Greek Party Islands

5 best Greek party islands for your next lad’s getaway

The best party islands in Greece are a favourite sun-splashed getaway for gap-year girls and celebs alike – here’s where you should go.

If you want to know where in Greece is good for nightlife, the Greek islands should be at the top of your list. 

‘The Greek party islands’ as they are known, rank among the world’s best destinations for people looking to soak up some sun, imbibe copious amounts of alcohol, and perhaps try to pull a celebrity or two. 

Wait – you can have this much booze-soaked fun in the sun, dance all night, and also have a chance to become a kept man for some rich and famous actress, singer or heiress with too much money and not enough self-esteem?  

Sign me up!

With the Greek party islands you’ll hit the sweet spot of sun-dappled waters, gorgeous and seemingly endless beaches, and clubs and beach bars that are constantly packed with gorgeous university students and gap-year girls – as well as celebrity sightings galore. 

Not to mention the fact that all of this awaits you just a couple hours from London for a fraction of the cost it once was, and you have to admit there’s just no reason not to make some of the top Greek party islands part of your summer plans.

So which Greek island is best for partying? Here are a few of the best party islands in Greece and the different vibe they each have to offer.

1. Mykonos

Every list of the top Greek party islands is going to start with Mykonos, and for good reason. Often referred to as the ‘Ibiza of Greece,’ Mykonos has come by its reputation honestly as the top Greek party island of them all. 

The chill, yet vibrant and cosmopolitan feel of the daylight hours is a good indication of the presence of Serious Money here, and tons of celebrities visit Mykonos on the regular. 

But don’t worry if you’re more of a budget traveler, as there’s still plenty of affordable places to stay and things to do on the legendary Greek party island Mykonos. 

When night falls, you’ll quickly see that it was worth every penny anyway. 

The party ramps up and the mad hedonism of one of the best party places in Greece is on full display, earning Mykonos its title as one of the best Greek party islands

Check out Paradise Club, one of the most famous clubs in all of Europe, featuring three stages, its own swimming pool, and massive parties that create stories to last a lifetime – even if some of the details are a little fuzzy.

Some of the best parties in Mykonos also take place at the beach bars under the open skies, with the water lapping close by. 

World-class DJs descend on the island every summer, and no matter what night of the week it is, Mykonos is without a doubt one of the best Greek Islands for nightlife.

2. Corfu 

Another of the major destinations for people seeking out the best Greek party islands is Corfu. 

The island boasts long, gorgeous coastlines and amazing beaches for your daytime hangover recovery process, as well as some of the top Greek party island clubs around. 

There are a ton of cool bars and clubs in the Old Town area, and during the summer, packs of wildly drunken uni girls rage through the streets bouncing from club to club, which alone makes Corfu one of the best Greek party islands. 

But Corfu’s nightlife isn’t limited only to dancing and drinking inside hot and sweaty clubs. 

Much like Mykonos, Corfu also has a bunch of open-air beach clubs making it one of the best places in Greece for partying. 

And also keep in mind that you have a ton of options in Corfu if you’re looking for the best party places in Greece, as the island is huge by Greek island standards. 

Once you’ve had enough of the Old Town vibe, you can head over to the tiny town of Kavos on the southeastern corner of the island. 

Kavos may have been built as a fishing village, but these days it rocks one of the best resorts in Greece, featuring open-air beach parties that are legendary. 

On the other end of the island, compact Sidari is always lit, with tons of resorts, hostels, and even camping areas for young partiers. 

The open air clubs and beach parties rage until dawn and are mostly set against the backdrop of the gorgeous Ionian Sea, helping Corfu earn its rep as one of the top Greek party islands. 

Be sure also to visit Kanali tou Erota while you’re in Sidari. 

It’s a unique little beach perched at the bottom of two carved sandstone cliffs northwest of the town. You’ll find plenty of club types passing the hangover hours here during the daylight hours!

3. Kos

Kos is part of the Dodecanese grouping of islands, and is a solid destination for party people looking for the best Greek party islands. 

One difference the party scene on Kos has that separates it from some of the other best party islands in Greece is that it is relatively quiet during the daylight hours. 

Once the sun goes down, you can start the night as the locals do, with cocktails or ouzo in the main square while you fuel up on dinner to prepare for the night to come. 

The party scene here in the town of Kos is focused on two main streets where a ton of bars and clubs spill out sweaty, drunken dancers every night of the week until after the sun comes up. 

You’ll find music of every persuasion, from EDM to avant-garde jazz to modern pop, and every kind of venue, from massive dance floors to laid-back hole in the walls. 

However be sure to check out the iconic Sky Bar as you continue your search for a wealthy sugar mama, as it is a destination bar known by jet-setters around the world as a great place to watch the sunset over a cocktail.

You’ll also want to visit the town of Kardemena, which is smaller but also a top draw for people wondering which is the best Greek island for partying. 

DJs from all over the world come here to spin in clubs and bars on the conveniently named Bar Street. 

4. Crete

Crete is another bigger island and as such you have to consider it one of the top dogs when you think of the best Greek party islands. 

The town of Malia is not only one of the most lively resorts in Greece, it too gets routinely compared to Ibiza. 

Malia not only has the massive party scene, the great music, celebrity DJs and the beautiful surroundings like Ibiza does, but like Ibiza, Malia also boasts hordes of top totty that descend on the island every summer. 

Here you will find one of the hottest party scenes in all of Europe, complemented by gorgeous beaches beside crystal clear blue water, booze cruises, boat parties, paint parties, and, if you time your trip to see the best Greek party islands right, even full moon parties. 

Some must-see clubs and bars include HELP Bar, famous for its hookahs, its waterfall and grotto, and great music and dancing. 

Also check out Bikini Beach for something a little more low-key. It’s a perfect Ibiza-style beach bar with great food and a chilled-out vibe for whiling away the hours next to the beautiful blue sea.

5. Zante 

Zante is an amazing addition to any list of the best Greek party islands, boasting a whopping 100 clubs and bars, not to mention the usual rip-roaring beach party scene, booze cruises, and party boats plying the turquoise waters surrounding the island. 

Lots of these clubs and parties will have an entry fee – not unusual for this kind of scene – but unlike lots of other party places in Europe, the cover charge costs on Zante are relatively modest, plus they usually get you a drink token as well, so you can save your money for getting properly pissed while dancing the night away. 

The main drag in Laganas is called The Strip, appropriately enough, and this is where you’ll find the majority of the top-rated clubs and bars that make Zante one of the best party islands in Greece.  

Definitely make your way to Rescue Club, a place that routinely gets top ratings from the press as well as satisfied customer reviews for always having a great atmosphere, and the best music selection by their in-house and guest DJs, as well as tons of special events and parties. 

Another top destination making Zante one of the best Greek Islands for nightlife is Zeros, which is bringing heavy competition for Rescue Club over which is the most beloved dance spot on the strip in Laganas. 

Zeros claims to have the biggest dance floor on the island, and it certainly is one of the most heavily trafficked of Zante’s many clubs, so you’ll have no problem meeting girls here. 

Finally, if you’re in the mood for hip hop or R&B, head over to Waikiki Club. 

The club is right on the beach and so brings a different vibe than the clubs on the main strip, but nonetheless rates as a top club, helping make Zante one of the best Greek party islands. 

The bottom line: If you’re wondering which Greek island is best for partying, the truth is you almost can’t go wrong if you pick one of these five. Every one of them brings it in terms of music, DJs, great clubs, beaches, and of course, top totty looking to party until dawn kisses the crystal clear waters off of the Greek party islands!

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