Best Coffee Machines

The 5 best coffee machines for excellent coffee

Seeking the perfect bean and the best coffee machines for 2020?

If there’s one thing that makes the morning better or at least tolerable for millions of people around the world, it’s a piping hot, fresh cup of coffee. 

There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of a freshly-brewed cup of joe to get your blood pumping and get you prepared to start your day. 

These days, no matter what your budget is, or your technical skill set, when it comes to making good coffee brewed at home there are a million choices when considering the best coffee machines for home use. 

And we’re talking about a good cup of coffee. This ain’t your dad’s flavourless and dismal spoonful of instant stirred into a lukewarm cup of brackish tap water. 

There’s no reason life should be like that. 

For too long we have borne the bonds of bad coffee! Throw off your shackles, my caffeine-addicted brethren and sistren! 

In this day and age, all the best coffee machine brands come in a wide range of prices and styles, so you absolutely can have a top-notch, cafe-quality cup of java brewed in the comfort of your own home. 

Hell, good home coffee machines are a necessity in this day and age when trips down to the local cafe to flirt with your favorite barista while waiting for your soy vanilla/carmel/whipped cream monstrosity are discouraged at best.

Even after your local coffee shop opens back up, being able to make your own quality coffee at home is not only convenient, in the long run it’ll save you money too. 

So here are a handful of some of the best coffee machines for home use. They come in a number of price ranges and in a variety of styles, and we’ve listed the pros and cons of each. 

Best Coffee Machines

1. Melitta Barista Smart TS F85

Style: bean-to-cup coffee

Cups: two

Price: £749.00 on Amazon

If we’re going to talk about making a good cup of coffee at home, we might as well start with the top of the line and go from there. 

This Melitta Barista bean-to-cup model comes with all the bells and whistles, and it has a price tag commensurate with its stature as a near-professional level coffee maker. 

At over £1,200, it should be – and thankfully it is – perhaps the best machine for making coffee you can buy for home use at this price point.

Melitta is consistently one of the highest-rated, best coffee machines in the world, and the Melitta Barista TS F85 is no exception. 

The smart features this amazing machine comes with include a phone-linked app so you can make your coffee whilst lying in bed and have it hot and ready to go by the time you get to the kitchen. 

And it comes with an integrated, self-cleaning frother so you have to option of all kinds of milky brews as well.

Trying just the cappucinos and espressos this machine cranks out is a delight of course, as one would expect. 

But not only that, this Melitta Barista comes with 21 coffee drink recipes pre-programmed, making users legitimately claim that it might be the best coffee machine in the world. 

If you could lie in bed and order your coffee machine to set you up from your smartphone, you’d probably think the same.

Best Coffee Machines

2. Beko CEP5152B coffee machine

Style: ground coffee

Cups: one

Price: £79 at Amazon resellers

Let’s swing wildly to the other end of the price spectrum and check out this compact, simple Beko espresso maker. 

You might not expect it to rank highly on any list of what is the best coffee machine in the world, but even at such a low price point this tidy little machine makes a darn fine cup of coffee. 

It operates in a pretty standard fashion for a manual espresso maker, with three settings: brew, milk frothing, or standby. But it also comes with a couple of surprisingly extravagant features. 

For instance, it comes with a cup warmer, and it cranks out an espresso in remarkably quick time – just 20 seconds. 

And with a removable water tank for easy cleaning and reduced chance of spilling, as well as a sleek, metallic finish and a surprisingly solid feel, for budget-conscious java connoisseurs, this Beko model could well be the best coffee machine for home use you can buy for under £100.

Best Coffee Machines

3. Nespresso by Sage Creatista Uno SNE500BKS Coffee Machine

Style: pods

Cups: one (1.5 liter reservoir)

Price: £329 at Amazon 

Switching over to pod-type coffee making machine, this Sage machine is turning heads for those who think the best coffee machine in the world is one that requires minimal work and cleaning, yet still delivers plenty of options and variety. 

Pod coffee makers remain controversial due to the wastefulness of needlessly landfilling millions of plastic and foil pods every day, although you can get recyclable, compostable, and reusable ones now.

Nespresso is touting their own pod recycling program, but pods can still raise the hackles of those who consider themselves true aficionados of the sacred bean. 

Even the snobbiest of coffee lovers, however, would have to agree that this Sage model makes for a great-tasting cup of coffee. 

The fully automatic frothing wand is not only self-cleaning, it also gives you three options for different types of milk foam and adjustable temperature settings as well. 

You can also adjust your cup size, and it won’t leave you hanging waiting for that first jolt of the day, with a lightning fast 25-second time to crank out an espresso. 

If you prefer pods over a grounded coffee machine for ease of use and cleanliness, you could do worse than going with the Sage Creatista Uno.

Best Coffee Machines

4. De’Longhi Active Line ICM14011 Drip Coffee Machine

Style: drip coffee

Cups: five

Price: £29.99 at Amazon

Even with the ubiquity of Starbucks and “fancy coffee” becoming largely the norm, there are people who still prefer a simple, plain cup of drip coffee over an espresso or latte. 

It’s straightforward, simple, and you can regulate your caffeine intake better with plain old coffee – and hell, some people just can’t handle the bitter taste of a straight espresso injection. (We shall refrain from calling them sissies.)

For them, among the best coffee machines for home use would have to be the De’Longhi Active Line ICM14011 Drip Coffee Machine. 

This compact and streamlined model is made for couples or singles – it has a five-cup max limit – and is especially suited to those who have limited countertop space in their kitchen. 

There are two different brewing speeds, and the warming plate keeps your coffee plenty hot for up to 40 minutes after brewing, so you can go back for seconds and thirds. 

If your idea of the best machine for excellent coffee is one that you just need to toss in the coffee grounds and filter along with the water and hit the switch, then this De’Longhi Active Line ICM14011 Drip Coffee Machine is the one for you.

Best Coffee Machines

5. De’Longhi Scultura ECZ351 W Traditional Pump Espresso Machine

Style: ground coffee or pods

Cups: two

Price: £199.99 at Amazon

This sleek and shiny little gadget has something for everyone, offering a wide variety of espresso-based beverages using either ground coffee or ESE pods for easier clean-up and ease of use for people on the go. 

But although you can go the pod route if you want, the best feature of this machine, what really puts it on the map for people asking what is the best coffee machine for home use is the quality of espresso you can achieve using the traditional barista-style ground coffee receptacle. 

Just like a professional machine you might see in a cafe, this De’Longhi Scultura model comes with two spouts for coffee, so you can make two espressos at once, or just double up your caffeine in one go.  

And you’re not limited to just espresso either, not by a long shot. The steam arm delivers a powerful jet for frothing milk, and it’s easy to use, even for people who don’t have much experience operating a traditional espresso maker. 

Another thoughtful feature which makes this espresso maker really stand out as perhaps the best machine for excellent coffee you can buy at this price point is the cup heating feature. 

While your espresso is brewing your cups get warmed while they await the streams of black gold, allowing your coffee to stay warmer longer. 

Not only that, you can’t really talk about this machine without noticing that, rather than making it a typical ugly, utilitarian unit you often get with lower-cost appliances, the De’Longhi people have instead crafted a truly attractive device that would fit in nicely in contemporary kitchens or traditional ones. 

You can get it in black, white, grey or champagne, but whatever color you choose the rippled upper surface is pleasingly outside of time, looking simultaneously retro and modern. 

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

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