48 Hours In New York

48 hours in New York City: 2 days in the Big Apple

How to have an unforgettable 48 hours in New York City.

There are cities that are bigger, there are cities that are older. But there’s only one New York City, and there’s no place in the world like it. 

If you’ve never been before – or even if you have – an epic 48 hours in NYC makes for a weekend full of stories that you and your friends will be telling the rest of your lives. 

24-hour party people

New York City is renowned in song and legend, and with good reason. A sense of hope and energy and looking-forwardness is inherent to the place, and that’s reflected in the 24-hour, non-stop madhouse that is the City.

Sure, there’s plenty of history here, lots of old billionaires and millionaires – and their young trophy wives and heiress daughters so keep your eyes peeled for a sugar mama opportunities! 

But in truth, New York City is a place for the young. 

If you’re up for anything and looking to spend an unforgettable weekend in the City That Never Sleeps, we can help you plan a ton of amazing and legendary things to do in 48 hours in New York City.

How can I spend two days in New York City?

Let’s start this off with a big fat caveat: with just 48 hours in New York City there is simply no way to see everything this incredible city has to offer. 

However, what we can do here is carve out a few fun things to do with your mates if you’re the kind of guys who can hang into the late night hours and want to get the most out of your time here.

Arrival: JFK airport/LaGuardia airport

There are tons of direct flights in to the New York area’s three airports from all over the world. 

To properly kick off your 48 hours in New York, Kennedy Airport (aka JFK) is probably the easier one to navigate once you arrive, especially if you’re going to start out in Brooklyn. 

Choose LaGuardia if you’re aiming for Manhattan, but only pick the Newark Airport if you’re interested in an endless “Sopranos” tour of New Jersey’s clogged expressways and tunnels. 

Get an Uber or a Lyft as it’ll save you precious time waiting in the taxi line – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try your hand at the favorite sport of New Yorkers: trying to hail a cab.

48 hours in New York: BBQ

When you think of New York City the first thing to pop into your mind might not be barbecue, a staple of the American South. 

However, a great place to start your 48 hours in NYC is Blue Smoke, a fantastic barbecue restaurant with several locations around the city. 

Bacon isn’t just for breakfast anymore, and their hickory smoked beef bacon is a great way to line your stomach in anticipation of the upcoming night’s activities. 

Blue Smoke’s Flatiron location in the heart of Manhattan is a perfect place to kick off the festivities.

48 hours in New York: Booze cruise

With a full stomach and an eager attitude, it’s time to get things started properly. 

The Staten Island Ferry is a popular – and free – way to cruise the New York Harbor and see the iconic Statue of Liberty. 

But our recommendation is to seek out one of the many booze cruises that take thirsty visitors on excursions around the city’s waterways, offering stunning views of the New York skyline along with a selection of adult beverages. 

Sailing the open water with an open bar and plenty of other young singles makes for a perfect Friday afternoon on your epic 48 hours in New York City. 

Who knows – if you strike up a conversation with the right lady on board the boat, Friday afternoon may well turn into Friday night!

48 hours in New York: Have a cigar

After getting back on dry land, head up to The Carnegie Club on 56th Street, a venerable staple of old  New York. 

There you can enjoy a cigar and their specialty cocktail: an Old Fashioned made with Louis XIII Remy Martin. 

You can lounge in old-school style on the leather sofas and chairs, taking in the 18th-century hand-carved bookcases and the massive stone fireplace while enjoying a cigar from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua or Honduras. 

48 hours in New York: Rooftop cocktails

What better way to celebrate your first night in this great city than by knocking back a couple of drinks at a rooftop bar where you can take in the view? 

Start off at The Attic on 48th Street with its golden age of Hollywood theme. This penthouse bar overlooks Times Square, offering a birds-eye view of the heart of the city. 

Next, head over to Social on 8th Avenue. 

This unique venue is a favorite of the city’s young hipster trend-setters, and offers a welcome change from the city’s usual sleek and modern bars in the form a 3-story Irish bar. Not only a great place to chat up some lovelies, but also to grab a reasonably-priced snack to keep going into the wee hours. 

Next, head over to Spyglass Rooftop Bar in the Archer Hotel and try one of their signature “Empire State” drinks, made with Hendrick’s Gin, St. Germain, ginger and basil. 

Finally, it’s time to get your dance on at RetroClubnyc on 8th Avenue. This cozy but super cool dance club plays disco and freestyle dance music, and it’s a great place to shake it like a Polaroid picture

48 hours in New York: Brunch

That was a big night out, and with any luck, it lasted into the early morning hours too. 

As science has shown us, the only known cure for a hangover is a big brunch complete with bottomless cocktails, and the perfect place to get your day started right is Agave in the West Village. 

For just $27 you can get an entree and two full hours of bottomless mimosas, wine, or margaritas, just what the doctor ordered to help you do away with any lingering vestiges of a hangover. 

48 hours in New York: Chelsea Piers

Having gotten your groove back with a hearty meal and a couple hours of booze, it’s time to head to the Chelsea Piers to get your blood circulating. 

The activity options include hitting some golf balls at the driving range, trying your hand on a climbing wall, or even laser tag. If you’re still not feeling quite that mobile just yet, there’s also bowling for a more sedate good time.

48 hours in New York: Central Park

You can’t spend 48 hours in New York City without passing some time in Central Park, the city’s iconic, green “lung.” 

If you go in summertime, you’ll find hordes of young people sunning on the grass, playing frisbee, having picnics, and every other outdoor activity you can dream up. 

The park is a great place to meet other tourists and locals alike, a spot where the usual hard mask of the New Yorker drops and people feel free to chat. 

48 hours in New York: See a Broadway show 

From the park you’re just steps away from another iconic New York location: Broadway. 

Stop off for a bite to eat first, choosing from among an array of restaurants, and while you’re eating you can pick a show to see, ranging from the hard-to-come-by tickets for “Hamilton” to off-off-Broadway experimental shows. 

Also be sure to swing by the legendary Studio 54, the infamous 1970s disco club where mountains of coke disappeared up the nostrils of legends like Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Truman Capote and – allegedly – Donald Trump. 

The place is no longer a club and has been converted into a theater, but it’s still worth a look-see.

48 hours in New York: The Press Lounge

After the show, it’s time for a rooftop warmup before hitting the town for real, so swing by The Press Lounge on the roof of the Ink48 Hotel on 11th Avenue. 

From here you’ll have great views over the Hudson River as you mingle in the swanky atmosphere with the young and beautiful of Manhattan.

48 hours in New York: Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

Time to head to one of the city’s favorite spots for young dudes on the prowl, Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club. As one enthusiastic reviewer wrote, “…WOW beautiful ladies everywhere, 8s, 9s and 10s.” 

Boys, I believe we’ve hit the motherlode. 

48 hours in New York: Copacabana 

Finally, get ready to dance what’s left of the night away at Copacabana in Times Square. 

This club is a local and tourist favourite, with American-style dance music upstairs and Latin music and dance on the first floor. 

Open till the wee hours, so pace yourself!

48 hours in New York: Bagel time

Rise and shine! You’ve got to be on your way, but no 48 hours in New York would be complete without a genuine New York bagel and a cup of joe at Russ and Daughters on Houston Street. 

They’ve been serving “Jewish soul food” like lox and bagels since 1914, and it’s a great way to wrap up your epic weekend of 48 hours in NYC!

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