actually not a bad place to try to pull or at least get some digits for later, as the atmosphere is quite convivial and friendly – plus it’s a celebrity hangout, having hosted patrons like Snoop Dogg, so it’s often packed with tourists.

After some munchies, time to hit the clubs. 

AIR Amsterdam is a great first stop after smoking up not only because it’s a great place to meet women on your lads weekend in Amsterdam, but also because it has a tremendous sound system, a mind-blowing LED light wall, and is ranked in the top 100 clubs in the world.

If you want to take it down a notch, head to The Chin Chin Club, referred to as the city’s “social clubhouse” where a great blend of locals and tourists dance, do karaoke, play arcade games and chill. 

A super relaxed yet fun and lively atmosphere makes for the ideal chat-up prospects on your lads weekend!

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3. Lads weekend in Europe: Copenhagen

Ah, Scandinavia, with your lovely blond, statuesque women! Just an hour and a half from London lies a land of such gorgeous beauty that you may never want to return!

If you go in summer, you should definitely start off your lads weekend in Copenhagen with a visit to Amager Beach, the so-called ‘Scandinavian Copacabana.’ 

Now, the temperature may not get as hot as the real Copacabana Beach in South America, but nowhere in the world are there hotter women than the young ladies that swarm to Amager Beach. 

There’s volleyball and all kinds of beach games as well as sunbathing, and if you’re feeling particularly brave or foolhardy, head up to the nude beach area!

After you’ve had your fill of sun, sand and tanned Nordic flesh, head to the harbor area of Nyhavn for dinner and drinks. The harbour-side district is home to dozens of bars and restaurants, and hundreds of young, hot Danes love to gather here to enjoy a cocktail with friends while watching the sun set.

Now it’s time for the nightlife, the main point of any lad’s weekend away in Europe. 

Start at The Jane where you first enter through an area with a ‘Mad Men,’ cigars and brandy kind of vibe. But as you descend the staircase, the space opens up to reveal a great dance floor. There are three bars, and plenty of nooks and crannies where you can have a private conversation.

Next up it’s time to head to Chateau Motel

This incredible four-level club is built in an old-style Danish building, and you’ll pass a 19th-century chandelier illuminating the first-story dance floor. The club features a variety of music and plenty of girls from all over the world shaking it until dawn.

Finally, blow it out at Culture Box. This globally respected club features some of the underground electronic music’s best DJs, and you are all but guaranteed to meet a ton of top totty here! 

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4. Lads weekend in Europe: Berlin

Time to take your boys weekend break to the beating heart of the late-night dance scene in Europe: Berlin. 

Start your lads weekend in Berlin at the Club der Visionaere, an awesome canal-side club where you can just have a few beers or get on the dance floor. It’s always a really friendly crowd out on the deck where you can meet new people over cocktails.

Next you’ll want to check out the legendary KitKat Club, the hedonist sex and techno club featuring a maze-like complex of bars, dance floors and chill rooms, a sketchy-looking swimming pool, and a mock operating room. 

This is the place to meet adventurous ladies, but be warned: it really is almost ‘anything goes.’

Hit Chalet next, built in a 150-year old townhouse and featuring multiple levels and rooms to get lost in. There are tons of dance floors, and locals and tourists alike flock to Chalet. 

When the dance floor gets too steamy, or you’re ready to take your conversation to the next level, there’s a broad, lush garden outside where you can have some alone time with your new friend.

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5. Lads weekend in Europe: Hamburg

We may have saved the best lads weekend away for last, since Hamburg regularly gets rated as one of the top places to have a night out in Europe. 

Start the night off by heading to the St. Pauli district which is the heart of Hamburg nightlife with sex shops, erotic bars, and dance clubs of every stripe. 

Hit the Reeperbahn running with a pint at Molly Malone’s, a vibrant Irish bar with a friendly vibe where you can easily start a conversation with a young lovely over a single malt or one of their great selection of Irish whiskeys. 

If dancing to electronica or house is your thing on your lad’s weekend, swing by Halo or Mondoo, where globally recognised DJs keep the crowds of sweaty dancers rolling until dawn. 

For something a little different, try Angie’s Nightclub, where the music can range from funk to swing to jazz to dance, but there is always a crowd eager to dance and meet.  

For a glimpse of the underground club scene, check out Fundbureau, with its vaulted ceilings, graffitied walls, and narrow, twisting corridors. They also have great electronic DJs and a legendary dance space.

Finally, get ready to swagger the rest of the night away at H1 Club, where you can dance until dawn in elegance and style, surrounded by the most beautiful girls in Hamburg!

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